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  1. These are great news Dibya. Currently Using a Bay-Trail M computer with windows 7 because I cannt find drivers for vista or XP. I cannt get XP installed on this machine due to BSOD duirng install.. but vista works perfect and smoother than 7. Only video drivers are missing, so Ill be glad to give a try to your driver when ready. About brightness, yeah it is a must!!! The new LED screens are very brighty and it hurts your eyes
  2. thanks so much for your work!!! it is a must have!!!! I always suffered for this problem and I had to save in .png format to preserve image quality. daily use tool!!! thanks again
  3. I tested already. Seems that Ill have to get used to this NT6 family crap. Even to play a single mp3 Ill need more cpu than XP ;(
  4. Hi guys.. Im having really hard days getting used to windows7 in this computer that does not allow to install xp/2003. I play a simple mp3 with my tiny player (xmplay) and immediately the audiodg.exe appears in the task monitor.. so now I have two processes active to play audio: - The audio player running (1% cpu usage) - Audiodg.exe that consume between 4-9%!!!! Is there any hack/tweak to avoid this audiodg.exe? Any modded audiodg.exe without cpu activity or something that does not consume resources?. I really miss my xp/2003. I dont understand these stupid things to downgrade performance of computers ;(
  5. I have found a partial solution http://navozhdeniye.narod.ru/vbemp.htm Universal VESA/VBE Video Display Driver (for Windows NT Architecture) I tested in vista and its working perfectly! It provides the basic GDI acceleration for desktop apps.. so vista is running smooth now!! (Tested 7/8 in last week and the performance of vista is superior) Are there more Universal video drivers like these VBE? I know that its much to ask .. but some basic 3D acceleration and overlay mixer for video would be enough.
  6. OK I tested F5 with all the different HALs available.. and only got a freeze after loading all drivers instead the BSOD with the 00x7E error. I dont want to say bye to XP .. but seem that lack of hardware support is a nightmare. At the moment Im forced to use win7 because even Vista that performs smoother than 7 does not have Intel video driver ;(
  7. Hi!! I know about that problem since the first time I ran win7 and compared it with XP. Opening windows in XP was smoother than in 7, and dragging and moving a window also consumed cpu.. something that people from XP were not used to suffer. I´ve been off of win7 updates patches and unofficial tweaks info and I wonder if something exist in 2016 to solve or fix partially this problem
  8. OK I tested the Uniata drivers but they did not work. My procedure for integrate drivers is use the Drivers box in WinNTsetuptool. I used this procedure for integrate Fernando´s drivers in other computers and it always worked fine. The error that I get continue being 0x000007E acpi.sys Maybe installing XP in this machine is an impossible mission by now until someone release other drivers. Anyway, more suggestions will be welcome ;)
  9. @2008WindowsVista Ok.. I tested with the XP drivers for Intel HD 4000 that you linked to me.. and the problem continues. The installer does not work. It reads that I dont have minimum system requirements. I wonder if drivers would run with a tweak to disable the OS check or it is really a problem of drivers not designed for this videocard.
  10. @Dibya Thanks for the uniata link.. I have to try with it. Ill report tomorrow or so if it is working (no time to test right now)
  11. @jaclaz @LoneCrusader Very good idea about the plan B and try a BIOS mod. COMPUTER SPECS - PackardBell (an Acer brand). Model EasyNote ENTF71BM. Celeron N2830. Intel HD graphics. Changing SATA to IDE would solve the BSOD problem ... later maybe Intel HD graphics could cause trouble. About USB3 I can change to USB2 in BIOS to avoid lack of USB3 drivers problem
  12. Sadly I cannot change to IDE. Ill wait for the next year then and check the forum and your post for more news about the XP compatibility in new hardware.
