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  1. http://www.cronosoft.com
  2. Omg.. lol

    babis: name a few wb theme that u like in particular i visited that 3 sites some time ago the screenshots were amazing.....i was very impressed.......but then when i tried the actual skin on wb.......i don't like it and plus, wb is a waste of memory btw, babis, do u know where i can get the updated version of prophecy?
  3. 2 annoyances with WinXP

    vertical taskbar has it advantages is that the XPmania's Longhorn Final v3 theme that u are using?
  4. 2 annoyances with WinXP

    does 7 folders/toolbars slow down the machine? can i see a screenshot of ur desktop Micropocalypse
  5. 2 annoyances with WinXP

    so u create 7 different folders and create 7 new toolbars???? oh 1 more question that bottom right hand corner icon in the system tray is that a volume control? cool where did u get it
  6. can't install

    there isn't a "Browse' function when the error appears its just an alert box, no where for u to point to where the file can be located
  7. 2 annoyances with WinXP

    hey aaron how can u separate all ur progs in ur quick launch bar?
  8. can't install

    NO its a known issue with m$ i tried to read off my burner same result any other solution?
  9. can't install

    any other solution? running xp wanna install oxp
  10. can't install

    error is source file f:office1.cab not found but i knew the file is there.....explorer can open it, my friend used the disc m$ has an article about it on their site, but i need a solution to it don't have room on my hd to make another copy
  11. a little question with the uxthemepatcher

    then why would i have only 16mb??!?!?!?!
  12. wb & stylexp / uxtheme patcher

    i guess i will try wb then just saw some pretty nice wb skins today btw, what do u mean by "how u manage them" so how do u manage urs?
  13. a little question with the uxthemepatcher

    what about other ppl do u guys all have THAT many files in that dllcache folder?
  14. a little question with the uxthemepatcher

    i uninstalled the stupid stylexp it expired
  15. wb & stylexp / uxtheme patcher

    i KNOW what uxtheme patcher is i know what stylexp is i know what wb is no description required i have been using it for a long time and i m using cha-ninja too rc1.5 did anyone tried uxtheme patcher and wb together? does anyone know for fact if it will cause a problem, with the 2 installed ?