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  1. Thanks for doing the experiment for me; guess it's a problem w/ my stuff
  2. Ah, can you repeat by putting the host to sleep, then trying to reload the 64-bit guest? The guest doesn't need to be sleeping, just the host
  3. In answer to your questions: VB is the latest stable (2.2.0) I can repeat this error using a host system of XP 64-bit, Arch Linux 64-bit and Ubuntu Intrepid-amd64. I have these three O/S's installed on the same physical machine, and it happens under all of them unfortunately. The host CPU is an Intel Xeon X3360 and the host MB is a DFI LT P35-T2R running the latest BIOS revision.
  4. I'm wondering if the following could be a bug in the BIOS: When I suspend my box and then awaken it again, VBox doesn't run my 64-bit guest VM and gives this error: VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration has been enabled, but is not operational. Your 64-bit guest will fail to detect a 64-bit CPU and will not be able to boot. Please ensure that you have enabled VT-x/AMD-V properly in the BIOS of your host computer. I rebooted and entered my BIOS. All my virtualization options are set to enable. If I totally power down my system, then boot, the problem is gone and the 64-bit VM works just fine. If I just reboot, the problem is not solved and the 64-bit VM does not work giving that error. This problem starts when the machine gets suspended and then awakened. Upon waking up, the symptoms I described above occur and they survive a reboot! Again, the only cure seems to be a power down then startup again (cold boot). Can anyone else out there who has a 64-bit VM give this a try and report back? 1) Verify that the 64-bit VM works 2) Suspend your host machine then wake it back up 3) Try to run your 64-bit VM again and see if you get the same result I do
  5. Thanks for the link but it's not ext4 that is to blame according to his writings. Users can fix this by adding a flag to their /etc/fstab entry for the affected partitions. (Can't find the link but if you're really interested, google it). UPDATE: it's the mballoc flag. See this link for more.
  6. Interesting idea... I was hoping for a windows-native method though...?
  7. Is there any way XP can read/write to a LINUX ext4 partition?
  8. I know it's old news, but this was something I needed today and it took a while to unearth it. I thought I'd share it with the board as a result. Hey, if just one person reads this thread and learns about it, I'm happy.
  9. You can access the old windows 2000 style user manager in XP if you need it via start>run then type: control userpasswords2 (then hit ok). I was looking for this this morning and wanted to share it with the group.
  10. Errr.. why? Isn't openoffice available for Mac?
  11. Thanks for that. Guess copying the root of a filesystem is bad news. I just adjusted my batch file to have a single entry for each folder as a result. This way I don't have to mess with setting attribs after the copy. example: rem d robocopy "d:\dir1" "H:\drive_d\dir1" /s /mir /dcopy:t /z /r:1 /w:1 robocopy "d:\dir2" "H:\drive_d\dir2" /s /mir /dcopy:t /z /r:1 /w:1 robocopy "d:\dir3" "H:\drive_d\dir3" /s /mir /dcopy:t /z /r:1 /w:1 The first dir is the source The 2nd dir is where the source is getting backed-up /s is for subdirectories (recursive) /mir is for mirroring which will delete files on the backup end if the source changed since you backed them up - WARNING, read the manual before you use this or else you could LOSE data! /dcopy:t switch keeps the directory's original date/time stamp. Read this wikipedia article for more. /z is for resuming (again see the wikipedia article for notes on it) /r:1 /w:1 sets the retry to 1 sec and 1 time (for example if it can't copy an in use file, it'll only cost you 1 sec and 1 try)
  12. Where can I set this option?
  13. I was mistaken, it's a Kensington mouse, model 72112.
  14. Thanks for the reply... I was hoping to avoid using 3rd party drivers. Seems like there should be a reg key to tweak that will allow for the same effect, no?
  15. I have a logitech 5-button mouse and am using the built-in MS driver. I have the sensitivity all the way up, but the mouse still moves too slowly. Is there a reg. key I can tweak to speed it up? If not, is there another method to use? Thanks!
  16. I'm using robocopy to backup some partitions using the following commandline switches. When the backup finishes, the destination directory gets flagged as a system file such that I have to switch my folder options to "show protected system files" in order to see it. Can someone explain why this is happening and how I can re-flag the dir as a standard dir, not a protected system file? robocopy d:\ H:\drive_D\ /s /mir /xd "d:\games" /dcopy:t /z /r:1 /w:1
  17. I've been googling on this topic and it seems a solution is in this thread #2.
  18. I have a healthy XP 64-bit installation and would like to put a LINUX distro (lenny) on the tail end of my 2nd HDD (see below). Anyway, my question is, in the event of me wanting to get rid of LINUX all together, what is the best method for re-writing the MBR on my XP disk? Can I simply boot to the CD, and enter the fixmbr command? System details: Disk 1 contains two partitions, both NTFS. The first is a live XP-64 system (c:\), and the 2nd is a data partition (d:\). Disk 2 contains one partition (e:\) and the LINUX partitions. Grub will be the boot loader if that matters. Thanks!
  19. ...no one out there uses robocopy?
  20. I believe the version of robocopy included in the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools is XP010. I have since discovered a later version in the technet robocopy gui that is version xp026 - it is installed to your windows/system32 dir when you install the gui version, but to me the gui is really worthless beyond the updated executable Anyway, I've read about version xp027 which comes with vista, but that susposedly doesn't work under xp. So, is XP026 the current version for use under XP? Thanks all!
  21. I read the robocopy manual and wrote a batch file to mirror selected dirs on my HD to a backup HD. Here is the commandline I've been using: robocopy "d:\dir1" "E:\Backup\dir1" /s /mir /dcopy:t /z /sec /r:2 /w:2 /np /ndl /tee /log:"d:\Backup\dir1.log" Are there any hardcore users of robocopy that can provide comment? Is there a more efficient way to do this or is what I have good? Thanks!
  22. I know I read about something like this but can't find the URL. I'm looking for a util that will print a list of the installed hotfixes. Linky anyone?
  23. Is there any method to allow remote desktoping without dumping the user account back to the welcome screen? In other words, I want to come in via rdp, but I don't want the local user to see the welcome screen.

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