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  1. Bonjour, SUMMA CUM LAUDE !! Dres (win.caus.) Xeno and Tihiy You are making out of WIN 98 the best system in the world ! Roger Installed Flashplayer 10 (very recent version 10.0.38 I believe) * : very very stable Went to http://www.flashearth.com/ (Google Earth for WIN 98 ?) : very very very stable Thinking about installing Java version 6. Just wondering now what is the advantage over 5 update 19 ? *[For those who cannot install Flashplayer according to the instructions at the beginning of this thread = change compatibility tab (rightclick on downloaded Flasplayer, set compatibility tab to WIN 98 SE) + then Xeno's double registry batch file : Xeno's registry tweaks did not work for me because I have a different registry structure. So I did the following: (1) went to HKLM/Software/Windows/CurrentVersion (2) exported and saved the whole registry file "Current Version" (3) changed the following settings (root directory of "current version": double click on right column, entiteled: "Data"): (a) "Version"=Windows 98" to "Windows NT" (B) "VersionNumber"="4.10.2222 to "5.12" (4) installed flashplayer + plugin (no problem) (5) changed the two settings back You can test here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507.html It says: Flashplayer 10 on WIN 98 SE !!! ]
  2. I think you are right gkar there is a huge gap between - those who produce very nice things (and who are incredibly polite) and - those who require something (why do they have the right to require ?? ... and further not to be not polite at all ??) Not only here ... in the whole society. Very strange !! Roger
  3. Hi, is there any solution to convert Iphone photos to WIN 98 SE ? A driver or a software ? Thanks for your help (tried during hours on the Net to find something). Roger
  4. Hi all, we need at the same time favour - YOUNG and NEW and - OLD and RE-NEWING ideas. ... PLEASE !!!!! Roger edit: added missing "need"
  5. Hi Tihiy, I went backwards from the abomination ... (but stayed with the second version of dandee. ) When I reinstalled, I discovered all the nice things that are in the third and forth "rider" ("Reiter", don't know the English word = effects, misc) of RP 9. ... The more I am using ist there more I get impressed . I put my default system font to Tahoma and used nearly all of the options in the third "rider". But when I set the sub-option under "smooth edges of screen fonts" to "use clear type", I get the impression that (only) my font in the start menu goes to "bold", which I don't really like (nowhere else). ... Is there any means to avoid this ? (Tried everything in "Display/Appearence"). Thanks again for this nice program. Roger
  6. Hi Dandee, found a temporary and partial solution here: http://www.virtualplastic.net/# (left, Taskbar and ... something); I tried other things explained there and now I have a very "light" start menu. Don't know however whether I will keep it. Tihiy, aren't you slightly to severe ? ... Anyhow, and as a compuer layman (please take this into account), I find that the (rightclick) "revert to shortcut" and "make applet" features are not so bad ! Roger
  7. Yes works fine on 98 SE, I just have two control panels !
  8. Hi Dandee, just discovered that I have (now ??) two control panels (one in c:\windows - with the new superb icons - and one directly in My Computer - with the old icons) ?? Or where there always two ? Thought that one is a shortcut, but they do not have the same content (e.g TClockEx (and other programs) are not c:\windows). Do you know which one is the right one and how I can safely remove the other one ? Regards Roger
  9. I am wondering whether this is not the Internet Explorer, some things are used in common by IE and Windows Explorer and I believe this menu bar belongs to them. Did you try to resintall IE. ?? Roger Edit: found this (post from 2006), but there is no solution: http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.ph...menu+bar#175495 At least you are not alone with your problem :-)
  10. Sorry, was a bit angry about your tip, but I know for sure that you know a lot more about computers than me ... I profited from a lot of your other tips. Everyting is fine now. Thanks ! Rodger
  11. H Drugwash, I cannot advice to do that (at least not for everyone) ! I have a machine with onboard graphic card and the WIN9xE67 last Intel graphics driver for WIN98SE. Setting the registry entries manually to 32 bits per pixel (in any of the 4 entries you mention) made restart my computer with 16 colors and a 640x480 screen and creates "chaos" amongst my NON-system icons and shortcuts. (In fact I heavily "tweaked" my (sub-)folder icons in Programm Files and My Documents). Even if I could change the other settings back in control panel/system, the icons stayed very ugly and many of them were grey (without colors). Rebuilding icons, deleting Shelliconcache in windows, re-installing the graphics dirvers, nothing helped. So I wa sobliged to set the regsitry entries (all four) back to 24 bits. I think my graphics card and/or the last Intel driver simply doesn't support more than 24 bits per pixel. Regards Rodger
  12. Hi SLHK, Re: black shadows: no idea whether this may help you, but I had this twice now (WIN98SE). You can also see a change at the level of the RPconfig icon in the start menu (that's how I discovered it first). For me it was twice my Explorer: Powerdek 5.0 free; I use it since many years, because of the dual pane. Reinstalling Powerdek helps ! But I am wondering what is the real cause for that. ( I must must admit however that I only recently downloaded and went back to Powerdesk 5 in order to reduce use of ressources; before I had a higher freeware version - was it 6... or 7.. ??). Need to find out ! Rodger
