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  1. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    i'm having a issue with the revolutions pack 9. i installed it on windows me in microsoft virtual machine and all is fine,so i got out one of my old computers and installed windows me along with all the requirments to install revolutions pack 9 and on the taskbar when you open up say my computer/my docs or anything else the button on the taskbar shows the pink at the bottom of the button and its only at the bottom (wierd huh). i've tried every theme i have on it and its the same with all of them. someone said it could be my video card / drivers (ati radeon 9200 series) but i'm out of ideals and i've even uninstalled the revolutions pack and reinstalled it but the pink is still there and only at the bottom of the tab/ button. if anyone has any ideals on what i can try / do please let me know. (the video drivers are the ones from the ati site). thanks in advance
  2. The theme manager that you see in win98/Me is only the selection part of the complete package. If you haven't installed it already, you need to install the "Win98/ME Plus" package. Once installed that will allow you to create and save your own themes and styles. Otherwise it just allows you to select themes that you have installed - ie created by others (or direct from Micro$soft), downloaded & installed on your system. In windows ME they only included part of the program... so grab the Win98/Me Plus package and it should solve your problems. Greg BrotherTank thanks but i tried it and it does not work. still looking for a solution tho.
  3. Revolutions Pack 9.7

    is there anyway to have the "RPConfig.exe" show the cursors and sound schemes also? or maybe save a theme complete with skin/wall/icons/cursors and sounds? it would be nice to have these added along with maybe a wallpaperchanger that can be saved with each theme then it would be alot like the one in windows 7 with all options. just my thoughts.
  4. tried that also,does'nt work. if anyone knows anything on how to fix this it would be great. 98 or me should be the same as the theme manager is the same pretty much in both. thanks in advance
  5. there is no tab for saving a theme in windows 98/me like there is in xp. here is a pic with the theme i saved applied and the desktop properties and theme manager open so maybe you can see what i mean. i get nothing but classic colors and there not even the same,the colors in the theme manager are correct and the system properties are not. thanks for any help on this.
  6. You refer to LameSkin. This was replaced by UberSkin, and then by Revolutions Pack 9: http://www.msfn.org/board/revolutions-pack-9-t131040.html I suggest removing LameSkin, and then installing Revolutions Pack 9. i am using uberskin. it also does not work with Revolutions Pack 9,it does the same thing. so if anyone has any ideas please post. thanks.
  7. MDCU Plus! 3.0 (Windows Millenium style)

    i know i'm digging up a gravyard by posting in this post but could someone remake this to have the xp icons and maybe vista/7 ones? would be nice to have a different installer for each so one would have a choice. its a thought anyways , thanks
  8. is there anyway to get the theme manager that comes with windows me to remember to load the theme i choose?it will remember the icons/cusors/wall ect... and even the sysmetrics of the lameskin but will not load the lameskin bitmaps and just reverts back to classic with the sysmetrics of the lameskin. if there is no way for this maybe someone could make one or fix the one from microsoft to work. it would be nice to be able to load a complete theme without having to reapply the skin for each. thanks for your time and hopfully a reply to this.