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  1. Ok, I understand. This is from my internet provider. This helps to find the Reg key. Thanks Roger
  2. Does anyone know how to disable (Reg key) the original network connection icon in the system tray ? (Thank you for this tool too, Tihihy )
  3. Same impression here. Works wonderfull now, even with Uberskin. GREAT JOB Tihihy ! Thank you Roger
  4. Looks very nice, but then I had the same problem with Word 2000 as already reported (WIN 98 SE - ONBOARD graphic card !) and was obliged to uninstall. I had also a problem with Überskin, the clock was not skinned anymore - was this due to clear type ? Rodger
  5. Hi, I use XP Icon Raider 1.01 - no conflicts with Überskin (with WIN 98 SE). Rodger
  6. Hi ryaxnb, concerning GIMP, did you try Deep Paint (1.0 works for WIN 98 SE and is freeware): http://www.freewareportal.de/Bildbearbeitung/DeepPaint.html Concerning WMP 6.4 and K- codec pack I am especially regretting that it does not play real player movies and that the last WIN 98 version for real alternative is outdated (10.5 is much to heavy on ressources). Any other idea ? rodger
  7. If you use the French language option in Google, you can find a version 5 update 16, if you use the English langauge option in Google, the last version 5 you can find is update 15. I have no clue why this is the case Rodger
  8. Thank you Cannie, this is really a nice program. I like it and I have installed it, because you can limit the socpe of the folders/files analysed (in the contrary to TreeSize which always scans the whole drive). ... But I was wrong in presuming that the program I was (desperately) looking for was this one. I thought this was the folder size shell extension I had before reinstalling. This was really a shell extension. It added (on WIN 98SE) a PERMANENT line in my rightclick/context menu showing the size of the directory/folder/file I clicked on. I used it so often, but I even can't remember the exact name. The only thing I remember is that, when I installed it, it said "Loading size loader" or something similar. Has anyone used this program and does he/she remember the name of this program ? Thank you for your help ! Rodger
  9. Hi, I needed to reinstall. Does anyone known where I can find the Foldersize shell extension that worked with WIN98 (not the new one) ? I just found a dead link: http://www.geekzone.fr/ipb/index.php?showtopic=565 The site was called "dolphin" (+ something): see above Thanks Ro(d)ger
  10. Sorry I tried, but I can not find the reg file in the zip file ! Rodger
  11. Hi XStyle, dear all, very nice themes, indeed ! I am totally new to this forum and I am not really an IT specialist, but I love my WIN 98 SE and I have installed RP 7 + lameskin, and the theme Longhorn 4008. But I am over 50 years old and I have some problems with (very) small fonts. However, everytime I am changing the font size (with "rightclick", "properties", "appearance"), the skin of the taskbar (launchbar) is disappearing (but only this skin). Has anyone an idea how I could do to resolve this ? Thanks Rodger

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