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  1. ... Don't forget to let us know if you still have problems. -Xeno86 Hi Xeno, I effectively had beta 1 installed. Must have mixed up the two versions ... really stupid ! Sorry for that ! Roger
  2. Hi Xeno and Tihiy, I am a computer layman, but like WIN 98 very much and I now had this - previously reported - issue (Kernel32.dll, error appearing when using Scandefrag) twice; that is why I dare submitting it (I have IE Explorer 6 SP1 on WIN 98 SE (4.10.2222 A + (now) KernelEx 4.5 beta 2 + Flashplayer 10 + Java 6.18) :. After a first try (KEx 4.5 beta 1), I decided to "retain my judgement" (like some ancient Greek philosophers called Sceptics, see: Pyrrhon and Sextus Empiricus, a theorie taken over later by the Scottish philosopher David Hume and others), and I disinstalled completly KernelEx, Flashplayer 10 and Java 6 see : # 2. Yesterday I tried again: this time with KEx 4.5 beta 2. I first disinstalled Flashplayer 9 and Java 5.22, then installed KernelEx 4.5 beta 2, FLASHPLAYER 10 AND JAVA 6.18 (AND DISABLED NEXT GENERATION PLUGIN). During the scandefrag process (I have the version for WIN 2000), I got the following message: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ cvtaplog caused an invalid page fault in KEXBASEN.DLL at 0167:7d00d12e Registers: EAX=81700000 CS=0167 EIT=7d00d12e EFLGS=000120297 EBX=00540000 SS=016f ESP=0064faf8 EBP=0064fb3c ECX=81700000 DS=016f ESI=81716b64 FS=3117 EDX=81700000 ES=016f EDI=00000000 GS=0000 Byes at: CS: EIP 8b 08 89 4d c8 8b 55 08 2b 55 fc 8b 0d 52 72 01 Stack dump: 0040498e 00f0003d 000000c8 00000002 00000000 00000020 0064fb80 00540000 0040de00 00404f3f 00000002 0000001d 00404ef3 87700000 0064fb3c 7d00122e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (I had the time to write it down while scandefrag was running). After restart I went to Start/Find and searched for cvtaplog, because I did not know what it was. After having found it I could reproduce the crah. I then replaced cvtaplog.exe with the intital file with SFC (from C:\windoiws\options\cabs). Then I searched again for cvtaplog, found the replaced (!) file and it crashed again, THIS TIME in Kernel32.dll (similar message than the hexadecimal message above). Finally I replaced Kernel32.dll and ... no more crash !!!. (But the first time the link was to KEXBASEN) Just for information and with the hope this might help you a bit, I am not able to read the hexadecimal message above! Good Luck Roger edit: see UPPER CASE LETTERS
  3. Hi RD, perhaps this may not satisfy your needs: But I think there are too many changes in the world at the moment. Having installed MDIECU631_E.EXE (China_Google_update), I also tried what you did and had similar problems to your's, but finally distinstalled KernelEx 4.5, reinstalled the preceding version (KernelEx4.0_final2.exe) and installed the latest version of Flashplayer 10 (newer version than the one I had, latest version available on February 4, 2010). Having still some problems, I finally distinstalled Java 6.18 and reinstalled Java 5.22. Now I have a very stable system !! But I cannot see some Java applets. ... Tant pis (French, cannot be translated) ! Java 5.22 will still go some time (until automn I believe). So I think I'll have the time to change ! And I am quite sure :-) that the newest version of KernelEx will also evolve until automn ! Rodger
  4. When I am using Bear and the original WIN 98SE Ressource Meter at the same time, I get 3 times the same values, but the values for GDI and User Ressiruces are inverted in two programs. Very strange ! How can I know what is the real GDI usage and what is User ressources usage ? Thanks Rodger
  5. Chris, did you try to disable "Next Generation Plugin" in Control Panel/Java/Advanced/Plugins ? If you do not find or have Java in the Control Panel, go to the Start Menu, then Find and tape: "Javacpl.exe". When found, click on it and when it opens you will have the riders. Go to advanced, then click on the "+" before "Plugins". Remove the indicator before "Next Generation Plugin". Then it should work (at least in IE, don't have Firefox). Rodger
  6. Hi Xeno (and Tihiy ?): Runs REALLY nice your 4.5 on WIN 98 SE 4.10.2222 ! [edit: Sorry my fault: I restaured original KERNEL 32.DLL from cabs, the re-installed KernelEX - everything is fine now]. Good luck Roger
  7. "Try SCANDISK again. If you don't want to make changes, use "ignore" to go to the next step after each error." I can't advice to do that. See my exeperience at the beginning of this thread. Now I can't access my pendrive anymore ! Roger
  8. About the difference between Java 5 and 6: This panorama DOES word with Java 6 on WIN 98SE (version 4.10.2222), but NOT with Java 5 (even latest version 5.22) : http://www.maltacamp.at/en/the-campground/360-panorama.html I discovered this this summer when I was looking for a camping in Austria. No clue why this is ! Roger
