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  1. strel: Have you looked at the new F# runtime from MS? See here - Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 F# Runtime 2.0. Since it only applies when .NET is installed, and it must be installed after .NET is installed, it seems as if it might be appropriate to add it to this package, at least as an option. Your thoughts? Cheers and Regards
  2. This site does NOT support the use of any software obtained under any circumstances that violate the EULA of the original supplier. Cheers and Regards
  3. bphlpt

    Windows Updates

    I'm not sure about "always", but I haven't seen any reported problems here on the forum regarding using HF\WMP11. As to wmfdist95.exe, the latest discussion about it on the forum I've seen was here. That might give you some info. Cheers and Regards
  4. I guess that GrofLuigi and 5eraph were thinking as I was about fire traveling similar to ripples from rocks thrown in a pond - outward from the center in a circle. If that were true a firebreak wouldn't work, since as GrofLuigi stated: "I can't imagine a situation where it won't spread towards me. If I start a fire in the middle, the two fires will cancel each other out on the other side, but 'my' fire will go towards me." But that doesn't take into account wind, which will always drive a fire away from it faster than in can come toward it, so on the (assuming) flat concrete island it will go in mostly one direction, or at least in a spreading cone shape. And if there were absolutely no wind, it would indeed expand in a circle, but it would create wind blowing toward it from the updraft caused by the heat from the fire. You could then use that wind and create small fires at the edge of the expanding circle, where the greater heat from the larger fire would pull the other fires toward it creating a safe zone for you. Do I have the theory correct? Cheers and Regards
  5. Break off a branch to use as protection from the sharks, jump in the water to get totally wet as protection from the fire, get out of the water, run through the fire to arrive safely on the side that's already been burned. Cheers and Regards
  6. Yuran172, I know you don't trust nLite, but you might want to check out HOW TO create a fully up to date XP x64 DVD if you haven't already. Even if you choose to try to use HFSLIP instead of nLite, and there are valid reasons to do so, you might be able to use the info provided to at least discover WHAT you need, list of updates etc, even if you have to figure out WHERE to put them. The above mentioned thread seems to be very active and up to date, and the participants seem to be very knowledgeable and helpful, many of which I've worked with in other places on this and other forums. Good luck! Cheers and Regards
  7. I recently had similar problems with random BSOD and flaky web browser behavior that ended up being fixed by changing BIOS RAM speed timing settings. Whether your get errors with memtest or not, double check to make sure your BIOS settings are correct for the RAM you are using. Cheers and Regards
  8. Excuse me Lilla, but did you mean to say that you plan to EXCLUDE those three printer updates, ie NOT use them, or that you plan to NOT exclude them, ie USE them? From the context of your message you caught me off guard - I expected you to say the opposite of what you did. Cheers and Regards
  9. Lets us know if you find one so we can make sure that the list is more complete to make it more convenient for others who might need it. Cheers and Regards
  10. And likewise to the two of you! Cheers and Regards
  11. Hu$tle - If you hope to ever get any response, much less help from fdv, you're going to have to learn to be a lot more polite and patient. It is perfectly OK to remind someone that you had understood that they had said that they intended to look into something, so you were assuming that either you had misunderstood or that real life had gotten in the way, and you were hoping they were OK, because you really appreciate all that they have done for everyone in this forum, for free, out of the goodness of their heart, and you acknowledge their brilliance, and you know that you are not worthy to even be bothering them about this trivial thing, and Gee, you were wondering if you might be able to do something for them to make their life easier, but you do NOT, under ANY circumstances be as rude as you just were. Now apologize! And mean it! Cheers and Regards
  12. jaclaz, sorry to be dense, but would you mind pointing to a more specific thread? If I understood the OP, he wants to put all the install files for XP, Vista and 7 on ONE USB-stick simultaneously, and then have some kind of boot menu to choose which one he wanted to do. This thread's title - Install Windows from ISO after booting to WinPE 3.0 from USB HDD Installation of Wndows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003/2008 from same drive seemed real promising, but unless I missed something, all the discussion is about adding the XP ISO. I very well realize that this is not a task for beginners and much reading should be done before attempting, such as: but is there a thread somewhere where someone has already done exactly what the OP asked about and has graciously put together a step by step how-to for others to follow, hopefully utilizing Driver Packs to make it more "universal"? Thanks for your willingness to advise us newbies. Cheers and Regards
  13. Check out this link - http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8232 for a fairly comprehensive list of various .NET options, from strel's excellent build your own tool, to several pre-built options, many of them can also be found on this forum. Most of the pre-built need to be installed at run-once. I also admit that most, if not all, of those options are intended for use with 32bit versions of Windows. I have not used any of the 64bit versions myself, so someone else will have to comment whether they can be used with 64bit versions or not. Good luck and keep us informed with your progress. Cheers and Regards
  14. cluberti and gunsmokingman, just curious if these two methods will work for other versions of Windows besides Win7? I think they should? Cheers and Regards
  15. bphlpt

