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  1. Xper, Just deleted some from way back. Big Booger
  2. You have 0 unread messages and 26 total messages in all your folders I get this message in regards to total Private messages, however, when I view my PM's I only have 8, 6 in the inbox and 2 sent. What gives? Thanks Big Booger
  3. http://www.practicallynetworked.com/sharin...filesharing.htm Just was skimming through on of my favorite networking sites and came across this great article on setting up SImple Sharing in XP. For the newbies, and people who just want to share folders across a network without the control of a manual setup, this has got to be the method for you. There is also a link and reference to the more complex method, which is perfect for you network Geniuses. Enjoy, Big Booger:cool:
  4. I used to work parttime for one of those stores, it was common practice. We would get a sap who would come in, ask us to install something that they had bought. My boss would help them, tell them it would be ready in 3 days, charge them a flat 65.00 rate, swap the parts for OEM, phased out, and used parts of similiar size, dimension speed or whatever. It would take about 10-15 miutes to install, and the customer would be very happy. I finally got tired of that s***, so I quit, but I learned first hand how it works. BB
  5. Hahaha my name should be Big Cheater Booger Big Booger
  6. http://www.maxreboot.com/newspro/viewnews....014485237,23219, I have personally varified this bug. It is legitimate. I love killing bastards under the ground where they can't touch me! Very nice. Big Booger
  7. Big Booger

    Stable my butt

    error, not the specific stop error. Indeed I may very well be wrong, but I try. Sorry to disturb. I will focus more intently, drive for perfection, and in the end we will help TOM figure this out. BB sorry Xperties:assshake :assshake :assshake
  8. to save porn pics, so I can take them to work and look at them on the PC without internet access. I also use them to store cracks, patches etc... I also use them to boot PC's with CDROM's ZIp CDRW etc... I agree they are heading the way of the punch disk. BIg Booger
  9. hehehe its your quote, very original I think. Big Booger:assshake
  10. Big Booger

    Stable my butt

    changing the minidriver? What about taking the card back? Shouldn't it have a warranty? Have you contacted Nvidia about the issue? what about your card's maker? Sorry Xperties to be an a**, but you know, an oversight is just that. Did you try the debugger? Have you tried a cheap card like Xperties pointed out? YOu have problems: I have questions. Big Booger
  11. Big Booger

    Stable my butt

    Some people don't read to well, or they just scan articles IE XPerties LOL http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;Q314451 I spent less than 20 seconds finding this article using google. hehehe That article was listed in the previous article I posted. Thanks, Hope this helps you Tom, and sedative. Big Booger:assshake
  12. http://www.computing.net/windowsxp/wwwboard/forum/13101.html Look at that article. Try putting the CD/DVD in before you boot. Check those registry files that are listed on that thread. Have you tried the Pioneer 116 driver? It might do the trick, as it is supported under all versions of windows. Another question: Have you used different region dvd's and possibly locked your drive to one region? If so have you tried the region reset? http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pioneer/...57,1365,00.html Other than that, I'd say send the drive back for replacement, as it sounds like it might be damaged. Very unusual issue. Did you install any programs during the right before it stopped working? Have you tried doing a SFC to the registry? Maybe it could be a registry problem? I dunno. I am stumped. Sorry, Big Booger
  13. HEHEhe. Of course I knew your meaning, but Taken from the MSFN charter.....
  14. are you running your XP on a gameboy color? LOL 512K... stand back folks, he is running his machine on a tandy 1000 LOL Big Booger Apple IIe anyone?
  15. Big Booger

    Stable my butt

    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;EN-US;q161703 Hope this helps. big Booger
  16. it smells fishy to me. Well I have to be honest, I also like the memory organizer, and the system cache tweak too. Big Booger And the auto login feature is nice, and well, some other things too.
  17. If you have no room on your HDD for a measely 500Mb extra. Short fix, back up some of your s*** onto a CDR, and copy the contents of the OFFICE XP cd onto your HDD, and then install from there. Or you could do a network install, but I have long since forgotten how to do it, and its complicated. big Booger
  18. [b:393f29aa2a]But the short workaround is to create a new directory on the C: drive, copy all the files from the CD to it (no CD reading problem there) and then run setup from the hard drive. [/b:393f29aa2a] Quoted from my previous post Looks like you are going to have to make room on that Tiny HDD. Big Booger
  19. Warning, It did not go well with my machine! Big Booger
  20. Does this same thing, I think. they have a 30 day free trial, and well, never mind. http://www.symantec.com/pcanywhere/Consumer/index.html Big Booger
  21. Like recording artists use. Its cheap, readily available, and will sound proof your case. I saw this on one of those modding sites. It looks dorky, but I think it will work. Personally, the hum of the fan helps aid my sleeping LOL Big Booger http://www.thermaltake.com I would go with DRAGON ORB 3 (A1135 & A1132) APPLICATION OPTION AMD ATHLON XP 2000+, 1900+, 1800+, 1700+, 1600+, 1500+ INTEL PIII 1.13GHz & TUALATIN up to 2.0GHz COPPER BASE 4900 RPM FAN for low noise (P/N: A1132) SPECIFICATION P/N A1135 Fan Dimension 60x60x25 mm Rated Voltage 12VDC Started Voltage 7VDC Power Input 6.0W FAN Speed 7000±10% RPM Max. Air Flow 38CFM Noise 37dBA Current 0.5AMP Interface Material Bergquist 225U Dimensions 69 dia mm x 79 mm tall Bearing System Ball Bearing Life Time 50,000 hours Connector 3 PIN SPECIFICATION P/N A1132 Fan Dimension 60x60x25 mm Rated Voltage 12VDC Started Voltage 7VDC Power Input 1.8W FAN Speed 4900±10% RPM Max. Air Flow 32CFM Noise 31dBA Current 0.15AMP Interface Material Bergquist 225U Dimensions 69 dia mm x 79 mm tall Bearing System Ball Bearing Life Time 50,000 hours Connector 3 PIN Would have posted a direct link, but the site doesn't permit it, so I had to copy and paste the info. Just my two cents Big Booger
  22. I have personally used their dragon orb and the arctic silver 3 thermal compound. Worked great, was extremely quiet. I agree that you need adequate cooling, and if your not going to overclock, go with the standard, though overcooling will help extend the life of your system. Leave the case sides/cover off, i do. My internal fans never come on either. Big Booger
  23. Big Booger

    Stable my butt

    That number is a file that is stored in this path C:windowsminidmpmini022502-01dmp If you navigate to that folder you should be able to read the error file mini022502-01dmp I think this is right, if I am wrong, sorry. Big Booger
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