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  1. Get screenshots from the authors...i just compiled them into a single package...
  2. My computer is fully operational now...screenshot is above
  3. I have made a themepack for LAMEskin. These are the themes off of the "LAMEskin themes" forum. Download link is below. Credit goes out to all who made the themes, they are perfect! Download Links: Download themepack thru RapidShare Download themepack thru alternate site PLEASE STOP ASKING ME FOR A SCREENSHOT! I just compiled all of the themes on the old LameSkin Themes forum into a single package. Link to old LameSkin themes Forum: Old LameSkin themes Forum
  4. Too bad your LCD monitor will look like s*** on resolutions other than its native one. CRTs aren't obsolete at all. I agree with you. I have been using CRT monitors my whole life...my school has LCD ones, though...kids always push on the screen and end up breaking them...CRT's have glass screens, so there is no possible way to break them (except if you put your foot through it)...they are so much cheaper too and you can get them almost anyplace(Staples, Walmart, etc...)
  5. ===START TRANS=== I wanted to get Windows 95/98(SE)/2k/XP users opinions on Windows Vista <place your version here>... I myself hate it because of the memory usage...and simply because I use a PC that was manufactured in 1998... Please post your thoughts of WinVista as well as comments about the poll...Thank you DBlake1 -----------------------------------Live on, Windows 98SE...--------------------------------------- ===END TRANS===
  6. This theme is Release #4 of my 1st lameskin theme ever. this theme is in a "Beta" stage, if you will, so i'm still making modifications to it as people give me suggestions. As I said, this is my 1st theme EVER, so I'm still learning... ============BUILD HISTORY:============ 12/1/2007: Longhorn XXXX RL1: first release 12/5/2007: Longhorn XXXX RL2: +Changed caption buttons from "longhorn 4008" buttons (that didn't go w/ the theme that well) to "XPEnergy" buttons (that go well with it, IMHO) +Modified buttons +Rounded corners of titlebar +Fixed random color where titlebar and window meet 2/4/2008: Longhorn YVH RL3: +new scrollbar bitmaps and drop-down button +minor fixes, aren't even noticeable 3/10/2008: Longhorn YVH RL4: +new buttons +new window borders +fixed pink in top rounded corners ============STILL BUILDING!============ Source Information: The caption buttons are borrowed from the "XPEnergy" theme. This theme is based around the "Vista" theme that is pre-installed with RP7. i would like a few people to give me feedback on this theme so that I can know what to change and make them into the next release. thank you all... Many thanks to Tihiy for making Revolutions Pack!!!! Without it, we'd still have a dull boring Windows 98SE!!! Sorry for the delayed release, but I got a new computer and had to install Windows 98SE on a VM (and I just haven't had time). New Release: Longhorn_release_4.exe Alternate Links to old release (Release 3): Longhorn YVH thru rapidshare Other Link ScreenShot: Can ppl please try out my theme? thx...
  7. Does this explain it??? EXPLANATION.bmp
  8. Are the Quick Launch buttons supposed to be skinned? I am using Revolutions Pack v7.10.
  9. Its really cool...you get an IP address from someone, and you can message that person in realtime...NO JOKE!!! Here is the updated code: @echo off :A cls COLOR f1 TITLE DBlake1's Self-Built Command-Prompt Messenger Version ECHO DBlake1's Self-Built Command-Prompt Messenger Version ECHO !!!Many thanks to Jesse Miner for providing the initial code!!! ECHO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ECHO !!!THE PERSON YOU ARE SENDING THE MESSAGE TO MUST NOT BE BEHIND A FIREWALL!!! ECHO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ECHO --NOTE: IF YOU WANT THE PERSON TO RESPOND, THEY MUST ALSO HAVE THIS MESSENGER-- ECHO ****************************************************************************** ECHO ****************************************************************************** ECHO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ECHO Instructions: In the form below, First, Enter the person recieving ECHO the message's IP address(usually in the "XXX.XXX.XX.XX" format) then press ECHO Enter. Second, Type your message and press Enter. Your message has been sent!! ECHO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ set /p n=Please enter the recievers IP address, then press enter: set /p m=Please enter the message to send, then press enter: net send %n% %m% set /p n=Press Enter to send another message... goto A :thumbup Credit goes to Jesse Miner for the initial coding :thumbup Below is a download of the .ZIP archive: DOS_Messenger_UPDATED_0.0.0.3.zip
  10. Is there any possibility in the next release for there to be lameskin like in 98SE RP7?
  11. I have a question. my system tray icons are still not 256-bit colored . How do I get them? BTW, the toolbar icons installed OK.
  12. Thanks to all, i blanked the password using Ntpasswd.
  13. Is there any way to put something like the CTRL-ALT-DELETE Logon Dialog on Win98SE? I have Revolutions Pack 7( ) on Win98SE and I want to make it more WinXP-ish.
  14. You could get FreshUI from http://www.freshdevices.com
  15. is there any way to get U3 to run on Win98SE? i have a Memorex MiniTravelDrive 512MB.
  16. ive tried that, but when i do that and do from DOS Prompt and do (BTW, pic was a modified screenshot) : C:\>copy C:\EXPLORER.EXE C:\WINDOWS OVERWRITE explorer.exe? (y/n) Y 1 FILE(S) COPIED C:\> windows won't boot... i figured maybe if it was installed w/ main install, it would work, but it didn't. maybe in RP8 final release?
  17. Is there a way that you could make the start menu look like this: tihiyquestion.bmp
  18. Did you know that in Windows 98SE if you go to C:\%WINDIR%\EXPLORER.EXE and right click>Properties, it says "Windows NT Operating System". Isn't Windows 98SE a crossbreed between Windows NT 3.xx and Windows 2000?
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