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  1. Uhh... your Malay English is really hard to decode Lucky I'm an Indonesian I can kinda guess what you're saying. I'll try to explain. I hope I put this as clear as possible: Windows XP, if not inside a 'domain' (if you don't know what that is, then most possibly you are not), then it will ask for a username and password. Suppose you're on PC "A", and accessing PC "B", then you are required to enter a username and password registered in PC "B". Unless ... You're logged in PC "A", under a certain username and password, that happens to also exist in PC "B". If you're still unclear, PM me in Malay+English, and I'll answer you in Bahasa Indonesia+English I think we ought to be living at some nearby frequencies
  2. I think the limit is three primary partitions and one extended partition. I might be a little rusty on this, as I haven't seen that mentioned in writing in a long time.You can go 4 partitions on the MBR:4 Primaries -or- 3 Primaries + 1 Extended When you choose 4 Primaries... that's it. No more partition for you, because there is no room in the MBR to store more partitions. So go the 3P+1E route instead. Within the Extended partition, you are free to create as many Logical Drives as you want. (MCSE stuff ) Now for the need: - You can't *totally* encrypt any partition; how can Windows load when ntloader is encrypted? - You can choose which partition to boot; mark it as active. Don't forget to unmark others as active. Now for some neato tricks: At boot time, drive letters are assigned according to the order in the MBR. Assignment of other drive letters are changeable via Computer Management in Windows. Thus, there are 2 drive letters you can't change: boot drive and system drive (i.e. the actual Windows version loaded -- this is locked after you choose the OS' partition on boot.ini). Edit: Okay, I guess I can pin down the general way to do your bidding. 1. Boot with WinXP CD 2. Zap all partition 3. Create 3 partitions, the 1st one FAT32, the others NTFS 4. DO NOT INSTALL WinXP 5. Boot with Win98 CD -- install to C: 6. Boot with WinXP CD -- install to 2nd Partition -- here's where boot.ini will be found. 7. Configure the boot.ini file to be able to boot to C: (there's a way, but I forgot exactly) 8. Boot with WinXP CD -- install to 3rd Partition 9. From within WinXP, create Extended Partition, and as many Logical Partitions as you like 10. Boot with WinXP CD -- install to 4th Partition 11. Edit the boot.ini to differ between the Operating Systems Disclaimer: I have not ascertained if the above steps are feasible, or possible, or even doable. You can't hold me responsible
  3. To OP: Install 2 NIC's on one PC (let's call it PC "A") Connect 1 NIC of PC "A" to the LAN, give it the IP address given by your admin. Connect PC "B" to the 2nd NIC of PC "A". Run Internet Connection Sharing on PC "A", configure PC "B" for DHCP.
  4. Any version for StarDock's LogonStudio?
  5. Uh, you got it wrong way around.The SI unit is GB = gigabyte = 1'000'000'000 byte The GiB is IEC's "Binary System" = 0 x 4000 0000 = 1'073'741'824 byte Check the following links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SI http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_prefix Marketing will label hard drives as, e.g. 80 GB = 80'000'000'000 byte which is about 77 GiB. Windows is the one that's wrong, writing 77 GiB as 77 GB.
  6. Nearly all LucasArts games! Starting from MI1: Monkey Island 1 Monkey Island 2 Monkey Island 3 Full Throttle Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis The Dig Sam & Max Hit the Road One exception: Zak McKracken and The Alien Mindbenders Now for some non-LucasArts game... MicroProse games! XCOM: Ufo Defense F-15 Strike Eagle II F-15 Strike Eagle III RailRoad Tycoon Deluxe Red Storm Rising F-19 Stealth Fighter F-117 Stealth Fighter Colonization Other than those... uhhh, I'm hard-pressed to remember... What about those actually-old games that are runnable using ScummVM? A lot of them I discovered in WinXP days after I found ScummVM...