    Fileset 9, all done

    @PROBLEMCHYLD Were you talking about SCRIPTEN.EXE or wordpad.exe being in the dllcache folder? Cheers and Regards
  16. Just an off-the-wall thought, it might help if you utilize an externally powered USB hub rather than just plugging the drive into the computer directly, if that's what you are doing, to make sure the drive gets enough power. Beeping doesn't sound good, and this might not help at all, and I admit I'm not familiar with this particular drive so it might already have sufficient power, but at least it would eliminate one possible source of the problem. It's fixed issues with external USB drives for me in the past. Good luck. Cheers and Regards
  17. So to be clear, the ONLY difference between your post #22 and post #24 is: 1) in #22 you let HFSLIP slipstream wmfdist95.exe and wmp9 didn't work, 2) in #24 trial 1 you didn't install wmfdist95.exe and wmp9 worked (after running the ActiveX), and 3) in #24 trial 2 you added wmfdist95,exe post install and wmp9 worked (after running the ActiveX). ABSOLUTELY NO other differences? Everything else works perfectly? I'm not sure what the implications are of having wmfdist95.exe or not, but maybe this will trigger recognition by someone more knowledgeable than me. I've read that it might enable recording in Windows Media Audio format. There was also an exchange between Tomcat76 and tommyp here - http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/63802-winxp-wmcsetupexe-and-wmfdist95exe/ about different versions of wmfdist95.exe being installed for a particular installation Tomcat76 was working on (back in 2005), so maybe the functionality of wmfdist95.exe gets added through another Add-On or Hotfix whether you specifically include wmfdist95.exe or not? Keep us updated with your progress. Cheers and Regards
  18. I use a surfboard now, and have for the last 10 years or more, and I think your most flexible solution would be to get an inexpensive router as Video Ripper suggests. I've used the Cisco/Linksys models, various ones, but Netgear or most others should work just fine. New they can be gotten for as little as ~$40 or so. Most have an ability to "clone" your PC's MAC address so that as far as the surfboard and your internet provider is concerned, you still have just the desktop PC it already knows about plugged in, regardless of which computer you're using. And of course it would allow you to have both computers plugged in and use them simultaneously. Cheers and Regards
  19. The problem, as I understand it, is trying to come up with a solution that is able to be put onto as many different types of computers as possible. Without this type of tool, ie sysprep in general, you can't just copy an image from a computer with one type of motherboard, BIOS, processor, etc. (ie HAL) to another and always have it work. And, NO, I'm NOT promoting this to be used to make multiple installations off the same license illegally. I mean that the purpose of this, as I see it, is primarily for use in an enterprise environment with multiple computers from different manufacturers. Or you could make a backup of your installation and if your computer dies, not be constrained to only being able to put the image onto another very similar computer. I mean the old one broke, so you don't want to have to get another old one do you? You want a new one. I see both of these examples as legal and valid uses of this type of tool. Cheers and Regards
  20. Maybe I'm not understanding. Have you narrowed it down to this? Is this true no matter what else is installed, or is the problem that somewhere between "e" and "everything" it breaks? Since "e - Run hfslip with main updates only: SP3, IE8, WMP11, RDC7" works as it's supposed to, I guess the next, extremely laborious step would be to start adding everything else back in until it breaks. Mathematically inclined, I would try something along the lines of: Put half of everything else back, if that doesn't work as expected, take that half back out and put the other half in. Now you know the problem's in one of those halves. Put the good half back in, and split the other half in half. Continue the process until you can narrow the issue down to what's causing the problem. Very time consuming I know, and if the problem is caused by the interaction between several items you might not ever narrow it down. Good luck! Cheers and Regards
  21. No one will help you as long as you shout and plead. Also more details are needed besides it's not working - What did you do, what errors did you get, so what else did you try? The more you try to help yourself and then provide details of what went wrong, the better and quicker we can help you. Cheers and Regards
  22. Have you tried again without having any version of the XPtsp addon by dougiefresh, since he acknowledged that it seems to change the version of explorer so that it is identified as Vista? Cheers and Regards
  23. Just an idea. Can you try changing the install order so that .NET is installed before the MCE/7MCE addons? I think this is possible by renaming, since the install order is generally done alphabetically. Also, just curious. What specifically are the MCE/7MCE addons that you are using? Ricktendo64's, or what? Cheers and Regards Edit: Removed previous edit.
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