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  1. I recently got a computer from my local Salvation Army and it had Win2k on it. I can't get in because they didnt give a password with it. is there any way i can decode the Admin password?
  2. When was the last time you looked? Right after i posted this reply?
  3. Actually, that was just a screenshot, as I never really finished it, and thus didn't feel a need to release it. However, I've been using it like this for ages and it doesn't really look unfinished, so here it is: http://rapidshare.com/files/64736368/Vista_Standard.zip.html It's an RP7 skin though, I haven't upgraded to RP8 preview yet. Thanks!!! It looks great! just needs translucent title bars, and it'd look fantastic! Otherwise, Great job! Ah, who needs RP8 @ the moment anyways?
  4. Does anyone have any new themes? I keep looking @ the Themes topic, and there is NOTHING NEW THERE EVERY TIME I LOOK THERE!!! :realmad: I don't like the Ubuntu theme, and they took the Hobbes theme off before i could download it...so, anyone got anything new?
  5. ///---\\\///---\\\///---\\\Revolutions Pack 7 !!!!!RULES!!!!!///---\\\///---\\\///---\\\
  6. Is there anyone out there that has a Mac OSX theme? I was also looking for a vista theme that ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE VISTA? The default Vista theme does NOT look like vista !!! i used to have Vista till i dumped it for Windows 98SE because Vista is so god awful SLOW!!!!!!!!!!
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