  7. Just FYI, EverNote 1.5 has been released. Visit http://www.evernote.com/ to download the FREE (gratis) version. EverNote is a notetaker that captures note into a "neverending tape". Each note can have multiple categories, saving you from the necessity of having to find the 'exact' category for a note. It has a powerful (and very fast) fulltext keyword search. It also integrates into IE and Firefox and Outlook Express and Thunderbird, allowing one-click notetaking of selected text (or whole page). It will automatically append a link to the source of the note. I have been using it for only 2 weeks, but already my life is changing. Now almost everything revolves around EverNote. I very rarely save a webpage nowadays; I just select what I need, click, give a category, and done! All the .txt files I've been creating for my notes... are gone, absorbed into the EverNote freetext database. Check it out, have a run! I hope it can change your life for the better as it has mine! {p} PS: I am not in any way related to EverNote company; just a satisfied user wishing to spread my love
  8. Hi all, A friend of mine want to use Win Server 2003 as his gateway into the Internet, using Win 2003's NAT. So I installed it for her. Question is, do I need to install a 3rd party firewall on the Win 2003? And what do you recommend. The setting is SOHO, and her server has ample RAM and processors. {p}
  9. Same here *high*five*.Even wrote a small batch file which will unzip all .zip's in a directory, and recompresses the files using RAR and 7-Zip, and choose the smaller between .rar and .7z. But for quick-and-dirty compression, I use WinRAR. The interface is much more refined, the explorer context menu is better than 7-zip, and I can live with its purchase reminders after all, the reminders only pop-up on double-click of a .rar file But however, I like how both combined can handle virtually all compressions out there, be it .zip, .cab, .lzh, .ace, whathaveyou. And the scene where I am active virtually defaults to .zip, .rar, and .7z, so I have no quarry.
  10. Hi all, I vaguely recall there's a way to 'flip' Windows 2000 Server into Windows 2000 Professional, and vice versa. I've been googling high and low and still can't find it. Can someone point the website to me? Or tell me what to do? Thank you. {p}
  11. "LiVnMode: 0xDC" -- that's the 8-bit representative of the first line: 0xDC = 11 011 100 - 11 = Leap Indicator (3) - 011 = Version (3) - 100 = Mode (4) Or, syntactically, LiVnMode: - Li = Leap Indicator - Vn = Version Number - Mode = Mode Edit: I think test 6 & 8 failures may be caused by too much a difference between the NTP client time with the NTP server time. Edit2: @lamphax, I also get the same result: adelie.eqlx.local *** PDC *** []: ICMP: 0ms delay. NTP: +0.0000000s offset from adelie.eqlx.local RefID: 'LOCL' []
  12. Defrag... let's see... the ones I've used are: Microsoft's built-in defragmenter (slow, unthorough), Norton Speed Disk 2005 (even slower, never reaches completion before I get tired of it so I don't know if it's thorough or not), System Mechanic 6 (slow, don't know about its thoroughness), and finally Diskeeper 10 (fast, thorough). Again, that is based on my experience. I cannot honestly say I-FAAST makes my PC run faster or not. I think so, but I'm not so sure. But I like the concept that it kinda 'watches' and 'adapts' to my usage. rms's analogy of a car has a flaw: A car is complex and it adapts the driver's driving style to ensure economy. I-FAAST (and others of its ilk) deduces which files will run faster. Other files should not run slower.
  13. Add my favorite: EverNote. (NOT the Plus edition, but the FREE edition) Free is free. Choose between 'libre' or 'gratis'. For me, I'd prefer 'gratis' over 'libre' anytime. Furthermore, 'libre' does not always mean 'gratis'.As for copyleft ... I refrain myself from using GPL-ed software if I can.
  14. There are lots of iconpacks lying around in the Internet. DeviantArt contains some, e.g. Mattahan's ... um, unique GANT iconsets.
  15. Yeh I use that a lot, saves emptying the recycle bin Just dont delete file su think you MIGHT need Ahh... I have configured delete to not delete to recycle bin... and installed Executive's Undelete just in case I deleted a wrong file
  16. @[b]cang[/b]: Ha, exactly my problem with my current setup. Some questions though: 1. Your solution (EnableDfsLoopbackTargets) -- I assume do them on the workstations. Am I right? 2. The solution in your original post -- is it necessary? Or just do the solution of your 2nd post? Thx.
  17. Yes, this is also interesting for me.
  18. is there any detail what are modifications done by this program?Yes, I wonder about that too.
  19. Well, call me lazy or whatever, I personally use the free SymmTime utility, mostly because it can also show the local, UTC, Tokyo, and NY times simultaneously (needed for stock market, you know).
  20. Will games run on Win2k3? I'm seriously considering of zapping my brother's WinXP Pro SP2 installation win a Win2k3 installation. Or should I flip it using the tool referenced here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=86740

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