  13. Hi Tihyi, RP 9.1.0 is working perfectly here. The only problem I had was when I did a Defrag with Scandefrag after having disabled virtual memory in ... \System Properties/Performance/Virtual Memory ... and forgot to set back virtual memory, because everthing worked so fine without it. This only apeared after some time (on the net for example). But I think this was/is a memory problem (DrWatson refered to RP8.dll). When I set back some virtual memory (1/3 of RAM), the problem did not appear anymore. Thanks again for this really nice pack !! Roger
  14. Hi Tihiy, may I ask you a question ? I changed my scheme (from WaterColor EB to Royale_Small). But I don't know for what reason I did not pass through RGConfig in the start menu , but through Display Properties / Appearance / Schemes. In the list of schemes I found the following entry : TaskbarSizeMove. Does this belong to RP9 ? (Or does this come from another program ? Because if I click on it, Dr. Watson enters into action (message saying that Kernel32.dll (Rundll32.exe) used a uninitialized function pointer) and Display properties closes. No ther consequence). Thanks for your hepl Roger
  15. Hi Tihiy, I know my message comes late, but RP9 is really phantastic. I had a problem to do to 32 size icons with free launch bar, which I like a lot but finally managed to resolve the problem. And I am trying now since one week ! Cristal clear images ! A very smooth moving though my 10 year old computer ! (I also throw out my anti-virus, which took me 120 MB or more of my 319 MB RAM). Really a great, great job Tihiy. Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger
  16. Hi Tihiy, yesterday I installed the intial version of 9.0.9.. When I restarted I had everything fine, but I was in 640x480 pixels and 16 colors mode. After having re-installed the graphics driver (took me some time to find out, this one: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/filter_res...mp;submit=Go%21 everything was fine. Will now try your 9.0.9 second edition ! Roger (WIN98SE; 4.10 (Build 2222) A; 1024x768 pixels - 24 bits; GenuineIntel x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 6 ...)
  17. Hi Tihiy, tried several times the combination of the new KernelEx and RP9. As you probably know, I am a total programming (and computer) layman, but my computer is (nearly) 10 years old. After several tries with the combination, I sticked and stick to RP9. In other words, it's a question of preference: does someone like the new icons and this kind of stuff (RP9) or does he prefer to use the latest updates of any program and games (KernelEX ????). The truth is: live is not a game. ... ... ... Perhaps it is also a question of trust ! Happy Easter to you ! Rodger
  18. Hi Xeno, Thank you ! Had the same mssage than Herbalist. MPREXE.EXE error and same Rgeisters. Redownloaded and ... works fine now ! GREAT Rodger
  19. Hi, the original icon (or better icons) are in Rnaapp.exe. I got rid of them by replacing them by blank icons. But the application is still there. When starting the browser all the other trayicons spring one place to the left. Any other idea ? I do not dare to delete Rnaapp.exe. Rodger
  20. Looks like history seen from a global (world) perspektive. Some moments are decisive. WIN98 (SE) was a turning point. GLOBALLY (!), it looks like this: From a European historical perspective: From a Western European point of view, it looks like as if we were going backwards. From an Eastern European point of view we are going forward. From the other side of the world (rest of the world), Europe is West and the US are East, so it looks like this: From a Chinese point of view (Western part of the rest of of the world), it looks as if we were going forward. From an US (East of the rest of the world) point of view, it looks as if we were going backwards. And so on ! BUT WIN 98 SE was decisive. Forgot to add the message from Flashplayer: "The features added to Flash Player use the technology in the latest operating systems for performance, functionality, and efficiency. These subsystems are not included in the older operating systems. Additionally, manufacturers will no longer fix issues in these operating systems, which makes it impossible to address Flash Player issues with root causes in the operating system". Roger
  21. Nice and really very useful link MGDx, thanks ! I have cascaded my Control Panel. Same for the explanation to uninstall. I will re-install for sure. I WILL find out where the icon comes from ! Roger
  22. Hey, I am not an expert, but as far as I understand, there is an order of priority between the registry entries. If you delete the last (lowest) one in achain, the other (two) superior entries are dead. So where is the problem ? If I am wrong please tell me ! Roger
  23. Hello MDGx, thank you for your hint to %windir%\SYSTEM\lights.exe, but even delting "Lights.exe" in C:\windows\system didn't change anything. The "original" icon is still there and so I have 2 ntework connection indicators, the original one not serving for anything, because if I click on it, it only shows up for 1 second before disappearing and I am not able to correctly see the message, it might be able to give ! Do you have another idea. I would be greatful, because I didn't find any registry key in the internet provider's regkeys. Roger

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