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  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was surprisingly good first time i used it, and since has done very well
  2. i have a computer like this now... has a virus but nothing obvious like malware or what not... but every time i change it to show pic's, log out, relog back to that account, it is changed back again. ran hijackthis and didnt help, tried installing avg/malwarebytes/and a few others but wouldnt let me because had so many missing files... firefox worked and it was running ie6, upgrading/reinstalling to ie7 or just using firefox probably would do the trick
  3. i would aim towards cpu or video card also a faulty ps can cause everything not to power on accordingly, but highly unlikely. when your computer starts can you hear the hard drive start turning? if it was bad ram, and you having a speaker onboard on your mb, your would normally get a few beeps indicating bad memory, if you have a dial up connection or any other pci cards in your computer i would remove them... i've seen a bad modem cause a computer to not give video... if you have a video card (not onboard) and have another one laying around you can try i'd try that... but your probably looking at a bad cpu or vid card
  4. i would probally restart the router... sounds more to me like the computer and ethernet port is working but the router isnt giving you a good connection. also i would go in cmd and type ipconfig /release (press enter) then ipconfig /renew (press enter) but im by far no network or internet specialist lol thats just what i would try first..
  5. i know that regular ddr memory has high density and low density, and most of the time if you get high density ddr ram it wont work unless you have the correct chipset/motherboard that will support high density. well i was looking on ebay and there are sellers that are selling ddr2 high density sticks and ddr2 low density sticks.... i was under the impression that ddr2 was all high density? and that all ddr2 motherboards would support generally any ddr2 stick.
  6. boot from windows xp disk > select partition > windows repair should fix the trick? http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/h...ips/doug92.mspx
  7. well honestly lol i've found that if i put a desktop fan (not a computer fan, a fan that sits right on top of your desk) and point it straight into the case and blows on everything inside... it drops the temp of my computer overall alot (cpu, gpu, hdd etc.) but liquid cooling or larger heatsink never hurts.... other then that i have no suggestions :/ sry
  8. what kind of problems are you having?
  9. have you tried running them in 640x480 res? its an option under the program>properties>compatibility and should be a check box in there for 640x480
  10. rank 174 score 764 dang that can wear at ur mind o.O edit 820 haha i QUIT!
  11. haha you'll learn alot here and trust me alot of computer sales are down right now. as of today (dec 20th 2008) sales are 1/8 of what they were last year!! (but then again we sell refurb'ed computers lol...)
  12. start>run>type devmgmt.msc click ok find the hardware and right click, click update drivers, then instead of automatic click manual and in the browse box find the folder where you extracted the drivers and click ok. it will search through that folder for any compatible drivers for that hardware. if it doesnt load the driver i would say you have the wrong driver... also do you have the make and model of your laptop?

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