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  1. Network problem

    Ok... Thanx for the replies, I'll check them out
  2. Network problem

    Okay... I have a two computers 'A' & 'B' and a workgroup consisting of 9 computers 'C'. I want 'A' & 'B' sharing drives (for example C:\ on both). I alsow want 'A' & 'B' to join the workgroup 'C' but only share a limited set of folders (i.e. I don't want to share C:\ on the network... only between 'A' & 'B') How can I do this?? I hope that was clearer
  3. Network problem

    I have a network consisting of 10 computers connected onto a single workgroup sharing an internet connection and running file and printer sharing. I recently got a new laptop and want to connect it to the same internet connection. I also want to share files off one of the computers and the laptop that I don't want to be shared across the whole network. How can I come about doing this??
  4. ATI X600 or GeForce 6600

    I'm getting a new computer and I have a choice between the ATI X600 (nonPRO) and the GeForce 6600 (nonGT). They both come in 128 and 256 mb flavors. Just wondering which I should get. I was leaning towards the GeForce 6600 as it is cheaper, but does that mean its worse?? Any reply would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Recomendation of a good router for heavy use

    I can recommend a good router that will only cost you an old computer and some hard work. You could try building your own router using IPCOP or Smoothwall that run on a dedicated computer and can actually run on a 486 (if you still have one). I'm testing it out in the next couple of days... but according to its users its pretty stable and should fix your problem.
  6. how do I convert .BIN to .ISO

    Yeah, renaming the extension to .iso works as they're basically the same file. I learnt about this in ISOBuster's help file. It details all the image formats btw.
  7. emule brings network to a crawl

    @crahak I just formatted both computers and installed windows xp pro with sp2... so they're both identical regarding software. They also both have the same NIC. Why would the router receive more data for one computer more than the other? What other details do you need? @XtremeMaC Both connections have port forwarding setup on they're respective ports. And both users have high id.
  8. I recently made a small network between my friends and i to share a broadband connection. When a certain user starts using emule on his computer all other computers find it hard or impossible to browse the internet even if he has provided limits on his emule connection. Now if two people use emule at the same time, the first user (the one that hogs all the bandwidth) is taken as a first priority and takes all the speed (usually 16 kb/s) he can find while the second user gets a maximum of 5 kb/s. What is wrong with this setup? Is there someway to fix this? Here is my network config: router/modem: D-Link DSL-500T Switch: D-Link DES-1008D Connection speed: 256/64 kbps
  9. Sygate question

    I was looking for the unattended switch for Sygate Personal Firewall 5.5 by using the /? switch on the setup file itself and it told me to use /passive /norestart which worked fine when i tried it. But on the forum it said use the /QN Reboot=Suppress switch. So before burning my cd... which one should i use? Thanx in advance
  10. what is this motherboard

    Its not a c7max but an IC7-Max3
  11. SP2 Build 2180 Went Gold @ 10:08 PDT

    The final build is available at windowsbeta.microsoft.com build 2180
  12. I just tried adding the Royale theme with a selected background in my .theme file. But after installing windows it installs the theme without the background. Is there something I'm missing here.
  13. USB 1.1 & 2.0 together on same pc

    I was wondering... Isn't USB 2.0 backward compatible with USB 1.1. That should mean you need no add-on cards to work usb 1.1 devices with your computer??
  14. Unattended Applications

    what does the /sp- switch do?
  15. Applications Silent Installation

    That was a programming error in RealAlt 1.09. I read somewhere that the programmer was going to fix it in RealAlt 1.10, and it's been released these past few days.