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  1. I've always had this problem, seems like a bug, now I use Sysinternals Autoruns instead...
  2. Hi guys, I remember maybe a few years back someone found a way to set the wallpaper so it shows before logging in? They found out about this because a HP or OEM machine did this, and found a reg hack to enable it? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers
  3. Hi, I made an nlite installation a while back, and removed many languages. I now need them (dumb, I know). I have an original CD, so is there a way in nlite to update my nlite'd ISO with the languages? Or do you know which files on an XP CD would help me out? I DON'T want to have to make a whole new ISO - I don't have the all the hotfixes etc Cheers
  4. I can't answer your question, but how did you make windows install things in that way? I didn't realise you could do things like that.
  5. I found out that CTRL-D deletes messages in outlook, very handy. But its a great one hander for deleting files in Windows. It works for XP SP2 at least. Has anyone else come across this? Its like the only thing I've ever uncovered that someone hasn't told me about. Also can anyone vouch for this working in other versions of windows? Tell me if you've heard of this, or ignore my post!
  6. ah thanks, will try those reg settings. I'm not exactly sure of the UltraIso keys there... I will give ACDSee32 a try... Basically ACDSee32 puts associations like "ACDSee Image" in the pngfile keys etc, but where are the keys to tell the registry where ACDSee resides?
  7. Hi, i can easily send keystrokes using UIce and my remote control... But sending these keys to a DOS window does NOT work... It works in cmd.exe, but not in command.com/dos games Does the command.com and such require different ascii codes or something? I can't work it out! TIA
  8. Hi, I'm sort of adding to your question here... I have an .exe compiled with NSIS installer... I want to change the icon so I reshack it. It now wont run anymore (NSIS says it may have been corrupted). So i get the NSIS installer and decompile, and it wont recompile. So I gave up. But any suggestions welcome. As for YOUR question, give Universal Extractor a go.... If it CAN be unpacked, this app WILL do it. It unpacks lots more than Winrar can do... http://legroom.net/modules.php?op=modload&...;app=uniextract
  9. Hi, I'm making a batch file to install all my apps, and write their settings to the registry... Problem #1 I'm using portable/standalone apps so I don't have to install them. I'm using ACDSee32, and I want to set it as the default viewer for all images. Using Regmon, I see that it puts all the associations into the HKCR part of the registry, thats fine. But how will I tell it where to find the actual ACDSee.exe file, as it is in C:\PortableApps? I also use a standalone UltraIso app, and it associates with files OK, but Windows doesn't know what program to open them with... I can't figure it out. Problem #2 Looking for some Windows registry settings. The Registry Tweakage app has helped so much, but it doesn't help me with some things: "Hide underlined letters for keyboard navigation until I press the ALT key" and - changing the Windows Explorer so it has Cut, Copy and Delete buttons (or customized buttons) in the toolbar. Any help would be appreciated, no doubt I'll strike many more problems as my batch file progresses.
  10. Hi, i've been looking for a firewall for a while that DOESN'T require a restart or driver installation - this is so that it can be portable. I've tried many, but they all need system files, and can't be transported to another machine without installing them. Also, any ideas on a portable bandwidth monitor, so that after reinstalls i can keep track of my downloads uploads overall? PS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_porta...tions#Firewalls sadly these require installation/drivers. Thanks
  11. Hi, I like the personalized start menu as it only shows what i use, and hides the things i dont need. Anyway, after a fresh install, it takes i guess about 2 weeks before it 'takes effect'. Aside from changing the clock to a later date, is there a place where the most recently used programs are logged - so that i can change it and have it work immediately? thanks in advance
  12. Hi i've been wondering about this myself for a long time. It would be cool to have custom locations for the Other Places part - say C:\, CD drive, Music etc. People have resource hacked many things, but it seems this has been overlooked.
  13. What about the option to export a list of the updates and their URL's? This would be handy for slow connections, and I could flashget all the links easily and download them for later use. Thanks

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