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  1. Cannot download Windows 7 RC

    I managed to download with Firefox on OS X. I guess Microsoft are sabotaging Safari and Apple..
  2. Cannot download Windows 7 RC

    My hardware is a Macbook Pro w/ OS X 10.5.6 I have tried with Safari browser in OS X, and with IE in XP Pro in a virtual machine (Parallels Desktop), and also firefox in the virtual machine. It hasen't asked for active-X and there is no firewall on system.
  3. Cannot download Windows 7 RC

    I have tried to download Windows 7 RC from http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/download.aspx . I log in and everything looks fine but nothing happens other than the circulating dots in the middel of the screen, spinning round and round. I have been tried several times and let it circling for hours. I don't know if there is something I have missed.......
  4. I know from $OEM$ Distribution Folders that $Docs is 'Documents and Settings'. But what if I want to place something at the desktop? Is the username (accountname) requred or can I make folders like $OEM$\$Docs\%ALLUSERS%\%Desktop% ?
  5. An alternative solution to this XP problem?

    Okay here is a solution: - make a bootable cd on another computer. Be sure that it dosen't choose the installation drive itself. winnt.sif: [Data] AutoPartition=0 [Unattended] FileSystem=* Also add theese lines to winnt.sif [Unattended] TargetPath=\WINDOWS_2 Beware the windows installation path: "windows2" - Launch the cd on the laptop and do NOT erase the partition where windows allready is installed. - When finsihed you should be able to pick out your old documents on the drive. I have not tried it myself with XP. But I tried it with Windows 2000 some years ago, and saved some data. However only do this as an last option, there is no guaranty, that you won't loose your data Let me hear if you try it and how things are working out. B)
  6. Should Microsoft do a complete recode of Windows?

    A new Windows? Yes! But I don't think that Bill Gates could manage to do it. A history of how Bill Gates build Microsoft is right here, written by a technology geek http://www.euronet.nl/users/frankvw/rants/...ft/IhateMS.html The article it's long but worth the time.
  7. Slipstream queries

    http://unattended.msfn.org/ Cheers!
  8. An alternative solution to this XP problem?

    Does the computer gives you options when pressing F8? XP got a "last known good startup configuration" when pressing F8 which is aktivated by pressing 'L' (after pressing F8).
  9. Did you copy winnt.sif to C:\XPCD\I386\ ? (before you create the ISO) ...also check spelling of batch-file.. etc..
  10. IE/photoshop conspiracy!

    The reg-tweak usually works. Have you tried to install your version of Photoshop at anoter Windows-pc? And even better - on a pc that have Windows from another Windows cd? You could also simply try to remove IE from controlpanel --> add/remove programs --> add/remove Windows components (3. button at the left side), thou I cannot recommend this, without backup of everything
  11. Hibernate cannot be activated

    The SRINT SPOOLER thing didn't work out for me. I have newer heard of it and it seems oddly to me that the computers access to a printer should block the Hibernation funktion... Of cause I can't argue if things worked out for others with the same problem, but I have tried to stop LOTS of services, trying to find the sinner, with no luck.
  12. Hibernate cannot be activated

    My PC only got 512 Mb ram, and there is 6.5 Gb free space om c:\ So I went to pthomas suggestion but I found out that there is no hiberfil.sys file which seems reasonable, since I have not run Hibernation yet on this XP installation (installation is only 4 days old). I guess it's not a common problem so maybe it will be hard to find a solution.
  13. Hibernate cannot be activated

    I got a strange problem. My WinXP Pro does not allow me to activate hibernate; I get this error message: The diaglog-box heading: The message: (I have translated the error message from danish to english, as most of you dosen't speak danish ) I know from previous XP installations that if hibernate is enabled from the start (fresh XP installation with slipsteamet SP1) there is no problem. But now XP is full updated, programs are installed, and now Hibernation cannot be activated. Any ideas? ehenrik
  14. Is this PC-config unstabel ?

    I have found the problem myself.. The AsRock K7S8X cannot take 3.3 volt on the AGP slot ... means that my mb has been fried The Geforce 5200 (1.5 volt) can be used instead.
  15. This is driving me nuts. I am building 2 office/internet/photoshop computer (to my dad) and his main priority is that he don't want to spend a hell lot of money - just a simple computer. I bought this: Motherboard: AsRock K7S8X Rev. 3.0 AMD Barton 2500+ 512Mb Kingston PC2700 Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 Fluid, 80 Gb Sapphire RADEON 9200 Atlantis 128Mb LG CD-RW 52x/16x/52x + DVD 16x BUT something is wrong ... I start it up and it's run about 8-10 sec then it is turned off by itself..(!) It could - of cause be a defect motherboard, but the other PC does it as well. After that it wont start at all. If I cut the power completly and try to start them up, the PSU fan react by turning 1-2 turns and then theres silence again...! I really don't know what can cause this problem. I'm I just unlucky? They did run for 8-10 seconds each....(?) Any help or advice would be appreciated. ehenrik