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  1. In the line of writing a batch program that will do a few things... got device manager to open running the line "start devmgmt.msc /b" and runs pretty good... anyone know how to bring up msconfig in the command line? Thanks
  2. lol yea... figured it wouldnt be as easy as thought. it was an unattended version of XP Corp, i just added a .exe program in there that would add desktop shortcuts after a fresh install. shouldnt be too much to burn it back to cd should it?
  3. What i did was load my xp cd in the cd-rom, edited what i wanted and then in Nero Smartstart tried to burn it back to cd as data, but now it wont boot from cd. I tried using MagicISO to convert what i had on the new cd to a .uif then tried using that on cd to boot from, but no luck. What should i do to get my new XP onto a bootable cd? thx!
  4. kk i'll give regshot a try today at work. thanks a bunch!
  5. Hi, love the site decided to sign up :-P Neways what im trying to come across is something that would let me slipstream shortcuts onto my desktop after a fresh install. I was thinking along time lines of a batch program but i didnt end up finding anything. I tried a couple programs that in a since makes a copy of your computer, then you change what you want, then run the program again and it will detect the changes made and makes an exe that will do that for you if that makes any sense lol. Basically in the end what i need once i reload my machine i have a shortcut on my desktop to IE, My Computer, and My Documents. Not sure if its easier said then done. Long day at work, have a good one guys. RedHat

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