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  1. Hi, I'm also trying to slipstream Windows Installer 3.1 with a Dutch version of XP. So Should i do it the way described above, or will it cause any problems cause the files aren't in dllcache? PS Ryan, Your update pack made creating my unattended cd a lot easier... You rock!!
  2. Hello, I've been spending a long time making an unattended xpcd. And because i don't have a dvd writer and my xpcd is too big to burn on regular cd's, i've tried installing xp from my hard drive. It installs normally, but not unattended. Is this because i installed it from a hard drive or a problem with my winnt.sif?? I hope someone can help/advice me. this is my winnt.sif my start.cmd file: I'm sorry if this post is too long...
  3. thx, but i really want to do this using ntfsdos, because i can't install the xpcd from windows...
  4. Hi, i've got 2 ntfs hard drives. My c: which is formatted and my d: which contains my xpcd installation files. So i've been trying to install winxp from d: using ntfsdos pro (this is a dos program to read/write ntfs partitions) the problem is however that when i reboot (and start this program and smartdrv.exe) and then open my d:/xpcd/i386/winnt.exe i get the message that i have insufficient memory. This strikes me as a bit odd because i have a pretty good pc (512 MB DDR). Does anyone have a sollution for this, because i've been looking for so long to install windows this way . Thx
  5. Boot disk

    hi, i've got a problem. When i try to reboot my pc with the dos boot disk and after reboot i try to acces my hard drives, i get the message that i can't acces it. And i want to access it because i want to install my unattended windows wich i stored in my second hard drive. Anybody know how to fix this? Thx
  6. Hi, i've got to seperate hard drives and I copied the windows xp installation cd to my second hard drive. Anybody know if i can install xp from this hard drive?? Thanks
  7. double files?

    Hi, I've got a couple thousend mp3 files on my hard drive, all lacated in different maps. But the problem is that i have a lot of double files (same name and size) and it would take a very long time to search all and delete the duplicates. So does anybody know a program to search for files that have a duplicate and remove the duplicate automatically? Greetz
  8. SP2 for other languages

    Hi, i've been checking out http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...&displaylang=en every day now, but it seems only the english, french, korean and german sp2 updates are available. Does anybody know when the dutch version will be available?
  9. Norton Unattended Switch Help!

    jeps, cfgwiz.exe is a sperate file and i'll give the reboot suppress cmd line a try. thx!!
  10. SP2 for other languages?

    That's what i thought... no problem i'll just wait. Thx Prathapml for the release dates. But since i'm on broadband, i prefer simply downloading it form windows update, and then i'll make an unattended xp cd including the sp2 update. I hear it's gonna be soon, but i suppose the dutch version will be a available a lot later then the other ones... Or not ?? Anyway, thx for the replies..
  11. SP2 for other languages?

    Hi, Does anybody know a way to install the english sp2 update on other Winxp versions? I'ld think a lot a people would want to try sp2 out, even though their language is not yet supported... Because no one can tell how long it will take b4 all the sp2 versions are available...
  12. Microsoft no habla Espanol

    My thoughts exactely. I've been waiting for the sp2 release for quite a while, but it's logical that the english version will be available first. Not that i wouldn't want the dutch version to be available asap. But it's free, so why would you complain...
  13. Do you need sp1 before installing sp2

    okidokeli, thx for the info!
  14. Hi, as the title says, do i need to install winXP sp1 in order to install winXP2?