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  1. Hi all, is it possible to install windows xp or windows 2003 server over smb shares or mapped dives from a pe cd? So for example i would put windows xp files on my server and share them and then install from PE on the pc? If so this would make installations alot faster, as its going over the 11mbit network, and dosent have to read from a cd rom drive! Thanks alot, Chris.
  2. i did the Armitage and Duffy one. Kewl. //Chris .
  3. Biology was the easyist. Then came Chemistry.. !! Ouch, god that was hard.. Then came Physics.. The first page was hard about diodes and stuff but the rest was easy.. I hope i got a c! lol Chris.
  4. Thanks ^^.. and Thanks Chaosratt for the discription and Ideas Man for the really useful website.. Anyways im off to a maths exam .. Bye! Chris.
  5. Hi all, i've googled this but i cant find an answer.. I presume that they have multipul layers and everytime u erase them it burns off a very thin layer off of it? Also, if this is true ^^ how many layers do cdrw's have? Like how many times can u erase them b4 there buggered? Chris.
  6. Yeh, same book.. Probably same paper.. I dont Gillian Clarke for the poems - who did u do? About running out of time - alot of people did.. I did, all my friends did.. Its f***ed up, how are we sopost to write about so much in so little time? I got my sciences exam now .. I think im gonna do "okay", although i dont need it to get into collage, i still want to get a good grade, because im doing a Software Development course @ a local collage, VB, C++, Java! Well Later! Chris.
  7. Last night i was making my unattended cd.. Again.. lol.. I added all the updates then made a slient batch for them.. and then i thought, HEY! some people at msfn might want this to download.. So here it is.. Its a file with a batch and ALL the updates for Windows XP Sp1 That are listed on the front page as of this post (06/June/2004).. Download Here: http://fruitytooty.com/UPDATES_06JUNE04.rar (33.8MB - Oh yes, took me ages 2 upload 2 fruitytooty!) I hope this saves some peoples time! My Exams start tomorow, the proper ones, so revision for me! Later, Chris. Edit: By the way people, this dosent have directx or movie maker 2 or windows media player 9 - because i dont see them as critical updates, thus they dont go onto my cd.. If you want them youll have to add them manually for now! Later, Chris.
  8. I've heard diffrent... COMPUTERS will look thru your mail to produce advertisments like on the google search engine.. (Or at least thats the way it is now..) //Chris.
  9. CuBie

    My moosic

    lol thanks! //Chris.
  10. How many hertz do TFT or LCD pannels run at?! Chris.
  11. This is wrong. IE does support it, it just needs some extra stuff.. I used them at a splash page.. The url is below.. http://www.fruitytooty.com/gMail/ //Chris.
  12. Hey guys, please vote and tell me what ones better! Thanks all! Chris.
  13. CuBie

    Arrange By ...

    The 'arrange icons by modified' option isn't available in Music Folders. CuBie: The only thing I can suggest is right clicking on the folder in question, select properties, go to the customize tab. At the top under 'What type of folder do you want?' select 'Documents' from the drop-down list. This won't work for the 'My Music' folder, however. No customize tab is available for this folder. Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion. Ahh, i was just reading the posts again, and this is EXACTLY what i wanted Thank YOU very much! Chris. Edit Is there a way to make ALL folders DEFAULT to 'Documents' with a registry tweak or somthing? Chris.
  14. CuBie

    Arrange By ...

    Thanks all, i've never known how to do this... Thanks again for the information Chris!
  15. CuBie

    Arrange By ...

    I dont understand... Or you dont understand what im trying to do.. Explain Clearer? Chris.
  16. Dont quote me on this, but i think that the HKCU thing comes from HKUSERS\Somthing..... So HKCU is loaded from HKUSERS every time a new person logs on.. ^^ This is how it works in windows PE anyway.. Chris.
  17. Hi all, in XP, whenever you have a bunch of mp3's or avi's in a folder and you goto the arrange by menu you get extra options like "By Artist" and stuff.. The thing is when it adds these Extra "Arrange By" things, it removes "Arrange By Modified".. So does anybody know how to turn these off so it stops adding these extra arrange by things? Its soo annoying when i download music and i cant arrange it by date! Thanks! Chris!
  18. CuBie


    ahoi! Welcome to msfn! chris.
  19. Its a standard qualification for all students leaving school to goto collage, or work. I just done the exam, it was kinda easy.. But still, its worrying what my grade will be! //Chris.
  20. Pray people, pray.. Like the whole of england are doing there English Lit GCSE paper in around an hour and we need all the luck we can get. //Going for exam now Chris.

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