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  1. But that won't work, I don't want to skip everything. I want to still choose my partitions and put in the workgroup, name, and cd key (for home).
  2. I'm trying to make an unattended multiboot dvd with windows xp home and pro (along with others). For some reason during the install, windows doesn't do the things that are in the winnt.sif. It asks for my serial key and doesn't transfer over the OEM Preinstall files. I'm sure that the files are in all the right places but I still can't get it right. Here are my files in question. Pro: Home: Thanks for any help.
  3. Damnit, it still doesn't work. Except now during the text setup it says something about value 0 at [setupdisksfiles] (something like that) in sp2.cab. Gah this is getting annoying, SP1 used to be so easy to slipstream.
  4. Yup i did do it with nlite version .98.7 beta. Thanks for the help! I'll go try the newer version.
  5. After I've slipstreamed SP2 into both xp home and pro, when I go to install it, it keeps prompting me to install drivers that aren't signed even though I set it to "DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore". Here's what it's doing:
  6. Jeez, nothing? There's gotta be someone who knows.
  7. I've searched for this but for some reason searching does nothing. It just opens up the new posts. On flyakites MultiBoot DVD guide under custom "setup.exe" it says, "Ummm....Let's just say I'm working on it...". Well does anyone know how to do this now or have a link to a way. Thanks
  8. As title says, where did it go?? It was there not 2 hours ago. Now it just goes to the main MSFN.org site.
  9. I've been trying to make an unnattended install for WinXP and now I'm trying to install the chipset drivers for my Abit IT7 Max2 through winnt.sif so I don't need to do it in windows. The drivers that come with it are made with installshield so I can only run them through [GuiRunOnce], or can I? Somebody succesfully gotten this to work and would like to share their secret along with how to get Intel App Accelerator, Sound, and Lan Drivers working for it which all use installshield. You can download the drivers here to see for yourself. http://www.outlawz.co.uk/index.php?page=do...&file=inf50.exe

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