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  1. i don't think it is, since RP7 installs WLL.COM also. and you cannot install individual parts of RP7 on their own. i am not sure about this though
  2. no, i dont think there is a way.. ive been trying to get this to work myself with no success
  3. Screenshots are on the way, along with release v1.2, which supports SP1/2/3. and i assure you, there are NO TROJANS in my pack.
  4. hi, i have two computers: one which i am using to write this msg, and one for the "home computer". the computer that i am using has Windows Vista Ultimate x86. the Ethernet worked with no problem on this computer. But, when i insert the Ethernet cable into the other Windows XP Pro computer, it stops at "Renewing your IP Address...", and the internet will not work. anything i'm doing wrong?
  5. Overview: Shift the style of your Windows Media Center, from Windows XP to Windows Vista, with StyleShifter™. Once MCEPack, now becomes StyleShifter, and the name is not the only change. With this change, we change the goal of the project, we change the way you look at your Windows Media Center. Try StyleShifter and enjoy the harmony of a whole new environment. Inspired by style and beauty of Windows Vista. Screenshots: Log of Changes: StyleShifter 2 - No more respatcher! Praise Damian666! - Initial 2.x series release. - Name changed to Windows Media Center: StyleShifter™ Previous Version: MCEPack v1.2 - MCEPack now has a GUI, instead of a Command-Based installer. - Still uses respatchers. MCEPack v1.1 - Compiled Install.Bat and Uninstall.Bat into one file. - Added error detection to uninstaller. - Added selection to install only new sounds or only main resources. - Compiled all needed files into one executable. - MCEPack now automatically ends the process ehTray.exe and ehShell.dll. MCEPack v1.0 - Initial Release. Requirements: - Windows Media Center Edition 2005 with any Service Pack. You can also use it, if you have manually ported WMC to your Windows installation. Download: New version is out! StyleShifter 2 Download Homepage If you wish to provide any kind of support or mirror the download, please notify DBlake1 or the board Administrators. This software is provided as-is, and DBlake1 and Windows Projects Community are not responsible for any damage your system may occur by using this software. This thread is maintained by the author of the project - DBlake1 and his team.
  6. nice man its a good and mostly complete pack! keep up the good work
  7. i can port this to XP MSSTYLES.. i have plenty of time and StyleBuilder
  8. what about Sun xVM VirtualBox? its pretty good, and it offers an open-source version
  9. i found this interesting snippet of Win2k Source... display_copyright_message(); display_bill_rules_message(); do_nothing_loop(); if (first_time_installation) { make_100_megabyte_swapfile(); do_nothing_loop(); totally_screw_up_HPFS_file_system(); search_and_destroy_the_rest_of-OS2(); make_futile_attempt_to_damage_Linux(); disable_Netscape(); disable_RealPlayer(); disable_Lotus_Products(); hang_system(); } //if write_something(anything); display_copyright_message(); do_nothing_loop(); do_some_stuff(); it really is interesting...especially the lines: search_and_destroy_the_rest_of-OS2(); make_futile_attempt_to_damage_Linux(); SOURCE: http://d.scribd.com/docs/1183wzlgo6lmckaspf2s.pdf
  10. Welcome to MSFN, Roostron! i must say, i agree with your opinion of Windows 98SE. I currently have XP Pro and 98SE in a dual-boot system. I use Win98SE the most and XP is the newest OS i will use. And 98SE is more customizable (not so many DLLs to mod to get a cool effect), andit doesn't have this WGA crap. I have a GENUINE copy of XP Pro, and WGA said it was PIRATED! It proceeded to remind me on EVERY SINGLE BOOT! then i found this: --Link Removed-- but 98SE is so easy to use, and so easy to customize!
  11. Revolutions Pack 7 is the best man!

  12. you can edit, in Resource Hacker, the file MPRSERV.DLL. it is in %WINDIR%\system. it is the second folder under "Dialog". But, thats just to get the classic look. Are you talking about the Classic login screen (like from 2k) or the Welcome screen (from XP)?
  13. thanks. ill have to save up the money, but i will defenately try it out.
  14. Could i have the model # off the card?
  15. i boot 3: 1. Windows XP Professional 2. Windows 98 Second Edition 3. Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon"
  16. i have the dual-boot set up successfully, now i need suggestions as to what software i should install. i already have: Win98SE UnOfficial SP 2.1a Tihiy's Revolutions Pack 7 avast! Antivirus Professional 4.8 MDGx's 98MP10 Package
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