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  1. Ya I saw your screenshot using the chaninja theme. It's a great theme (I actually like the screensaver that comes with the theme) I agree, those icons would look pretty cool!
  2. Thanks! I completely understand about the language problems. For now you can always just use GUI Replacer (but it still doesn't have that many shell packs, because I've only seen one person creating modules for it at http://fizical.deviantart.com/ ) If GUIR becomes big, I bet you will see a lot more shell packs. (GUIR is the program that is language independent)
  3. Hey! I was working on a small FAQ for Shell Packs , and it turned out to be useful to a few poeple, so I'm just sharing it around the net and hope it helps! (I'll try to keep it updated). This FAQ is hosted at 4 sites, and if you want a copy, just let me know. Thanks! [FAQ]Shell Pack Last Updated: June 25 2004, 01:30(EST) Q. What is a Shell Pack? A. In simple words, it involves changing a lot of icons on your system by replacing your current files (including system files) with files from the shell pack. The files being replaced will change for ALL users on the system. Q. Why sometimes Shell
  4. you can grab for free eTrust EZ Antivirus & firewall from here: http://www.my-etrust.com/microsoft/index.cfm
  5. About a few weeks ago, I was asking myself the same question. In all honesty, both are pretty good. I used WD in the past and I decided to go with maxtor this time around (one touch series 120gb).
  6. Glad to hear that! A few things: 1. When you first get your T41, call up ibm and request the "recovery" CDs. They are free if you call within 30 days from the day your bought the laptop. 2. IBM eats up some chunk from the HD because they actually create a partition and store those aforementioned recovery CDs in it. (basically, if for some reason, your laptop just won't start, there is a button you can click and it brings up a menu where you can restore everything back to the first day you got the laptop) On my system it took up about 5GBs. 3. There are several excellent ways to keep your sys
  7. I recommend an IBM T41. I have a T40 and it is by far one of the best laptops you can ever own. I also wanted to mention I was a big fan of touchpad until I bought my first IBM and started using the trackpoint. It is actually a lot faster for me! Search google and you'll find various laptop reviews. Again, I don't think you can go wrong with an IBM (you have 3yrs warranty).
  8. I'm surprised no one mentioned Nikons! They are excellent!. My best suggestion is to first figure out what you want in a camera. Then if you have the chance go to a camera store and take a look at several cameras. You have to like the "look and feel" of a camera to feel comfortable with it. I have a casio, and my choices were primarily based on dimensions, weight, LCD screen size & picture quality.
  9. for your first post.. that looks pretty good Shun Di!
  10. Just to let you aware of something, always check the Affiliates area of websites. You'll notice MSFN & TZ are on each other's list. Also, since most websites use same type of content management system, forum system, etc. most of them tend to have the same look & feel. Especially since most themes are avaiable for free online. It gets worse when you start looking at hosting services, most of them use several already made templates. So they end up looking all the same. (Having already said that, I too use a CMS, but it is a lot easier than actually taking the time to start something fr
  11. 01. Make sure all computers are connected to the network. In other words, make sure each computer can actually see the other computer. 02. Share the printer from your main computer (you can even specify a password). Goto Control Panel -> Printer Settings -> Right Click on the printer -> Share it 03. (restart and do all that stuff) - thou I doubt it is needed 04. Go to your secondary computers, and add your printer (control panel -> printers -> add printer) It should start installing the printer drivers 05. Everything should be working (by the way, I have the same setup! three co
  12. I usually don't post here anymore, but I had to say something. TSF, you are the reason WMP has "great" skins !
  13. FthrJack now sits around and looks pretty!
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