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  1. No port of iptables for win32 that I can find... plus I want something to offer application-based rules and an easy GUI Thus far, outpost is the only product that offers this but it's not free. Comodo doesn't and is clunky in my experience, and online armor doesn't really do what I want either.
  2. Here is a good review site for those interested: http://www.matousec.com/projects/firewall-...nge/results.php
  3. Thanks for the link, but that's for Vista... I'm actually looking for XP SP2 x64
  4. Great info. I know this isn't the XP forum, but have you or anyone else out there happened across a similar hack for XP Pro x64 (SP2)?
  5. Sorry to resurrect a year-old post, but I'm also interested in enabling this for XP Pro x64 (SP2). The work-arounds out there are for the 32-bit version of XP. I have yet to see one for the 64-bit flavor. Anyone?
  6. +1 for jkdefrag64 It is the best piece of software out there for this job.
  7. Thanks man, I actually found that but was unable to figure out what I wanted to do...
  8. In short, I want to restrict incoming connections to select applications via the Windows XP firewall to a particular IP range. For example, 192.168.*.* should be allowed and deny all others. My understanding is that these wildcards are not supported, and then one has to use "subnetting" which is an older established method that can be quite difficult to get right for the novice. Does anyone have a link to a good, non-mathematic guide or better yet, a webapp to accomplish this? Thanks!
  9. As crazy as it sounds, that's what happened. I have single disk with 2 partitions: First partition (20 gigs) was c:\ (FAT32) and this is where XP is installed 2nd partition (rest of the drive) was d:\ (NTFS) I can see in the recovery console that they are switched now since it shows me that the only XP install is on d:\windows! How can I switch them back?
  10. Thanks man, edexter is very light and fast and solves this problem. For others out there experiencing this problem, you can follow my instructions at this url for converting the HOSTS file to an adblockplus filter which also works. The down side to this method is that the resulting file is HUGE and can actually slow up the preferences of adblockplus. Using edexter is faster and easier (no need to create the filters) and it also provides support for non-adblockplus users and browsers.
  11. Hi All, I downloaded the hosts file from this URL to help block some ads and popsup, etc. Anyway, I noticed that some websites take a long time to load (mostly time spent waiting for some of the redirected hosts). I followed the advice on the page to disabled my DNS client, but it didn't affect the speed. If I revert to my original hosts file, the websites that have been slow come up lightning fast. As an example, http://www.harleydavidson.com/ With the hosts file, firefox displays: "Waiting for track.roiservice.com" for a good 20 seconds before it finally seems to time-out and allows the rest of the page to load. Another example, http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/search.php Here, firefox displays: "Waiting for edge.quantserve.com" for a good 22 seconds before it finally seems to time-out and allows the rest of the page to load. This is obviously redirected these domains to my localhost which doesn't resolve them. What setting affects this delay timeout? I'm using Windows XP Pro 64-bit. I should add that if I browse to the same website under XP Pro 32-bit, there is no problem - it loads up just as fast with the custom hosts file as without it so I'm thinking it's something unique to the x64 Windows. Thanks for the ideas, all.
  12. The OEM version of Vista Ultimate is $180 from newegg and I'm wondering beyond the fancy new UI and DX10 support, are there any other major advantages of Vista over XP (no this isn't a troll question). From what I've seen, benchmarks under Vista are actually a bit slower than under XP. As usual, thanks for the input all.
  13. Can someone recommend a good open-source firewall for XP?
  14. Thanks man, worked like a charm. Dunno why the latest official driver doesn't work but what ever.
  15. I just downloaded and installed the latest realtek audio drivers for xp x64 (version 1.88). After the requested reboot, I still have the yellow question mark in my deveice manager and no audio. I'm running XP Pro x64 with SP2 and all the updates. Any thoughts? My MB is an Asus P5B-Deluxe and the realtek driver works great under the 32-bit version of XP Pro. Thanks for the help!
  16. I googled around for tweakui x64 but found nothing officially released from microsoft. There are some versions of it out there but again, I'm not too hip on using third party stuff. Does anyone know if there is an official MS version for XP 64?
  17. graysky

    WOL logger?

    Is there any software that will log when a machine enter a sleep state or resumes from a sleep state? I recently enabled WOL and I think the machine wakes up all by itself. Thanks all.
  18. Thanks guys, I also found filewatch but it isn't freeware.
  19. Can someone recommend a piece of software that can monitor writes to the registry? Ideally, I'd like to be able to see what has changed before/after installing an application. Thanks!
  20. http://support.microsoft.com/?id=896256
  21. I'd like to merge my startmenu from its current two sections (current user on top, then all users below) into a single list of shortcuts. I know this is possible, but I can't remember how to do it! Thanks.
  22. You can set the spindown of the drives in the Power Scheme in Windows. THe state your computer goes into when it goes into standby is determined by the BIOS Setting. We use Intel and MSI boards and their default is S1 but we change them to S3. So see what your BIOS says and if it doesn't say, then only the manufacturer would know. Thanks for the reply. I have the drive spin down set to never in the power schemes, and I have S3 enabled in the BIOS. I guess I'd like standby to just idle the CPU and not spin down the drives, but I think this is independent of S0 vs. S3 (the only two options in my BIOS).
  23. When you force your XP machine to enter standby mode, is this causing the processor to enter S3 state? I also noticed that standby shuts down the hardrives as well as system fans. Is there an option to keep the drives/fans spinning?
  24. Problem is now solved.... the culprit: kerio personal firewall! Apparently it has to be removed from the system, not just disabled in services tab to reveal itself as the reason power savings doesn't work. Now I can send the machine into standby mode. Thanks to all who helped.

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