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  1. hiren is technically warez that's true, but i have purchased with my company both acronis and ghost as products for my buisness and tried using them in my home pc as i own the software, as the technical people at symantec IL informed me that as long as i hold the license i am able to use the software, that's true for acronis as well. but you are correct i should have state i own the software, all the other software are free for use, should i edit the post ?
  2. ok lemme start by saying Hey to everyone in the board, in the past few days i've been Reading, almost every Post i found about Imaging in the Forum, but all that left me in the End is confused. I have a windows 7 64 bit Machine (Bare Minimum Office, AV, Drivers And Custom Settings, Reg fixes) I want to make an Image of this Install so i can later Restore it if i choose to. Until now i've been very Happy with Hiren boot cd and been using Acronis True Image and Ghost For the past years through Windows XP And Vista. and been very Happy with it and it worked flawlessly for all my Images. I Didn't Mind Maintaining several Images for my 2 Laptops and 2 Pcs that's the way I want it. After that I moved to Working with WinPE and Imagex in vista 32 bit and everything was fine. Year ago I decided to move to Win 7 64 bit, made all the adjustments with my software and drivers and installed a Basic and a Complete PC with 2 images, using hiren boot cd and acronis and ghost, Been painfull to find out that it didn't work, perhaps because of the System reserved partition that wasn't backed up. My System works in AHCI Mode now. I Refuse installing a Software on my PC I don't want it to do Weekly Backups, all I wanna do is A boot cd that Images my drive to a single file, that I can restore it from the boot cd later on. I Tried working with: Macrium reflect, Windows Backup and restore center Acronis true Image Home CloneZilla (Which doesn't make a single file but alot of files in folders) WinPE Imagex 64 bit, which copied all to a Single Wim File but restore was Painful and didn't Restore it well. From Hiren boot CD i tried. Acronis True image 8.1 server. Ghost 11.5.1 + in the WinPE installed the ghost 64 bit version to see if that works, not so much no... This is a Cry out for help Any 1 tried Hiren, find the Method to work like i want to ? Any help will be Greatly Appreciated, thanks for the patience.
  3. hey all, i finally jumped onto windows 7 x64 and ACHI mode. now i wonder what app do u use to create an image backup ? wonder what to use, cause i've put lots of hours creating the pc exactly as i want it. acronis true image, norton ghost or maybe Winpe+IMAGEX - last one i used in vista, dunno if that version works well on win7 images. thanks for all the responses.
  4. is it possible to right click on the desktop and move to TVOUT instead of usin the nvidia agent thingy they give ? any 1 ever tried or got annoyed by it thanks for the help !

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