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  1. If I click on the above link, I keep getting forwarded to a russian site. Whatgives?
  2. We're phasing out the last vestiges of Lotus from our company. We also want to convert our sizable archive of thousands upon thousands of .wk4 into .xls Can you recommend a tool, free or not (preferably free), that can do this in a batch-mode (i.e. no user interaction unless really necessary)? Thanks. {p}
  3. Hi all, 2 of my production Windows 2003 Servers have been exhibiting strange behavior re: the WINS server. It seems that several minutes after booting + logging in, WINS.exe will eat up all CPU cycle, ratcheting usage to a constant 100%, yielding only occasionally to realtime-priority processes. Finally I have to resort to removing the WINS role. Can anyone tell me what's going on? FYI, the servers are located on different companies, one is SP1+hotfixes, the other is SP2.
  4. Hello, I have 3 Win2003's at the office, 2 are 'turned' into workstations, while 1 performs as intended (i.e. server). 2 Win2003's (the server and workstation #4) downloaded the IE7 upgrade as expected. Strangely the other Win2003 (workstation #4) never do that. I've been waiting, even to the point of always logging in as admin, but it never downloaded IE7. Can you tell me what could possibly happen and how to remedy this? Thanx.
  5. Yes, there is. You can ....Um. Sorry, as a Certified Ethical Hacker instructor I am bound by my ethics to not divulge that information Google is Your Best Friend
  6. Okay, so I use Group Policy / Software Restriction. Yes, trying to start IE now result in a security notification. My question: Will this interfere with Windows Auto Update? IIRC Windows Auto Update requires some IE components.
  7. I've used nearly all the 'notepad-replacements' suggested above, and my personal favorite is EditPlus. It's not free, but it somehow 'clicked' with me. So, my suggestion is to just download them all, try them one-by-one, and settle with the one that suits you best. There's no "one-size-fits-all" solution here.
  8. runas /user:administrator regeditYou'll need the admin password though.
  9. Let's see... 80 minutes of PCM-encoded data. That would be: 80 (minutes) x 60 (seconds per minute) x 44'100 (samples per second) x 2 (bytes per sample) x 2 (channels) = 846'720'000 bytes = 846.7 MB = 807.5 MiB Sooo... where does the 146 MB go to? That's because a CD's low-level structure, when storing files, is *radically* different from a CD's low-level structure when storing audio. The number of data is the same, actually. In other words, the 'raw' capacity of a CD is 846.7 MB ( or 807.6 MiB ). But, there is a great overhead: - Filesystem tables - Lead-in / Lead-out - More (much much more) ECC sectors - etc. All in all, a net capacity of 700 MB. With some burners, you can try living close to the edge (literally) to 750 MB, but those last 50 MB are either (1) extremely prone to damage, or (2) unreadable with some CD-ROM drives (up to the point of damaging them physically).
  10. Stop calling it memory. You're confusing yourself and the rest of us here If your D: is empty, then by all means use it... Call it 'space' instead of 'memory'
  11. Well, after all that posts above, you'll have to be thankful that Microsoft coded that 'crap', because without which you can't play Audio CD's easily from within Windows. Just re-stressing the point: No, your Audio CD does not have WAV files in them. Just a 'raw PCM-encoded datastream'. In fact, Windows have to go head over heels, jumping through several hoops just to provide users a direct (i.e. from WinExplorer) access to an Audio CD.Let's see: A 'Red Book' Audio CD has no filesystem. It only has a 'TOC' pointing *roughly* where each track starts. Somehow Windows Explorer slaps on a pseudo-filesystem on top of this TOC. When you doubleclick on a .cda file, Windows will read the TOC's pointer, and do some low-level acrobatics to have the CD drive to just start reading the pointed-at sector. Then Windows' driver will then redirect the 'raw' data being read from the CD to the sound driver to make audible sound. Now, a CD Ripper does exactly the same, except that instead of redirecting the 'raw' data, it captures the data onto hard disk, properly packaging/encapsulating it within a 'container file', which most commonly in Windows is 'WAV'. The 'WAV' container provides additional data like bitrate, bits per samples, number of channels, etc. which are not available in the raw data (except intrinsically, i.e. 'Red Book' Audio CD is 44'100 samples per seconds, 2 channels per samples, 16 bits per channel-sample).
  12. I don't think performance *greatly* varies. I tend to rely on local computer magazines for reviews.
  13. IIRC you have to hexedit a file. I forgot which.
  14. Doing that will break shell components, so not a good idea all around. However, you may be able to create a software restriction policy (either locally on the box or in the GPO that applies to the OU those machines are in) to disallow iexplore.exe.Wait, if I disallow iexplore.exe, wouldn't that also stop all other components from using iexplore.exe, thus breaking them?
  15. All, I want to prevent other users on my Windows 2003 Workstation to use IE and force them to use Firefox. I had thought of writing a script that watches iexplore.exe being started and kills the process forcefully. But is there a better, more elegant way? {p}
  16. You'll be glad to know that the latest Winamp supports FLAC out-of-the-box
  17. It *should* remove relevant files. However some uninstallers are buggy. Check in Program Files, and see if it's still there. I recommend you download and install TreeSize. Run it on the root directory, and you can see graphically where your hard disk space went to.
  18. Correct. That is the dawn of the Geode project IIRC.But IMHO the turion64 makes a much more promising solution to the OP's wishlist. I agree. ****, I saw Acer's Ferrari 1000 laptop, a Turion64 X2-based system... it runs like crazy, yet still cold as hell...
  19. Are you using some delete protector like Norton Protected Recycle Bin or Executive Undelete?
  20. foobar2000, Winamp, MPlayer, The Core Media Player.
  21. It is Windows 2000 and not Windows Server 2003. Win2k Server & Pro share the same codebase, so they're basically flippable. XP and 2003 do not. Anyways, I found what I was looking for. I googled for NTSwitch and TweakNT
  22. Hmmm... IIRC... haven't AMD taken over VIA's CPUs?
  23. All, I'm about to configure dfs replication for my network. Question is: Is it possible to use WinXP as one of the dfs link's target? (i.e. replicates to a server and workstations). I've been googling for this and can't find an answer. Before I do something stupid (and royally timewasting) I want to ask you knowledgeable people first Note to mods: Sorry, I'm not sure whether to put this under WinXP or Win2003 forum...
  24. DOSbox runs all my MicroProse games real well. Even got Roland MT-32 emulation (after copying the MT-32 ROM files). But for LucasArts games (plus some others), better to run using ScummVM.Hey, ScummVM's site will even point you to a free SCUMM-based game!

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