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  1. Of course you can create transparency in W9x. Just grab the background, mix it with the intended foreground, and write it back. The problem is that it's not done by the OS. So there is no easy and/or elegant way to let the background be updated. As far as the OS knows, it's covered, so it won't update it. When you put your transparent Opera over a clock or so, I suppose it will stop in w9x, while it will keep on running in W2K+.
  2. I think it will take a long time to fase out the 512 byte sectors. There are no compatible biosses, so you won't be able to boot from a 4k sector disk. The standard 'IBM-compatible' partition table relies on 512b sectors. Maybe FAT32 is already compatible. I own a 1024 byte sectorsize usb-stick (actually an el-cheapo mp3 player), which is formatted FAT16. W98 has no problems accessing it. But I couldn't create a partitiontable on it, using linux, while other usb sticks are no problem.
  3. Long shot: W2000+ has support for IPv6. Functions as getnameinfo() can work in both ipv4 and ipv6, depending on the parameters. Maybe the w9x winsock2 gives the wrong return and/or WSAGetLastError() values when IPv6 functionality is asked.
  4. Using this code I wrote top, a small commandline program, which spits every 3 seconds the total processtime of all running processes. When you press 'q' it stops. The output is tab-separated, so when you redirect the output to a file, you can use a spreatsheet program to analize the data. The program uses wintop.vxd, so make sure the program can find it.
  5. Trumpet used to have an ipv6 stack for Windows 9x. But they sold the rights to Tattam, and now it's not advertized anymore. It is possible that Winsock 5 on this page does ipv6.
  6. Mijzelf

    Opera 10

    Process Explorer. What else?
  7. Mijzelf

    Opera 10

    Slightly off-topic: On my EEE laptop running Xandros, the Opera drive cache also caused a problem. After some use (several weeks) Opera didn't work well anymore, strange errors, couldn't download anything due to 'disk full' while the was enough free. I solved it by reformatting the rw layer of the unionfs root. Two weeks ago the same problems reoccurred. This time I decided to delete the diskcache (rm -rf ~/.opera/cache), and that took about 10 minutes. (On a SSD!). After that everything went fine again. Perhaps Opera does strange things in the cache, which unionfs doesn't like, and maybe FAT/vfat doesn't like it either.
  8. That problem should be solved by adding a client lanman auth = yes to smb.conf on the NAS, and restarting or resetting smbd. But I don't know if it's possible or feasable on that NAS. After all, this is not a NAS hacking forum.
  9. I'm not sure, but I think you can see it by gettng the current user with GetUserName(), and then check for the existance of \Windows\Profile\Username
  10. When it's installed as a mass storage device it should appear as an extra harddisk in explorer.
  11. I've an old 486SX running W95, which acts as printserver.
  12. Mijzelf

    Opera 10

    You'll have to use the 'Classic Installer'.
  13. <panicmode> On the page itself he says: "NOTE: This page will be discontinued on Dec. 25, 2009 and will be removed in late March 2010."
  14. You could also you an standard USB cord sets, in which you cut one of the two datalines. Then the iPod cannot see the USB host anymore.
  15. AFAIK the 'Close program' windows is no 'real' window, and no normal program. When it's shown the whole gui is locked (have an animation shown, it stops while the 'Close program' window is there). I *think* it runs in kernelmode, and then it will be very difficult to exchange it.
  16. Mijzelf

    Opera 10

    Has anybody already tried Opera 10 on his W9x system? My instance very soon starts eating 100% CPU time, and I would like to know if all 9x systems have this problem. I switched off all features I could find in Opera, but no luck.
  17. That won't work against keyloggers in the host OS, since the keystrokes to the VM go through the host first.The safest way is booting a Live CD each time you want to online banking.
  18. And after almost half a year: VIGA, yet another river.
  19. Unlikely you will ever hear from her. She has been banned a few years ago.
  20. The scriptencoder is not in the path. When you installed it at it's default position you can find it at C:\Program Files\Windows Script Encoder. Copy it to system32 or to the directory where you are working, or provide a full path: "C:\Program Files\Windows Script Encoder\screnc.exe" input output You should put the script *between* the <script> tags: <script LANGUAGE="JScript.Encode" > Encrypted stuff </SCRIPT >

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