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  1. Yep.. But if u want it now, just goto the MS XPe site. =)) The tutorial is 99% done. Just needs grammer checking, and a few things re-wording. It will probably be released tomorrow sometime =D Chris.
  2. No. PE is nothing like XP. It may be built on XP, but its missing alot of stuff so it cant be a full os. XPe can be a FULL os that can run on your pc. Chris.
  3. Tutorial 25% done. (Its quite long.. lol)
  4. @Alanoll - use the xpe 120 day trial - its what i use. @kingroach - Windows XPe is nothing like PE. XPe is just a componentized version of XP. =)) Tutorial comming soon Chris.
  5. I made this a while back, when the msfn guide was put up (its based on the msfn guide) - I just didnt release it till now.. If there is another tool, i dont know about it, and i didnt try to rip or anything. Can u email me that tool @ chris.hemple@gmail.com please? Thanks Chris.
  6. Windows XP Embedded (XPe) Is a componentised version of windows xp sp1. You can choose what components you want in XP, Networking, FAT Support, NTFS Support, and theres like 1000 components to choose from. Basicly You can make your OWN personal version of windows xp. This XPe contains a component that redirects all IO calls to the HD to the RAM. Thus it can be booted off a cd. Hope it helps, Chris.
  7. Enjoy. Feedback is appreciated =) Chris. prjWindows2003Upgrade.rar
  8. ME & Zaheer have recently been able to figure out how to boot windows xp embedded totally from a cd. So yes, thats a full os booting from a cd. Were considering writing a tutorial - Would you lot be intrested in one? Chris.
  9. Thanks for the advice, you were a bit more friendly than ne0win.. lol http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=5105481079 =)) chris.
  10. hmm, do i smell bs? hmm.. Smells familar.. smells like.. hmm... SPAM! Chris.
  11. i think there needs to be a space: so "/qn/reboot=suppress" becomes "/qn /reboot=suppress" but im no expert on this sorta thing.. lol Chris.
  12. WOW! Thanks for the insite! That artical explains it very well! Cheers dude! Chris.
  13. Cool - I prefer gmail though =).. Chris.
  14. Free to use.. http://proxy.chrishemple.co.uk There's 2 other proxys in my sig.. Use if u like! Chris.
  15. lol THANKS! and thanks for getting my sig back - bloody gamehead, grass .. Because i have 4gb of bandwidth goto waste each month, nice to see it go somewhere.. But If people would be intrested, ill create a program that does it? Would you lot be intrested? Chris.
  16. Yeh i agre... The stars are a little tatty, they need a blur on them - the moon needs making more real somehow too.... I've had exams for a coupple of weeks now so i havent had time =(.. Anyways, I've g2go 2 an English Exam! :'( Later, Chris.
  17. c'mon guys - 94 downloads of my 20meg update file (Using nearly 2gb of bandwidth) and nobodys said "Good job cubie" or "Well done" or antyhing!? ****! Should i continue adding the updates to it? Chris.

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