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  1. I thought 32bit was limited to 2 gigs.. After that it starts lie-ing about how much ram you have, "I think" If not someone correct me on this please?
  2. My Desktop Today..... Got a new vid card http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb5/the...can/Desktop.png
  3. Id Make sure you got the latest Drivers for your Video Card. Look on the manufactures site for the download. As for the 4 gigs showing up as 3, You are running a 32 bit OS and that does it. When you do put Win x64 on there it will go to 4 gigs of Ram.
  4. Ha ha thats funny.......... One thing that does suck is this will probably hurt more users who actually paid for the software and not the pirates.... The pirates always figure it out. We'll see how this goes.........................................................
  5. Heres My XP Got Rid of Vista Garbage Lovin XP again LOL Background Is a tree in my backyard when it was Raining. Looks pretty Nice
  6. Another Idea that probably wont work.... Try changing the theme, To like the old style. as for the file, edit, ect. bar does it show up or pop down when you press the "alt" (alt +F for file) key?
  7. SOOTHSAYER you are the man It worked by logging out turning on numlock and shutting down. Thanks to all tho. Problem fixed
  8. I tried the registry one and it is already set to "2" . Ill try the logoff, make sure numlock is on then shutdown when I get home. Thanks.
  9. Is it CRT? How old is it? It might be time to replace it if it is old. I had a CRT monitor do that and its like the pixles were blurry and it hurt my eyes a little bit. If you lower the resolution of the monitor does that help? If so you probably need a new monitor.
  10. I have it set on in the bios..... My num lock is on when I turn on the computer but when the windows boot screen stops and switches to the welcome screen my numlock turns back off.
  11. atleast your from NY and NY is kewl. from nyc here. 50views and only you respoonding bAH New york isnt all its cracked up to be..lol Ive never been to the city though.
  12. Im back to XP and got away from vista, I was wondering if theres a way to make the numlock automatically turn on when I turn on my computer and am in the welcome screen. Help is appreciated
  13. I think that its ok to install it. Im pretty sure you will still have dx10. I had that happen to me and I did download DX9.0c but when i did "Run" "dxdiag" it told me that i had DX 10 still. Im pretty sure but not definite. Mabie someone else could help you out more.
  14. well I did it....... Went back to XP Ill wait till Vista is more stable. The network tweaking didn't seem to make my computer any faster. Oh well thanks for everything anyway.
  15. " I.E.7......the modern day ME. Another screw up from Microshaft! " Ha ha i can agree with that... Firefox all the way
  16. Mabie if you unlock the taskbar and move it to the side or top then try it. if it works put it back where you want it and lock it again. My idea probably wont work but its worth a try.
  17. Thanks I have configured it and ill see how much of a difference it makes. thanks.
  18. Wheres the tcp/ip properties at? thanks
  19. 3.3 Videocard lowering it down. I dont do gaming though so its all good
  20. Is your areo running? (seethrough titlebar and kinda seethrough start menu) And you have to have at least one window open. if your areo isn't running is your computer able to handle it?
  21. I almost hate to ask this... but you're hitting what?!? Start button as in bottom left corner of the Windows desktop? or the Windows logo key on the keyboard? Flip 3D is the Windows (Keyboard) Key + Tab. When you press the windows key on the keyboard it brings up the start menu, so he is correct.
  22. Thanks I'll wait for a little bit more replys before switching or not switching. All my hardware has the right drivers and stuff, I just dont like how vista uses my harddrive every 5 seconds or less, even when sleeping, and how long it takes to copy files ect. and other little things.
  23. I have been using vista ultimate now since it came out. I had bought the oem dvd and i'm thinking of going back to XP pro for better performance. I want to do it but then again I don't. Could you guys give me reasons to switch or not to switch. thanks to all.
  24. PRESS your "Windows Button" and "Pause Button" at the same time. In the window it will say "System type" and will say 32 or 64 bit..... There you go

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