  9. Hi Steven, believe it or not, but I do not do this kind of things, such as trying to open a password protected document. Regards Roger
  10. Chris, did you disable the "next generation plugin" in control pannel/java/securityadvanced/plugin ? It's explained in more details somewhere in this thread or in the other KEX Thread, didn't find it back now ! Roger
  11. SE)I tried this one after searching on the net for memory usage per process: http://download.cnet.com/iKnow-Process-Sca...4-10476836.html But it doesn't show the important column :-( (WIN 98 SE) Roger
  12. Hi Pierre Le Gnome, I also have WIN 98 SE installed, but I have nothing in the registry under WindowsNT. There must be two WIN98 versions. I needed to change the following registry entries: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Version (=> replace Windows 98 by Windows NT) and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\VersionNumber (==> replace 4.10.2222 by 5.20) Don't forget to change back afterwards (note the initial entries), otherwise you will have problems when installing other software !!! Roger
  13. Hi, found this: http://bbs.mydigit.cn/read.php?tid=61480 and this: http://bbs.mydigit.cn/read.php?tid=62781&uid=495034 in the Chinese forum to which the link in LoneCrusador's last thread refers. Translated with Google. But I do not understand (at least not everything), because I do not have the technical knowledge. At the end of the second link, repair tools can be even downlaoded, but one need to be registered in the forum ... and I do not really know how to log in a Chinese forum Roger
  14. Also found this link: http://www.nsharp.org/15/how-to-fix-a-dead...ive-or-usb-key/ (Data traveller is often mentionned !) Roger
  15. Thanks Dencorso, tried the Microsoft fix and the pendrive was recognized , but as an unknown device . Tried to reinstall the driver but it does not want to accept the driver (??). What is also strange (and that is perhaps the reason why the driver does not want to install) is that in the Device manager, the pendrive is now shown under USB controllers (crossed out, i.e. showing a sign that somethhing is wrong) and not under Disk drives anymore. Tried also ChipGenius (under WIN 98SE !), but it gives the following message: Device Name: PnP Device ID: VID = PID = (Invalid) Serial Number: (Invalid) Revision: (Information not returned) Device Type: Generic USB Host Controller - USB2.0 High-Speed Chip Vendor: (No match record) Chip Part-Number: (No match record) Product Vendor: (No match record) Product Model: Tools on Web: (N/A) Then tested with the old pendrive, same message. So I think I need to find a computer with at least WIN 2000. Roger
  16. Hi LoneCrusader, I have EXACTLY the same problem (3 month old 8 GB Kingston Data Traveller and several years old 1 GB Extrememory USB keys). But I do not have NUSB installed, but the WINTRICKS Driver from this Italian guy: http://www.wintricks.it/faq/usbpen98_2.html (you need to klick thorugh the whole explanation to find the dwonlaod link at the end). I believe it's a default of the Data Traveller which has to do with different international setups. (At the beginng everything worked fine, like also described by LoneCrusader). But after three month, the Data Traveller gave the same message than the one described by LoneCrusador). I managed to get the key to work again with USBDeview (please google) and recovered my saved files (you need to restart after having used USBDeview), but I wanted to clean the whole thing up and formatted it (after having recovered my saved files with USBDeview), but then the volume was reduced (something like 2 GB less). So I made a THOROUGH scandisk (native windows 98SE tool - takes many hours, because you have the double size, do it overnight). Somewhere in the process there was a question "whether I had a different international language setup". Unfortunately, I clicked to ignore (I am used to this kind of message, because my computer is multilanguage - German, French and English), but I remember that it proposed a solution to this .. can't remember. At the end scandisk said that everything was ok, but asked whether it was a problem, if the key was not labeled. At the very end I saw several (no even a lot of) folders on the USB key, which all had names in (I beleive) Chinese letters. I thought that this was necessary to have them and did not delete them. But now the Data Traveller is not recognized at all anymore. If I click on my removable disk shortcut on my desktop with the data traveller pluged in, it says that there is no USB key ??? However if I use my old 1GB Extrememory, everything is ok ! Does anyone has an idea, how to resolve this strange thing ? Could it be that the key is not recognized, because it has no label ? I think I will try to repeat the whole procedure again (beginning with USBDeview) and then when it asks for the label, put in the name "Data Traveller" ? Do I need to add "8 GB" to the labeling. Does someone has a Data Traveller can and give me the exact labbeling when the key is plugged in ? Thank you for your help. Roger
