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  1. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    I'm not, im curious... If you're bored of the topic u dont need to post in it! Thanks for the information all! Chris.
  2. XML is VERY easy in .net, check the .net section at pscode im sure theres a vb example that shows how to use system.xml - i used it to learn xml. Chris
  3. Hi all.. Im trying to find a program that can scan thru an exe file and tell me what API's it uses.. If anybody knows of one or can confirm one exists/dosent exist that would be sweeeto! Thanks! Chris .
  4. Are you SURE there not bootable? Have you maked sure you're BIOS settings are set to boot from cd? Chris.
  5. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    If this is true, this would be a better ways, because I know of some companies (and my school) who use PIDs with -640- or something else in the middle and this would be a better way of blocking unlicensed users! lol! Your school is unlicensed? Tut, tut... lol Maybe you could use that to you're advantage.. Chris! No, they're not unlicensed... PIDs aren't only the middle three digits (ie. -640-)... They consist of most numbers, and some of the PIDs with specific numbers including -640- were already blocked in SP1... This doesn't mean that all copies of Windows XP with -640- were blocked... Well.. I think 640's are being blocked in sp2.. Because there pirated. Well thats what i've been told! Chris.
  6. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    If this is true, this would be a better ways, because I know of some companies (and my school) who use PIDs with -640- or something else in the middle and this would be a better way of blocking unlicensed users! lol! Your school is unlicensed? Tut, tut... lol Maybe you could use that to you're advantage.. Chris!
  7. CuBie

    Windows XP SP2

    So the key is checked.. But not the PID? Cool! Chris.
  8. I've been reading all over the place that sp2 wont install on pirate copys (not that it matters to me - im a valid user! ).. But then i came across this link: http://www2.technobabble.com.au/article41.html Is this true? Edit: Sorry if this post is breaking any piracy rules or anything! Thanks, Chris.
  9. CuBie


    Guid day thaur dude, welcome tae "the" best community it tae whole wide warld, msfn.org! see ye aroond hen! Later, chris. ps. Im not really scottish.. hehe
  10. CuBie


    Hmm, open a command prompt and check that windows pe regcognises the drive. type C: see if it opens. If it says "Invalid Drive Specification" windows pe isnt seeing your drive = bad. Are you doing this from within Virtual PC - as my virtual pc's Windows PE dosent see my C: drive either. Chris.
  11. CuBie


    Shouldn't I register the dll's that comes with the VB6 runtime from within the WinPE before running the application? or is it just n00b me that missed this part? U don't need to register them if u have them in the same directory as the program its self. If the programs opens, it means you've done the dll's right. Chris.
  12. CuBie


    If you do have a hd in your pc make sure it is C:, as if theres no C: drive it presumes theres no drives at all. I don't think that u can have your main drive as another letter than C:, but still - Check to make sure it is C:.. Chris.
  13. Is this project open source? If so where can u dl it? Thanks! Chris.
  14. if you're using barts pe find a plugin for explorer. If your using the official pe use my Explorer tutorial. Chris
  15. CuBie


    Its easy! Download the Runtimes Here.. EXTRACT that EXE with winrar.. Dont install it.. Extract the EXE with winrar! then youll have a load of files.. Delete the INF or INI and put them files in with the program - easy! Chris.
  16. See...this is what is called as getting tensed *ROFL* go argue somewhere else..
  17. Found a bug.. Don't know if this has allredy been reported - but i cant bebothered to read everypost. When i tryed to set "English (UK)" as the language options during setup it worked in "Regional Options" and "Languages" but when i came to the "Advanced" tab to change it from English US to UK (For non-unicode programs) i got an error about missing files. The files it asked for were: app850.fon cga40850.fon cga80850.fon ega40850.fon ega80850.fon vga850.fon Theres a screenie attached to this post of Virtual PC. This isn't a real problem coz i sopose you could just put the files manually into the iso and rebuild the iso.. Later, Chris.
  18. I got this sort of error with xp the other day, when making my AIO cd. i found that it was the -d command i was passing to cdimage.exe (The command to make it not rename all files to caps).. Just pay around with the command line options of cdimage if it dont work after putting the IDENT files in the root. Hope it helps. Chris.
  19. CuBie


    I could, but whats the point? Just name your files to .ini coz there all text docs anyway. -- I just looked into this, and i had the same problem. The problem is that it trys to copy the temp ini file to the C:\ drive, and the C:\ drive isnt there for me in windows pe...iFly.exe - glad to see you like my name suggestion heh (very cool) Anyway... what's the point? well whats the point of making it a .ini instead? the point in allowing it to be whatever you name it would allow for more flexibility As for the HD issue, that could be a problem for ppl using a preformatted ntfs partition... so personally i think it would be a great idea to either include the usage of a ramdrive... or... to keep things simple you could have a dialog box pop up asking which "drive" should be used (for whatever purpose your proggy needs it for) btw could a floppy be used to do the same? (all the more reason to allow for selection) hrm.. Yes making a popup asking whitch drive would be a good idea, but the problem is if say the drive is corrupt or somthing.. i would have to add alot of low level error handeling if i wanted to tell the user what the problem is. Also yes, a floppy drive would work, as would a ram drive, or a usb key chain drive (if there detected in pe).. Basicly any media that you can write data to in pe will work... Ill look into this! Later, Chris.
  20. Got it to work with FireFox. Had to edit the registry to make the docs and settings temp files folder onto the B: ramdrive. I attached the reg file to this post. Chris. profiles.reg profiles.reg
  21. Hi all. Im trying to get an internet browser in windows pe. Ive tryed firefox, but when i run firefox.exe nothing happens. I suspect this is somthing to do with a ramdrive? If anybody knows how to get firefox to work with a ramdrive OR knows a browser that will work in pe that'all be great! Thanks! Chris.
  22. The registry in MS PE has some keys you can't access in the hives. Even if u manually try to add keys to them it won't let you. The keys i quoted go into one of these sections. The keys will probably work in Barts PE, but not MS.. Anyway, them keys arnt needed, as it works fine without em. Later, Chris.
  23. Worked for me! In fact it works for me every time because i rebuild the registry each time I recreate the ISO. Better luck next time! Sorry.. I miss worded what i said.. I ment that the keys i quoted wont go into the pe reg, if you dl the reg file and import it to the pe reg you see it says "error blah"..but the rest of the keys import fine! I just made the iso and it all worked fine, as i suspected! Thanks alot for the great info! n1! Later, Chris.

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