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  1. Thanks, it has been awhile since i looked into this and had lost all my bookmarks. The information you provided was great, many thanks again. We are beginning to have a surplus of used equipment and we are looking into other means of donating them. Thanks again.
  2. This is basically what a company would use if they sold 2nd hand used computers to the public / non-profit company right? Can someone provide a link or more info on how to get signed up, and what the regulations of use are? Getting mixed results on google, what a day.
  3. We have a customer that got her computer back from our store, she waits a week and comes back in... "My husband said there is a password on the computer, and we did not set it you guys did" Well, we never set a password on a machine when we reload it peroid, and if we did, why would we? Anyways, i know how to remove the password but is there ANY way i can get some proof that we did not set the password? Such as a date or time the password was set? Or maybe the password itself is her husbands name with number behind it, something we did not know and could not have set up? Any idea's on defending our case?
  4. Can a 10.4 mac os connect to a Server 2003 network to access its shared drives?
  5. well sounds like an agrovating problem i could only imagine i would suggest trying a new sound card, trying a different pci slot (dont think that will work though) and try booting to a linux cd of some sort and trying the audio in there (make sure the linux cd has your audio drivers or compatible) that should point you in the right direction
  6. i know im sry i posted very late last nite i had little sleep and trying to fix a computer did not help lol. i agree i feel like it has something to do with drivers... the screen still animates and i tried yet again and it made it to 31 mins, and the mouse still moves.
  7. When i try to install xp it always freezes on this computer at "Installing Network" 32 mins. I have tried. -Changing cd-roms -Changing cd's -Tryed XP Pro, XP Home, and different cd's of each -Went in the bios to disable the onboard lan but did not see that option -Changed hard drives -Changed ram -Changed ram slots -Removed everything in all the PCI slots -Changed IDE slots on motherboard Basically everything i could think of to get this baby to load and nothing besides replacing the motherboard. This computer was gave to me and it is about 5 years old i would say. No damage on the motherboard, all caps do not seem to be blown out the top or bottom, cpu and ram are at a good temp. Any ideas on what to try next or just set it a fire?
  8. that is true i have seen some with covers over the modem port or have a port on the side maybe and then not be one. im going to rip one of these apart and see what is on the inside.
  9. I have 80 Dell Latitude C640's, after a fresh installation i check the device manager to see there is no modem driver installed nor is the computer missing any drivers (yellow questions). On the side of the computers, they all have built in modems. Here is the steps i have tried to get the modem to show up in device manager and so i could use the modems already installed. 1. Checked the bios (couldnt find anything). 2. Scan for hardware changes within device manager. 3. Update windows online to the latest service pack, got all the updates afterwards too. 4. Used a different OS disk to load the machine. 5. Used the dell service tag to look up and find the drivers on the dell website, then updated the modem with dell drivers and it was unsucessful. Now, ima kind of puzzles in thinking is this a problem that spreads across all the laptops i just purchased? Is this thing turned off in the bios and maybe i missed it somewhere? Is there a update i need from dell or microsoft im just not finding?
  10. I have a desktop at home that has XP, and i have some files saved to my computer (Greater than 1gb) and when i click and drag them to my external hdd or if i copy/paste it immediately pops up with an error that i do not have enough free space to copy the file. On my computer i have one hard drive with over 100gb+ free space, and my external hdd is 120gb+ with over 100gb+ free as well. Think this could be a virus or another software issue? I also had a few problems with some other software being strange like .net being very hard to install awhile back and a few other things...
  11. This game has really caught my attention from viewing it at E3, to the trailers and watching other gameplay that is online. Here is a run down of the game. That being posted, i was really looking foward to the new release of the Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 this year, but i think the gameplay in this one as long as they make the controls somewhat user friendly to learn, and have worked out the kinks in the servers handling that many players, then i will probably be on this game for awhile. http://ps3.nowgamer.com/news/377/mag-to-of...layer-that-cod/ http://media.photobucket.com/image/massive...man/map_map.jpg ^ a said map to be in the game.
  12. I was thinking something had to be different. Its not as much as the soilder will not melt all the way through, but even when i place the soilder gun on top of the soilder nothing what so ever even begins to melt.
  13. I was hoping that maybe i was overlooking something and could disable the onboard ram and just run the added memory, but i think the system might have came before the time of being able to do that. I will take another good look and see if i overlooked anything...
  14. that does make alot of since. i did take the caps from another board and they were removed quite easily, but this board is alot harder to remove the caps from and like you said above ^ the soilder gun that i have operates around 900 degrees F and works really well with everything else i have done with it, just was a bit puzzled today when this happened. just was weird that the soilder on the bottom did not seem to melt any at all, but like you said a well built board the copper would probably spread the heat pretty rapidly and nice so :/
  15. I was replacing some caps on a dell motherboard, and some of the soilders just will not melt so i can remove the caps... i tried different points on the soilder gun, i tried putting down soilder then removing it with copper wire. Any tips on removing capacitors from motherboards when you just can not seem to get the soilder on the bad caps to melt so you can remove the bad caps? Any help is appreciated
  16. ah so no luck on getting the laptop to work. might have to look into another motherboard.
  17. I have a Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop that tested to have bad ram. When i removed the cover on the bottom of the laptop where you would install the ram it had one, empty slot. I removed the keyboard to look on top of the mainboard to see if the ram was there and nothing. So if the ram that came with the laptop is built onboard and is bad, does that mean get another motherboard for the laptop or is there other hope?
  18. haha that is pretty funny looking back... Call Of Duty 2 poped up a few times in there i'd also have to throw in the new Battlefield Bad Company 2 that is making its way out. And also as i stated above, the new MAG game for PS3 looks really good. 256 players online on one map w/ officers narrating the battle as it happens (from what i understand so far), recon planes, looks sorta kinda similar to modern/newish weps seems to be promising cant wait... i just cant
  19. the person actually has ordered a screen on themselves hence they said they had a good connection. i will hook it up when it gets here and report back here to let everyone else know what exactly was the issue. thanks.
  20. yes, i know personally you can get one from craigslist pretty cheap or free, or pick one up at the flee market for around 10 bucks... a
  21. ram test fine, screen isn't physically damaged, but about 1/2 of the time i turn the laptop on the screen goes completely white and i have to power the laptop off and turn it back on then the screen goes back normal. this is generally the screen with it being a slight chance of being the inverter?
  22. MAG - Massive Action Game Modern Warfare 2 And that about wraps it up for now
  23. i did se groove until i found out that there was a 2gb limit ect. but i also have to sync these across the internet instead of at a lan or vpn...
  24. Does anyone know of a good folder sync software that will sync up to or more than 20gb of data online? I have these folders at work, home, and on several computers i need sync'ed together (most of it is up to date but i add a file every now and then)
  25. ah jumped before i looked sry .... http://www.onrpg.com/ found this and though i would put it in here as well.

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