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  1. works like a broke dick dog for me.. smooth sailing
  2. I think it is childish to respond to your officials by throwing things at them.. It makes a mockery of the issues without gaining anything from it. Baffoons that throw things at people are less civilized than the politicians who wage war without provocation. just my two cents
  3. According to THIS website, it will be here in 44 days or so for windows 2003 server
  4. down.. I mean I am going to get this movie soon hehehe
  5. Sounds like it worked out well. I have a date set with a Fibre installation next Tuesday. They are coming out to see if they can run the fiber into my apartment.. I can't wait.. hehehehe but knowing me, they won't be able to..
  6. try talisman.. I really can't tell a difference. WinXP Download , 1024x768, Filesize 810kb Download , 1024x768, Filesize 810kb Download , 1024x768, Filesize 810kb Author: thecat2000 Homepage Description: Simply Called Windows XP, the default theme you find loaded up that greets you after everything is hopefully installed ! Windows XP for Talisman II has a functional Wide Start Menu where the program shortcuts are configurable for your own short cuts. With Quick Launch pop ups pre configured. You only need to drag and drop your own Desktop Icons into the Talisman Desktop to finish off this XP clone http://images.deviantart.com/large/screens..._Full_theme.jpg Example image at the link above. amazing. And it works fine in windows 95
  7. 3D desktop, that you can use like a FPS... You can explore say your Control Panel like a room, where you can interact with the objects like in a game... I think that would be nice ;D
  8. I will check into this in the coming weeks. I hope there is a testing centre nearby, as it will help me out majorly. I might also inquire to a few universities about it. Thanks for the info. 10 tests... sounds like boot camp,
  9. Where do you take these exams? Is is available online? I mean do you have to go to a centre? Can you do this self-study? I debated doing this last year, but I was a bit busy. Now I am considering it again.. but I live in Japan.. any ideas? How long does it take to get these certifications? Thanks
  10. looks cool.. too bad all six of my PCI slots are full. I bet it will cost around $120-150 US. Could be less, but I doubt it.
  11. This is an interesting project. I am anxious to see how it turns out. BB
  12. Tried it, just wasn't what I was looking for. So then I tried Talisman 2.5, and bam.. that changed everything, even the start menu.. I can't tell a difference other than the icons on the desktop are kind of strange.. right click no longer works as it should... but it looks a hellava lot better than the crap interface of windows 95..
  13. Thanks Zero, Going to give it a try real soon.
  14. I am anxious to see 'The Pianist' as well. In fact I might get my hands on a copy very soon. I suggest another movie of a similar title but totally different theme, 'The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean'. It was excellent.
  15. http://www.leandercomputing.com/bios.html tell him to try that service.. very cheap. BB
  16. That looks wicked. I like the idea, am anxious to try it out. I like the wars idea, and the stats. IN freelancer, everytime I played online, i never met another online player the whole time I was there... other than through chatting.. most of them had advanced too far into the game... BB
  17. Sounds interesting enough. I like freelancer, but I want more control over the character, like when you go the bar and stuff I want to move the guy.. not just right click the character you want to talk to... How is the interactivity of EVE? Can you do combat with other players? Can you trade with them? How do you start off? Are you giving a set amount of funds and then build your way up? What kind of characters can you choose? With freelancer, I wanted to customize my player, the look, the voice etc.. I guess I was looking for something like Morrowind III combined with the fast action of say Star Wars Rogue Squadron, but of course up to date with the latest graphics and game engines...
  18. Anyone know how to do this? Just wanting to try it. thanks
  19. How does it compare to freelancer? If you have played it. BB
  20. Below link is to an XLS to PDF converter (doesnt say PDF to XLS though: http://www.convertzone.com/xls2pdf/help.htm The following page might help as well: http://www.softinterface.com/Convert-File-...ile-Program.HTM and the following page has a tool that supports PDF to XLS, but it is in german http://www.pdfgrabber.de/produkte/pdf-tool...bber/index.html Hope that helps,
  21. Before you buy, check your CMOS battery.. that could be the source of all your troubles, then again it might not. I would rather replace a 10 dollar CMOS battery, than all those components, especially for a secondary machine.. You might also try unplugging everything from the motherboard, except for the Hard drive, and power cables. Remove/disconnect all PCI, CDROMS, even the floppy, and then boot the machine... Hope that helps
  22. Well, neowin is down ATM, as is winbeta... I was thinking maybe sites were being targetted for the post. Good to see it back. BB
  23. You guys had longhorn news posted here? Did you guys take it down? BB
  24. That kid has a potty mouth... The different Ip address issue in regards to the internal vs external IP is a common issue that many new users experience when setting up a FTP for the first time. I too experienced it and was glad a kind user from direct Connect walked me through the whole experience. People who help sure make the internet a better place to be. BB
  25. works great. Outlook is the only thing I had issues with, and it made me upgrade.. even though I really dont even want to install it. BB
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