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  1. any way to break my MS excel password?
  2. Any 1 know how to copy out file from SCSI hard disk???my scsi hdd is running novell netware 4 , some novell system file corrupted, now....i want to transfer out the data from that hdd....any1 got idea? this is quite headache case! hi, i hope u can remember( regarding SCSI HDD) 1st i want to let u know how i try it... 1. i get 1 windows98 OS hard disk and already have 2 partition which is C: & D: drive, and of course E: is CD-Rom drive. 2. B4 that i need to do some modify on the BIOS to make sure Windows98 OS boot up 1st ----> this is becoz i want to use windows98 OS to view the file in the SCSI HDD 3.yes!, i can boot up windows98,...when i click "MY COMPUTER", i found out got 4 drive in "MY COMPUTER" which is C:, D:, E:, F: 4. The C:--> windows98 system, D:--> data, E:--> novell netware system file (but is not the data that i want), F:--> CD-ROM. so issit must use novell netware to view and copy my data?????got other way? pls help! pls reply me as fast as possible ! Thks! Crying or Very sad
  3. I have some shared folders(created by admin aacount) on one of the pc that are on LAN and I want them to be password protected from other(client pcs) that are on the same LAN. All pcs are running Windows XP Pro.
  4. any1 can provide me freeware to recover back my data???? my hard disk is FAT32 windowsXP
  5. i am currrently using windows98 + RP7 , do u know how to change my IE6 logo to IE7?
  6. can any1 tell me how to make windows98 desktop icon font shadow enable.
  7. Thank You very much...now my desktop look great
  8. Can any1 help me? how can i remove my taskbar border.? my os is windows98 but install windows revolution 7 thank!
  9. wow..tihiy...isn't true? u develop this software yourself 1 person only????if it is true u done a very good job for all the user still using win98....actually my pc OS = win98 it is because my company no have budget to upgrade my pc, i really get bored with windows98 interface until i found this RV7, u really make me love my company pc again keke thank!..but my home pc is windowsXP.. , i hope your RV pack8 will solve all the bug, and more stablebility and more support other driver especially CD writer driver....coz i have to uninstall RV7 , then only i can burn CD.... i am currently using NERO CD writer...have u heard about it? Anyway thank a lot...!
  10. what did u mean it does make people mad? i don't undestand?
  11. hi , tihiy May i know when RV pack 8 will release?????

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