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  1. All In One DVD_1\CD_Root\AutoPlay\Docs Edit: Yeah, really great job, sorry for him that the crackfolder slipped through
  2. you can reshack shell32.dll i think. You will find a large bitmap with the animated flag and change it! lot of work though..
  3. The original Royal Theme that is aviable for download from microsoft doesn't need any patched uxtheme.dll or stylexp.. if that is what is you ment...
  4. Did you get any error messages when you opened tha file? If not: Use some of the menus and choose insert or something, insert an icon and name it 1 i think. Try that...
  5. oops, should read full article before posting
  6. Someone that can repost those files? Or mail my gmail... pleeez
  7. This might not be the soloution you are looking for but... I have XP Pro on my workstation. When I should reinstall/format on another computer I boot with "Bart's network disk" (http://www.nu2.nu/bootdisk/network/) , we all know bart don't we. Then I map a drive on the formatted computer to an XP folder (i386 or something).. Then i install with winnt.exe I know, you want to boot with PXE...
  8. radhus

    WinPE XPE

    Look here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=15709
  9. ****, i got this s***... can't get rid of it... Edit: read http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcen...32.snone.a.html That would help
  10. Are you using any customized bootscreen? Check you boot.ini; You should have something like this if you are using a bootscreen; multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /FASTDETECT /kernel=kernel1.exe Delete the /kernel tag and reboot IMPORTANT!!, Be sure that you have a copy of the working boot.ini If you can not start windows after the change, Start your XP-CD, press R (i think) to start the Recovery Console, and replace boot.ini with the old, working one! btw: your boot.ini might be Write Protected (bad english?), change that before editing =D Good luck!
  11. Thx prathapml! That would be about 1 813,43 SEK =D
  12. How much is this worth? 1GHz AMD Duron 256MB SDRAM PC133 GeForce 3 Ti200 - 64MB 20GB Seagate 5400rpm ( ?) Only CD-Rom drive (memorexx 52x speed) Floppy Drive 10/100Mbit Realtek ( ?) Network card Asus A7VI-VM MotherBoard - Integrated Graphics (sucks) - Integrated Audio (some AC97) - USB 1.1 (whoa) Thats about everything It's my old PC and I'm going to give this away on saturday to my sister. I just want to know, how much am I losing? Thx for answers...
  13. I have the same prob. I have had the prob. since the first time I installed XP!
  14. I am developing a application that "control" some computers... I want it to have a function like InterCafe's (http://www.cybercafe-software.com/screenshots/sc_sicherheitseinstellungen.html) policy manager. Where can I get information about this? I don't know what to search on... Should I use ADM files? Help plz
  15. This might be no help but: Isn't DirectX9.0C included with SP2?
  16. Yepp your probably right bucketbuster. I have the same problem (XP Pro Swedish). Only way to get WMP10 is to click the direct link
  17. I don't think you can use COPY Z:\SETUP\95OS2\WIN95\ C:\CABS\ echo. CLS echo Setup Is Ready To Start 95B Install echo. Pause C:\CABS\SETUP /IE /NF echo. GOTO QUIT because you cannot copy folders with the COPY command. I think yuo have to use xcopy... This is a thougt, but I just wanna try to help anyway
  18. FIIIIIIIINALY, swedish SP2, i waited for this almost forever... =D Thanks veery much for all the information ToBe and all others
  19. I know When I get SP2, I will slipstream it and do my first unattend I don't know if i'll wait until WMP10 is released before my unattend, but i guess not Anyway thanks for the fast answer

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