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  1. You can write up your blog entries using Microsoft Office Word 2007 and then send them directly to selected online blog sites just like live writer and its very easy too. Create and publish your post from MS Word 2007 Just follow these steps to write effective and impressive Post: Click Start, then New, then New Blog Post, then Create. A new document opens with the Blog template applied, and the Blog Post tab becomes visible In the body of the document, click the text that says Enter Post Title Here and then type a new title for your blog post. Type your blog entry in the blank area in the body of the document. Read Full Tutorial
  2. laptop closes

    no its not due to usb modem as it only cosumes little power......
  3. Bug with icon text backgrounds

    ya i too facing this problem in 7. the editing area goes transparent..
  4. Install Windows 7 from USB using XP

    a good and easy step by step tutorial with screenshots for making bootable USB is also available here.
  5. sorry i thought that it was not posted because last nite my internet connection wiered me some topics got posted twice. what i want to say is that it shows the warning but the setting are changed from there no special preveligies required.....just make the changes and then restart your machine the changed settings got applied..
  6. Vista SP2 beta fails to install

    try this trick it may solve your problem: first turn off windows automatic update service then go to windows folder then search for software distribution folder and rename it like software distribution- then again turn on the windows update folder and restart your system then try to reinstall the Vista SP2. you may also clean the back up your vista SP1 it may gain some disk space to you as if there is less free space on your windows drive it also prevents the installing of SP2. for cleaning back up open command prompt then type vsp1cln.exe and then press y to remove back it will gain about 1.5GB space. then try to install SP2.
  7. Windows Explorer; hiding favorites and libraries possible?

    is favourites link also removed after deleting this key ????
  8. Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 having issues with library

    sorry for the double post....actually when i was posting the post i got disconnected from the internet so i thought that it was not posted....then i again post them. sorry for the inconvinience. it will never happen again.
  9. Windows Explorer; hiding favorites and libraries possible?

    for libraries right click on library link then click on delete the library is no more viewed there......
  10. right click on advanced option then click on run as administrator and you'll able to access it.........
  11. defrag option

    i have one more suggestion for you. you can create your own control pannel by following the following steps and add your app there as default defrag software..... clickhere
  12. I lost most of my Vista themes. How can I get them back?

    i suggest you must download vista glazz ux theme patch n then download a new one latest which makes vista looks like win7 try this from here.....
  13. Can't play wmv

    not a matter of worry go to control pannel open program and features then click on turn windows features on or off then select media player from the list and wai for some time you'll get the media player installed in your system and you'll be able to play all windows media stuff
  14. How To Maximize Turbo C Compiler (DOS Based) In Windows Vista ?

    you can download it from here and in vista you can't runit in full screen mode.......
  15. How to resize the vista partition.

    this can be done by using the extended volume feature of the windows vista disk management service for this follow the steps mentioned below: right click on computer icon then select manage from there...... then click on the storages devices option n then click on disk management utility then it will shows all the partition of your hard disk there then right click on your 400GB free space partition click on shrink volume then extract the required disk space from there then click on the winodws vista's partition and then right click on it and select extend partition and add the extracted space then all it done your drive is resized in few simple steps.... note:- you must back up your data before trying this as if not followed properly you ma loss your stored data...