  13. Sadly the driver installer does not work .. it reads that computer does not present the minimum OS requirement I tested also unpacking the drivers and installing via .inf files.. but it was not succeeded
  14. I hope that someone will help with this driver.. I really hate using a slow OS in a new machine. Its funny but my crappy netbooks running xp are more snappy than 7 and upper OSes. Dybya... Thanks so much for the reply and help. Im in your team. XP cannot die just cause "it is very good OS" , M$ want to sell new OSes and brands need to sell new hardware.-
  15. thank you so much for the help!!!! I tried several drivers but I always had the unsupported OS box at the startup. Ill try this new driver and report back if it is working, so other people will get this info useful!! Thsnks
  16. Hi guys!! Im trying to install vista on a Celeron N2830 laptop. Most of the essential drivers are available but the Intel HD graphics driver. Anyone know about any official or unofficial/tweaked driver for these Celeron NXXX Intel HD graphics videocards?
  17. Hi guys! Here a die hard XP user!! Recently I got a laptop with a Celeron N2830. I have tried many sata drivers to avoid the BSOD 0x0000007D error when installing.. but I wasn´s succeed. 1) Anyone was lucky installing XP on these Celeron NXXXX machines? Which drivers are you using to enable the installation without the BSOD? 2) There are any Intel HD graphics driver available for XP? I see that only 7 and up are available from Intel.. but I wonder about tweaked/unofficial ones. Currently I´ve been forced to install win7 and it is really a pain and slow compared with the smoothness of XP
  18. I would love to have these features in my XP machines!!! 3GB patch and DX11 working. I know that you are under a slow connection right now.. but I hope that you could upload these patches in the future. With each of these additions XP with last and live longer!
  19. really anxious to test the patch!! I continue using XP in all my machines and they are flying already in comparison to 7/8/8.1 Also waiting for it!!! my goal is to get the maximum performance from machines Lat one, Im the one who tries.. and I dont say "thats imposible... upgrade to 7/8" Do you have any post with the working procedure to enable DX11 on XP? I really will want to try and check if there are increase of performance in DX apps (currently using DX9c) Cheers
  20. I bet that its a problem like that. Maybe XPsp1 dont give me all the full speed of my USB2.0 ports. Im checking USB ports have a 10% reserved bandwidth.. maybe very few? I can tweak and raise this value? The machine is a Intel Quad core from 2008.. using a motherboard with Intel chipset
  21. Hi guys! I ask here because I know that there are many people using 2K and old XP versions here. Maybe someone is aware of this problem and know a way to fit it. Some AVi files freeze any video app when they are loaded from USBstick/USB-HD and also from DVD as Im reading here: http://club.myce.com...iaplayer-67943/ Same AVI files when they are being read from the system HD works perfectly. Any clue to solve this problem? My external HDs and USB sticks are OK.. I verified that AVI files working OK in XPsp2 and upper.. I tested with NTFS and FAT32, same problem with small AVIs or bigger ones. Nothing happen with other video formats like wmv/mp4/mkv/mov/mpg... Players and apps tested: MplayerHC, potplayer, WMP. Exist any hotfix for windows2000 or XPsp1 to solve this?
  22. Its not the hardware... the crap is windows 7 and the "security". Audio is downgraded to avoid be copied. You will do right if you delete this OS from your machine and go back to XP or use other OSes
  23. Probably a feature of XP sp2.. I need to investigate Thanks for the info! Ill get in contact with him because Im not totally sure if that IE6 can be removed totally from folders. I start to think that IE6=explorer.exe
  24. If I open any folder.. and I write "www." or http.// in the address bar.. this folder converts instantly into a Iexplorer 6 window!!!!!! I always used Nlite releases without the Iexplorer/outlook/WMP and I though that IE was removed totally from my XP There is a way to remove it totally? Some dlls that I can unregister to make the folders system more light? Maybe a way to downgrade this folder-to-iexplore6 feature and use iexplorer5 or lower? maybe replacing files from 2000 into XP? (Im trying to speed up the windows GUI when browsing folders)
  25. so what is the solution? I bet that servers admins know a lot about these problems. Use alternative file commanders instead the m$ crap? go to dos/linux/osx? What Pro users/corporations do to handle this problem? All windows releases suffer of this problem? I tried 2003 and its present too. What about these new 7/2008 OSs? For me they are just consumers OSes with tons of stupid visuals and huge in resources....

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