  17. Hi, I am using Free Launch Bar with RP 9 on WIN98 SE (4.10 Builed 2222 A). Reinstalled the new Free Launch Bar 2.0. But this new version does not accept Tihiy's skins. Fortunately FLB 1.0 is still available on the Net. For instance here: http://files3.download3000.com/download/7a...eelaunchbar.exe Roger
  18. Hi Steven, I am referring to your first message of 1 October 2009, this one: I di d everything as you told: - 1st installed NetFramework 2.0, - 2nd the Sun plugin (I have Word 2000 installed) and - 3rd the odf converter integrator. Everything installed well and seems fine (the odf converter icon is on the docx file), but when I try to open the file there is first a DOSbox that is opening (and closing) and then the follwing error message: "Warning (odf-converter-integrator) OdfConverter subprocess returned non-zero retun code = 1". When I close this message, there is a second one: "Converted file did not not materialize: C:\[Name of the file].odt" Any idea where the problem comes from ? Thank you for your help ! Roger
  19. No. Sorry, i don't need testing anymore, nor do i have time to review testing results. GDI Heap Extender is unstable beta (stable for someone/thing, but not everyone/thing) and there are known problems which require major changes which i can't afford yet due to lack of time. Hi Tihiy, beta 2 works now perfect hier (WIN 98SE + 4.10.2222 + IE6SP with newest = beta (unofficial) updates). After install, 2 Dr Watson messages (even if Dr Watson is not in the taskbar anymore, but still in the startup after installing your software): 1st message: Windows Briefcase used an invalid or uninitialized "critical section". Module Name: SYNCUI.DLL Description: Windows Briefcase Version: 4.10.1998 Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation Application Name: Pdexplo.exe Description: PowerDesk Version: Product: PowerDesk Manufacturer: V Communications, Inc. --> Reinstalled SYNCUI.DLL with SFC from c:\windows\options\cabs But then again: 2nd message: Windows Briefcase used a system resource improperly. Module Name: SYNCUI.DLL Description: Windows Briefcase Version: 4.10.1998 Product: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation Application Name: Explorer.exe Description: Windows Explorer Version: 4.72.3612.1710 Product: Microsoft® Windows NT® Operating System Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation --> Reinstalled SYNCUI.DLL again with SFC from c:\windows\options\cabs I suppose I needed to do this operation twice, because PowerDesk is his "grafted" on WINExplorer. Then an one the (start) page of my internet provider, who was saying that I needed to edit some lines in IE (I believe) to correctly read the page (some pictures where missing). After some trial and error, I replaced Flash 9 with Flash 10 (oups, forgot to set back the registry from WIN NT to WIN 98, need to do that after this message). NOW everthing is fine and VERY STABLE (GDI and Systems in Bear is at 77% at the moment). GREAT WORK AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Good luck ! Roger
  20. Ok now I understand what you mean - the only thing I know for that is "Desktop architect" ! But heavy on ressources ! Roger
  21. Just to try: what is happening if you click on "Save as" (on your screen(shot)) and in the box that will appear you tape "Homestead" and than "ok" and then you restart your computer ? Roger
  22. Hi cephead, I have no clue (and I am a computer layman), but just to be sure: did you try to save the scheme by rightclicking on desktop + properties + appearance + save (giving the scheme a name and then save) ? Roger
  23. None. If I set it to Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2, I get the following error: The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance. Hi RetrOS, did you get your installer problem fixed ? Just for information: I installed Java 6 update 15 (and 14) flawlessly (no 1723 error on both - setting compatibility tab to WIN 98SE and disabling next generation plugin after installl) on WIN 98SE with Kernel Ex final + SESP4 beta + RP 9). I changed frm Java 5 update 20, because this panorama-applet did not work in Java 5 update 20: http://www.maltacamp.at/de/terrassencampin...0-panorama.html Does anyone know why this is ? By the way newest Spamihilator version (best (??) free spamfilter for outlook express) also installed and works without any problem : http://www.spamihilator.com/ Thank you again Xeno (and Tihiy) Roger
  24. Hi Gertrix, nice ! ... but could you tell us what is exactly: Personal Skin Win7 ? Roger

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