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  1. I don't believe it's wise for a person with only 4 posts to say that to a person with 171 posts (although posts don't say everything ofcourse) There is no such key in HKCU, so it probably won't run either.
  2. @Jogy: If you use makecab and modifype and replace the file on the CD, it will indeed never ask you to change the file back, because Windows will think it is an official file. @war59312: I tried your method, but it still won't let me delete the All Users\Documents directory. Also, I haven't seen this registry tweak in this topic either: [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\DownloadSites] It removes the download sites for the themes from the registry, thus removing the "More Themes Online..." option in the Themes dropdown box. I couldn't find this one on the internet, so I guess I was the first that found this one out
  3. I'm not sure if Blackbox does this by itself, but if it doesn't, I'd recommend the following regtweak to run it: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "Shell"="%SystemDrive%\Blackbox\Blackbox.exe" This way, explorer.exe doesn't load anymore.
  4. @saitoh183 & Gagorian: No, you DON'T have to copy the file to $OEM$\$$\system32, simply because the file is already there when you install Windows XP. If you don't believe me, look for shutdown.ex_ in the I386 dir.
  5. shutdown.exe is already provided with XP and sits in %SystemRoot%\system32 ready to be used from any location you want. So your command should work.
  6. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\Extended Properties\{305CA226-D286-468e-B848-2B2E8E697B74} 2] "%SystemRoot%\system32\appwiz.cpl"=dword:ffffffff Should work according to this page: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;292463
  7. Wow, it looks like XP. Hey, maybe that's because it is XP These screenshots are over 2 years old, check out the newer LH4074 screenshots (although LH4074 is pretty old too) at the site prathapml posted.
  8. And what does this have to do with Unattended Windows?
  9. I would recommend a format anyway, so you are sure that all the files from the old installation are gone. By the way, Windows will use a new folder if the folder already exists, so you don't want the Documents and Settings folder on your installation drive while Windows is installing anyway. I think the best way would be to copy your Documents and Settings to a temporary place (another disk), and then copy it back into your new account after installing Windows.
  10. Have you spent any time reading the forum as well? If you have, you must have found the search. If you set Search posts from... to Any date and search for MCE2005, you will find a topic called "Integrate MCE 2005 into XP SP2?". The second post will explain what to do to integrate CD2 in CD1.
  11. Astalavista, your system32.exe actually copies the files to %SystemDrive%\system32, instead of %SystemRoot%\system32.
  12. If you put the file in $OEM$\$$\system32, it will automatically be copied to your Windows\system32 directory, but you can put it anywhere on the cd and use the COPY command in a batch file to copy it yourself.
  13. *sigh* http://unattended.msfn.org/xp/reference.htm#shell
  14. Yes, that registry tweak isn't permanent. I use RegPerm to set the permissions on the MenuOrder key. The following command sets Everyone's permissions to read only: REGPERM /K HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder /A:Everyone:R /Q
  15. 1. Use code tags. 2. Why are there two sections called UserData in your winnt.sif? 3. Why is ProductKey all the way at the bottom?
  16. If you can't rightclick on the subfolders, it's probably because you disabled drag and drop in your start menu. This also disables right-clicking of the start menu items.
  17. He wants the directory name, so he needs everything after the last \, not everything after X:\.
  18. While we're at it, I found out that if you don't specify a drive, it will use the current drive (the drive of the directory you're currently in with DOS).
  19. 1. Just make sure that C: is the first partition on the first drive, and Windows should install it there. 2. - Your winnt.sif can't create user accounts. - The reason your account name can't be Matt is because your computername is already Matt. - If you don't see the Help Protect Your PC page in OOBE, the AutomaticUpdates switch is working.
  20. If you use cmdlines.txt it will only copy the files that are in the $* directories. So the following directories will get copied: $OEM$\$$ $OEM$\$1 $OEM$\$Docs $OEM$\$Progs but the $OEM$ directory itself won't be copied.
  21. MPC probably doesn't make any difference between a playlist for video and a playlist for audio (if you go to Options -> Formats and scroll down to Playlist file, it will show the following formats: .asx .m3u .pls .wvx .wax .wmx). Wouldn't it work if you installed MPC first, and then Winamp after that. Wouldn't Winamp get its associations back then?
  22. Well, the first result on Google seems to work fine. You have to register to get it though, but that's done quickly.
  23. Are there no other programs that can view and search PDF? I just can't wait untill I can finally dump Adobe Reader
  24. If you don't want the account you made to autologon, don't use the reg file.

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