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  1. it opens in ie but freezes. plus its not boxed its just a complete ie window.
  2. no luck. the "default.html" at the moment is at "D:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Spades". the .bat file works great that a friend made for me but it uses chrome to open it.just wanted to know if one could be made to use ie.
  3. but all i need is the "default.html" to open in [ie/explorer] . it's a game that uses the .html file to open. how will the above work for this? Thanks
  4. how do i create a .bat file to open a app in explorer? i have one that would open in chrome but would like to know what one for ie would be also. i want it to open in a boxed window not the whole ie page. here is what im using to open in chrome: @echo off start E:\"Program Files"\"Advanced Chrome"\chrome.exe --app="%cd%"\default.html exit what would i change to use ie instead?
  5. i found this link to a new copy of it so it's out there: http://www.dtc.com.vn/San-pham/Windows XP Starter Edition Vietnamese OEM _sp2280.html its about 31.00 in usd so not much.hoping someone can find it.
  6. Thanks for the links. I havent been able to find them either. The Vietnam/Malaysia/Egypt/Africa/Indonesia Wallpapers from the Windows XP Starter Editions. One would think of all the boards I've posted this on that someone from those area's would know of them I was hoping.
  7. I'm looking for someone in or around the Vietnam area as I'm looking for Windows XP Starter Edition from that area. Mainly looking for the wall papers and screen saver images that were installed with that version. didnt know where else to post this so thats why i posted it here.there are many versions of the xp staerter edition on archive.org but not this version.thanks in advance
  8. how do you add @Ben Markson's cosmetic fix? i've tried to change the value in regedit in normal and safe mode but it won't let me
  9. Thank you, had to run it twice as the first time it said the virus definitions were corrupt.
  10. found a couple ones i didnt have. looking for this one and any others somebody may have from the southeast asia area. this one is stretched and tried to fix by me, but its blurry.
  11. where does the xp Definition Updater V1.5 download its files or saves them to on the hardrive?cant find them Found Them.
  12. is there a way to make standalone portables from the welcome and tours from th 98/me/2000/xp that would work on xp and up? that would be the best way i would think.
  13. Thanks to everyone on this. If there is any other updates on this please post
  14. it has come to my attention that there is also an Indonesian version with a 2nd cd also that has more of the wallpapers ect... on it. any help on these xp staerter editions would be great. there are a few popping up on archive.org but not these 3
  15. does anyone here have the last version windows media player 10 plus all the updates to it? do not want wmp11 just the 10.any help on this would be great
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