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  1. SHe might have wake on lan in her BIOS that might be causing the PC to spontaneous awake. That would be my guess. Other than the faulty power switch as Reverend suggested. Have you tried a system restore? Have you varified that indeed the Pc does come on spontaneously? Tell her to upgrade to XP..... ME sucks a**. BB
  2. I have seen them on a friends machine. They are very light small scratches barely a nanometer thick. THey are on the outermost portion of the disk. There are signs posted at every store that sells Xbox that specifically says, if any XBOX does damage to a game that makes it unplayable, they will refund the cost of the game. Further Microsoft signs say, if a customer suspects that a machine is doing damage, they offer to take the machine in for testing and offer repair/replacement where necessary. BB Nice one Reverend. By the way you dont need to right click that file, a simple left click opens up the save as or open dialog. BB
  3. Your a** is gonna get tired if you are an over-the-road driver. You better get used to fastfood, and truckstops. It's a great way to see the US. What kind of truck are you going to be driving? Freightliner, Mack, Kenworth, Volvo, etc...? Will you run team or are you a solo driver? BB
  4. Switched the drive for a HDD, it worked flawlessly. I set the jumper to slave as I already had a master HDD. Now I can connect to Parallel, serial, USB, PCMCIA(laptop), it is a mobile 60 gig drive. BB
  5. Playing online with other peeps that is! hehehe Big Booger
  6. My dad has his CDL, he makes a lot of money. He has a laptop and a satellite (direct TV) connection in his RIG. He installed the dish on the top of the semi, behind the wind breaker and pointed it and about a 80 degree angel. I have used it. It is awesome. He can check his stock, file download etc... Very impressive. But I think it might be a wee bit illegal as the FCC has not yet approved of it for mobile use. There is one limitation, it doesnt work in tunnels. BB so if you want to drop some of your newly made earnings on something, that would be my suggestion.
  7. Very nice... I must say it has the most superb graphics of the series. The worlds are phenomenal, and the beings are great. The online play is fantastic, though I noticed a bit of lagggg as usual. I must recommend this game to anyone who likes the DUKE Nukem type FPS. Very nice. Big Booger
  8. Maybe you should try to varify that your copy is uncorrupted? BB
  9. patching a game due to a faulty disk after installation. You see fthrjacks dog ate his disk, and now he cant play the game without the patch. BB:assshake
  10. I mean its a 200mhz increase. I would go for it, who wouldn't? Save 50 bucks, increase the power, though you probably would never notice it. GO for it. BB
  11. Try going into safemode and see if your drive is accessable? Dont ask me why I suggest this, cause I have not a reason, but who knows, BB
  12. http://www.ontrack.com/easyrecovery/ I used that program in the past and it worked flawlessly. BB By the way can you access the disk from the command prompt? Have you tried a boot disk to access it? BB
  13. Scandisk with? Chkdsk? SYstem restore? Have you tried to convert the drive to NTFS? http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;EN-US;q308424 Great article above for doing what you did, this article should be strictly adhered to in order to prevent damage, corruption etc.. If none of that helps, post again and I shall delve further into your issue, sincerely Big Booger FUrther unreadable disk dynamic or basic: The disk is not accessible. The disk may have experienced hardware failure, corruption, or I/O errors. The disk's copy of the system's disk configuration database may be corrupted. An error icon appears on disks that display the Unreadable status. Both dynamic and basic disks display the Unreadable status. Disks may display the Unreadable status while they are spinning up or when Disk Management is rescanning all of the disks on the system. In some cases, an unreadable disk has failed and is not recoverable. For dynamic disks, the Unreadable status usually results from corruption or I/O errors on part of the disk, rather than failure of the entire disk. You can rescan the disks (using the Rescan Disks command) or reboot the computer to see if the disk status changes. SOunds like you need to reformat in the event nothing else works. Pop in a Bootdisk and take the road of formation Again if all else fails. BB
  14. 3D wallpapers. The ones that have been rendered? BB
  15. install a clean game, apply the patch, and the repair the EXE file? Just a question. BB
  16. c&c ALICE, BLACK &WHITE AND TRIBES 2 ON A FAT32 and now that I think about it, my games ran smooth and faster than NTFS, though I think it might be my imagination. I noticed this especially in graphic intensive situations. BB
  17. I did a system evaluation over at http://www.pcpitstop.com and it discovered the following: Description Drive C Drive D Drive G Partition format NTFS FAT32 NTFS Cluster size 4 KB 16 KB 4 KB Drive label DRIVE_C DRIVE_D DRIVE_G Size 24999 MB 32224 MB 38162 MB Free space 5320 MB (21%) 1883 MB (6%) 34703 MB (91%) Drive health Not tested OK Not tested Last scan Unknown Unknown Unknown Data fragmentation Not tested 2% Not tested File fragmentation Not tested 0% Not tested Last defrag Unknown Unknown Unknown Junk files 143 MB (1%) 0 MB (0%) 0 MB (0%) Cached speed 332.24 MB/s (137%) 436.04 MB/s (180%) 292.34 MB/s (121%) Uncached speed 2.94 MB/s (59%) 4.74 MB/s (95%) 4.69 MB/s (94%) Reading that it seems that FAT32 is much faster than NTFS. Had I known this in the beginning, I might have reconsider the "upgrade" for I think speed is vital especially when gaming. THen I read this below the data ____________________________________________________ "One or more partitions are using the NTFS file system. Although this file system offers many good features such as encryption and improved security, it is generally much slower than the FAT32 file system. You may notice a significant performance difference between FAT32 and NTFS partitions on the same drive. " Very interesting. Big Booger
  18. Then why in the hell did you post it up again in a new thread? Big Booger:assshake
  19. branching out into the FPS world. The graphics look superb, and the playability is something I am itching to try out. I hear you can play several different variations in MP. Sounds great to me. I also like the fact that you can work as a team, to build up your forces, and then go to battle against the enemy. I can't wait to play this new game. BB
  20. http://www.forumplanet.com/PlanetMedalOfHo...4445&tid=554611 Big Booger
  21. on edonkey I found Command & Conquer Renegades! Monster file at 1300MB. Two cds, very nice. As soon as I get it, I will post up my thoughts on the game. http://westwood.ea.com/games/ccuniverse/re...ish/index.shtml Game info above. Big Booger
  22. There are some hidden places you can go in the HUNT. YOu can jump on top of the destroyed churches roof, and snipe from there. YOu have a clear view of the Flak cannons, sure fire way to win. I will post some screenshots on how to do this later. YOu can also go on top of the tower in the Crossroads. The tower with all the wooden steps going up to the double windows. YOu can step out on the ledge go to your right, and jump across to the other buildings roof. Big Booger
  23. I don't normally do it, but when I am in the mood it really freaks the peeps out LOL. Make sure to duck so you can go under walls. If you don't you will think you are trapped. Also, to get out of the underground, just hit jump. Also, you can pop up out of the dirt and kill them just the same, but they can see you. Further, if you are on the ground there is a way to see the cheater. Look for a round shadow, black, it will show you their location. Big Booger
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