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  1. Bought a computer. Looks like I can send mine back and get a Pentium 4- 2.0 GHz from a 1.8 GHz and save $50. Is it worth the hastle of sending back? Opinions needed. Thanks.
  2. I have another computer installed Outlook 2002 on it. I Would love to be able to transfer my settings/address book/options form Outlook 2002 to a new install of Outlook 2002 on another computer. Help needed, if can be done. Thanks.
  3. Anyone have a similar situation going from a 3 600 to the one I am looking at?
  4. I have a Pentium 3 600,384ram,60gig hard drive,100 bus speed,Radeon 64 DDR Video card. Pretty happy with this system. Have the opportunity of getting a Pentium 4 1.8ghz,512 ram,80gig hard drive, 400mg bus speed,and 64MB NVIVIDA Geforce2 MX Video card. All the other stuff I will transfer over to the new machine. The cost will be $1200. Forgetting the cost right now, is it worth the upgrade? Will it be that much faster and will the graphics be "that" much better? Or just wait for the better technology? Help and advice appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Finally able to set up Yahoo in Outlook 2002. How do you set up an Inbox with Yahoo? My yahoo e mail is being shown in Outlook Inbox for my regular pop mail. Hotmail is set up in its own folder on the Outlook Bar,where the mail comes. I would like to set up a folder in Outlook Bar to have the mail come in there. Can this be done, if so, how? Thanks.
  6. U call the SUPERBOWL???

    Pats by 3!!!! My prediction.
  7. I have a sound card conflict with XP. What is the best sound card for XP? I need it for music and games. Thanks.
  8. When I try to restore to any point in time it boots up and get message No changes made in computer. Try another point in time. I have tried multiple times and keep getting same response. The computer hasn't changed. What is wrong? Any solutions? Thanks.
  9. netscape 6.2

    Try Opera 6. Tried Netscape 6.21 and faster than IE6, but Opera 6 is the fastest. It is a lot more configurable, tons of features that neither one offers and fun!
  10. Been reading that turning off and on does harm. Is retarting the same as turning off? Thanks.
  11. XP & ZA Pro

    Update to 2.6.362. Ther has been updates since that version. That should work well with XP.
  12. Forum Software

    What is VScript?
  13. Just curious how many leave on the computer on 24 hours? If so, any harm?