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  1. Loopback works (VNC) but the problem only happens when the machine is locked via the screensaver which I cannot disabled. If I leave it idle (i.e. unlocked) VNC works just fine. I cannot get in via remote desktop though which is really what I wanna do.
  2. That was my thought as well but I disabled the PS options. Additionally, I can be typing from the local keyboard, walk to the other machine and try to remote it... nothing. Seems like once I log in from the local keyboard, it just won't work.
  3. Problem with VNC (which I'm using) is that when the machine gets locked automatically after 15 minutes, VNC cannot connect: all I get a black screen! Similar symptom to the remote desktop problem I'm having. Does that help anyone pin my problem down?
  4. Topic says it all. If the machine is freshly booted and I haven't logged in from the local keyboard, I can remote in via remote desktop just fine. The problem starts when I log into the machine from the local keyboard. After I do that, I can't get in from a remote desktop connection at all. When I try, the screen prompts me for my password and when I hit OK, it just sits there for about 45-60 seconds before closing with no error message. My IT group has no ideas so I am turning to you guys! Details: My account is a local admin. rights on both machines. Both machines are on the same domain. Both machines are running XP Pro SP2. Any help is greatly appreciated. I found a somewhat related post here after about 30 minutes of googling this but I'm reluctant to pay to join this website. Thanks again!
  5. @super-m: thanks but robocopy does it all and it pretty simple to use. @cluberti: robocopy is great... totally does what I want. Thanks! robocopy is actually part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools which is a free d/l.
  6. OK.. I get it... yeah I need seconds. Too bad windows doesn't work like LINUX does... if I do the following in LINUX: $ time cp file /copy/to It copies the file and reports the time it took to copy the file in three formats where "real" is the actual time it took to copy the file: real 0m0.695s user 0m0.004s sys 0m0.260s
  7. time /T copy VTS_01_0.IFO y:\ > output.txt ?? time /T doesn't seems to work
  8. I'd like to test out my new network gear without using a stopwatch. Is there an easy way to literally time how long it takes to copy files from one location to another and when finished, report the total time via a batch file? Thanks!
  9. Anyone have this in their unattended install? If so what code should one use in the batch_file.cmd to install it correctly? I have googled around and found that the /S switch is rumored to do it, but in the same threads, people have reported that it doesn't work as well. It worked for me from the commandline, but that said, I have seen cases where the app installs fine from the command line but gives errors during the real unattended install. Anyone confirm/deny? Thanks!
  10. Is there a way I can start the windows xp copy or move command rather than using the DOS command? (I.e. launch whatever exe windows uses when a user does a drag-and-drop that will invoke the standard "Copying ..." dialogbox?
  11. Sure does, thanks man! edit - now is there a way I can start the windows xp copy or move command rather than using the DOS command? (I.e. launch whatever exe windows uses when a user does a drag-and-drop that will invoke the standard "Copying ..." dialogbox?
  12. Goal of batch file: 1) make a dir the users specifies and 2) copy files to that newly created dir. Problem is what I came up with doesn't work if the user specifies a name with spaces (non DOS 6.2 rules). cls @echo off echo set /p target=Please enter the directory name: mkdir %target% If the user enters a single word, it works just fine. If the user enters several words separated by a space, it doesn't work. Can someone help? The final line of the batch file will be something like: move f:\*.* %target% .
  13. What happens when one tries to install a hotfix that was previously installed on the machine? I'm assuming nothing. Thanks all! More than you need to know to answer the question: I'd like to apply the current hotfixes to a machine via a batch file. I grabbed a bunch from the hotfixes thread and placed them in my /i386/update so the next unattended CD I make will have them and is current. I want to be sure the machine I apply these to gets all the hotfixes in my /i386/update (including the current ones); I'd like to have each run even though some of them were likely installed on the machine when the unattended CD called them via my svcpack.inf at install.
  14. I have no experience using ICS so treat this as a general suggestion: a simple hardware solution would be a wireless router. Once configured any PC you bring within range could get its network config via DHCP automatically.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. Neither method worked. The oemsetup.exe route didn't do anything (just typed the command after creating the ini file and nothing happened.) The start "" /wait IP55.msi mm=16 /qb-! /norestart didn't work either. It launched the setup dialog but it quickly disappears. If you simply run "IP55.msi" you get an error instructing you to run the setup.exe in the root directory. Other ideas?
  16. I'd like to install intellipoint 5.5 without using the provided setup.exe -- shouldn't this be as trivial as copying the correct files to the correst directory? Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  17. Sorry guys, I should have explained: my laptop is at home with me on my LAN. I am accessing the VPN through it and I want to access the laptop remotely via remote desktop because I can't stand typing on the little keyboard or looking at the 1024x768 built-in screen. I just mentioned the VPN because I need to able able to access it as well as remote the system. I can't ping the laptop even when it's plugged into my router (although the laptop gets an IP from the router). Does that make sense?
  18. Finally got IT to assign me local admin rights on my laptop. The whole reason I made the request was so I could use the remote desktop feature on my laptop from my other machine at home. Long story short, I can't connect the to laptop at all, not even a ping! Lan setup: cable modem --> router --> machines. The laptop gets an IP from the router (DHCP) and I can access the router from the laptop. I cannot however ping my router from my laptop nor can I ping my laptop from any other machine behind the router. Does this have something to do with the fact that the laptop is configured to be on a domain? If so, is there anyway I can do this without a major config. change? I should say that I use my corporate VPN from home so I don't want to lose that ability. Thanks all! Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  19. Can anyone else try this and report back here? I can't be the only one
  20. I've been poking around HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp but haven't see anything really telling... can someone who can actually get this method of RA to work please post their entries under that reg area so I can compare their to mine?
  21. Yeah I did the RNSLookup as well. I guess I'm interested in knowing if others get this bullsh*t when they try to create invites as well.

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