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    First off, why is it so hard to find the tiny little "Sign In" thing to Log In here? The design of this website used to be nicer too, but I digress.... actually no I don't digress. Why does everything related to computers seem to be getting worse? Well, I'm at the Library using god knows what version of Windows crap this is (probably 7), but I"m usingWord 2016, and it's the biggest, ugliest, stupidest pile of worthless crap I've ever seen in my entire life. Windows 3.1 and Word 6 were superior looking and working compared to this dreck. How does Microsoft get away with re-packaging the same absolute crap year after year, when it only gets more stupid and worse looking, and more clunky? I've had it with computers. They suck!!!!! Windows ME (I know 2000 is similar, but it's not 100% the same as ME) was the zenith of a nice looking user interface and having intuitive and elegantly designed menus and screens. Why does everything on the computer now have the plain, barren, sterile, crappy, broken-looking, half-finished design of a cheap tablet or Iphone? And why is every stupid button so dang small too? I hate new computers. I'm going to keep using my Windows ME computer forever. Ta Ta.
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    It doesn't matter where they are from. You are not allowed to say such things to people here.
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    "....or is that badge from some alternative donations...." Perhaps U thinking of the text if U donate some money to MSFN it self
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    key must be working even on 8.1 check PM
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    Until a solution is found, in the meantime, I would recommend using the web-based version of DropBox (https://www.dropbox.com/login), which works perfectly even on Windows 2000 and Firefox ESR 45.8.0: