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  1. how to check power settings for usb
  2. well the r s no problm issue with the usb driver.i checked in the device manager n everything works fine. well am tellin u that i used to work with usb without any prob b4 i formatted my pc. after formattin n installin winxp again the prob came up.i mean 1 or 2month later
  3. well i already got my original winxp cd dude. but ther s no service pack in it. so what can i do to optimise the win xp besides installin sp3.
  4. 1.the pc that is connected to usb thatloses conection, the thernet oneis fine 2. the liveboxis the router. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livebox
  5. well i wanna format my hard to install winxp wihtout the sp1 n sp3, which i ll add later. i have tried to install unattented windows xp but most of em had malware or adware which slowed my pc. wat u suggest that i do? choose first option or ther s other option too? i got a pentium celeron 2.3 with 2 gb ddr2 ram, and 2 hdd one sata n the other ide, dvd writer.
  6. well got a prolink pro2060s ups since 3 ys.was workin gr8 but since few months is malfunctioning.it does not hold charge.n the power plug for monitor n cpu are connected to the ups. wat shud i do?
  7. well the thing is wen i try to ping ip wen the connection gets cut, nothin happns/the cmd windows get frozen n wen i switch off router then starts responding. even the ipconfig -release does not work, the cmd windows get frozen.
  8. connected through a router livebox via usb n the other one via lan. well wen the connection is lost the livebox still is workin ie my other pc is connected to net. so to connect to net on my first pc that is the one via usb i need to reboot the router or restart the pc. wat is ping??n how to check about the ip add gettin renewd or not?
  9. well guys, i got win xp sp3 n 512kb broadband on 2 pcs weneva i surf after every 30 min to 2 hrs the connection get cut off on only one pc n the other does not get this prob. any idea wat how i can work this out? am using mcafee security centre n windows firewall.did not get this problem before foramtting my hard disk as was using same prog
  10. yo usually one can burn around 15 to 20 audio files(wma) on a 700mb cd. is ther any way to put more audio files into the cd. wma not mp3 or ogg coz my cd player does not support em. thanks
  11. well thanks 4 help but that wat i did.i installed windows xp with sp3, the likes of winxp crystal, gold, etc but they tend to slow my pc a **** lot.
  12. well i m tryin to install winxp wihtout the service pack.but how or where can i get updates apart from microsoft site for the windows xp. or do u advise me to install win vista?
  13. pci sound card on windows xp.
  14. well my sound driver keeps gettin deleted. everytime i restart my windows. wat to do?

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