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    Thanks for letting me know. Fixed. Happy to report that Virtualbox 6.0 final works just fine in Windows Vista Thanks for the very informative post as always, VistaLover Updated the list to reflect this information:
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    ... I can confirm that the most current release (v7.6.1) continues to be Vista SP2 compatible: Notepad2-mod hasn't been updated in a long while; its github repo is marked as archived, last commit was pushed on Aug 15, 2017. So it is safe to assume that this project has become "abandonware", with the latest official release v4.2.25.998 becoming in essence the very last (final) one (still compatible with Windows XP SP3 + Vista SP2): As you say, NotePad3 does not officially support the Vista OS (and the new owners, Rizonesoft, also dropped WinXP support): However, the last stable release v4.18.512.992 apparently runs fine on Vista SP2: Most sadly, the rosey story ends up here ; during the autumn, the dev team moved on to a new compiler with revised compiler settings/kernel optimisations so that the new branch 5 released builds (currently in the Release Candidate dev stage) are not capable of being launched under Vista, due to missing API calls: So, version 4.18.512.992 should be marked as the last Vista compatible one ; obviously, the maintainers themselves have no intention of restoring Vista support to the app, but it is my gut belief - without, that is, browsing the code itself - that, again, we may have to deal with an artificial Vista block; the app is open source, so hopefully the code could be recompiled targeting again the Vista OS... Here's hoping...
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