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  1. In my last post i said that the shortcut to the defragmentor wasnt there.. This is right.. BUT, when i did open defragmentor it wouldnt work... *formats back to normal xp* //Chris.
  2. I've checked and bliss.jpg is being put into the system32 folder (Should be in system32\web..)! Also, i checked about the ftp:// and http:// in run and shortcuts.. I said eirler that none work (mms://, telnet://).. This is wrong.. Only ftp:// and http:// dont work... Im sure it has somthing to do with the registry - does nLite edit the hives? Chris. Edit: Okay, i've noticed some more things, although i didnt tell it to remove Internet Explorer the icon has been removed from the "Quick Launch" bar AND the start menu... Also i done a bit of digging around the registry, this is the key that somehow nLite has managed to remove for http://, ftp:// and i think just about any url that is handled by IE.. [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\<<HANDLER>>\shell\open\command]@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Internet Explorer\\iexplore.exe\" -nohome" (<<HANDLER>> is each one, https, http, ftp.. etc) Anyway lets kick these bug's a**'s! lol Chris.
  3. I just installed using the latest version.. I *DIDNT* check to remote sndvol32 (Volume control) or Disk Defragmentor (dfrg.msc).. On first look i thought it had removed them.. (Im running the installation of xp that was slimmed down by nLite now).. But on closer inspection the icons were just missing... Also there was a folder in the control panel, i dont know what it was.. But it had the icon of a "Hidden folder".. I just right clicked on it and pressed remove.. 1 more thing: I added bliss.jpg to the "non-remove" list in nLite, yet, it still removed it! Just thought i should tell ya of these bug(s).. There easy to fix by hand! Keep up the superb work with nLite! Chris! Edit: - Reguarding the Bliss.jpg.. i just checked and nLite didnt delete it like i asked it to, but it didnt get copyed over to the cd during the installation! Edit2 - Found another bug.. the http:// url handler wont work.. If i goto start click run and type a url it wont work or if i try to create a shortcut with a url -- This is the same for any url handler in run or shortcut, ftp, telnet, mms, anything.. Chris.
  4. What dosent work about it, notepad.exe isnt there.. Or the file types have gone that open .txt with notepad? Chris.
  5. Thanks for the information, but i was thinking more Windows Based.. So i could use ISA.. Would this work?: [Net]-[server Router With ISA]-[WAP]-[Computers] The net goes into the Server via a network card and out via a network card set to Share Internet Connection.... thanks Alot! Chris.
  6. Hey all. I have an old 667mhz pc with 256 ram and a 8gb hd in the other room, it has a wireless network card too.. I was wondering if i could turn it into a wireless router somehow with some nifty software or somthing? thanks all! Chris.
  7. Will this work with windows 2003 enterprise? Thanks, Chris.
  8. Ill help! Just MSN me! btw, my new msn is: chris[ D O T ]hemple[ A T ]gmail[ D O T ]com Yep, me got a gmail account! Chris.
  9. hmm, yeh i understand.. Ill see what i can do! Chris.
  10. Ill host these at fruitytooty.com if i can download them somewhere! Chris.
  11. Maybe if people like it enough! Chris.
  12. Heres a wallpaper i made from scratch in adobe photoshop!, Tell me what you think! Download http://fruitytooty.com/moon-big4.zip Thanks! Chris.!
  13. Ill host, send to me via msn. Chris.
  14. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    shh, thats for PM Chris.
  15. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    I really think this is becoming a competition - LikuidKewl allredy told me what i wanted to know.. But thanks! //Chris
  16. I've allways wondered about that! Thanks for the information! Later, Chris.
  17. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    Yes the ones based on the Devils 0wn, you all remember the dreaded fck** key, this is what the first program was based on and those are the ones with the 64* PID's. Now Microsoft is supposedly going to block these because they don't issue keys that generate them, or that was the origonal intention of the SP2 PID checking. As to if they will keep it, highly doubtful due to all the issues related to it. So I guess we will have to wait and see. ah Thats what i thought! Chris.
  18. Thanks! The proxy is allredy made... I was just wondering if i could use the Windows Socket API's to "Hook" the socket that msn messenger was using. Thanks anyway! Chris.
  19. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    This is not a fact, because it may generate valid corporate keys! Dont the key gens generate keys from a base key therefor there pid's will be similar or somthing? So although they may be valid they wont work (in sp2).. because of the pid's? Just a guess.. Dont know much about this. Chris.
  20. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    Ah now i understand! Thanks! Chris.
  21. I just open VB and make my own.. easy! If you cant code i recommend the other option above ^^. Chris.
  22. Hi all, im writing a addon for msn, but to capture the data thats incomming and outgoing thru the msn socket(s) my program acts as a internal sock5s 5 proxy.. Is there a way to "Really" Hock the sockets msn is using? Thanks! Chris.

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