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Make it a valuable resource that people read and link to. There are some search engine submission tools and tactics, but nothing is as effective as having a truly valuable site, IMHO.

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I use looklocally.com to promote my site and keep it within the top 5 results of a search. But, basically... all they really do is change up the wording of your site and use repetitive tactics so that when Google indexes the site it gets tons of repetitive words. Check the site out and you'll see what I mean. Works good though, out of 10 difference searches the lowest rank I have in my particular area is 3rd.

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I had the same question when i started my website few month ago.from what i read in articles around the web for other engines like yahoo you can use some tactics or softwares and more importantly METATAGS but as for google theres no specific tactic or tips.dont know how exactly it works but from what i read nothing actualy works excpet if some websites links to yours.

Though right now my website appears in the first page(10 results per page) 90% of the times and only thing that i did was using meta tags that i know google doesnt pay attention much but i agree with TAIN cause from the first day i made a poll in my website if the info's were valuable and the result is 100% YES so i guess somehow google watch the ENTER/LEAVE 's of the website.and of course your website gotta be clean from adwares/viruses and useless stuff's.

Also if youre using JOOMLA on your website get the LinkXchange module as it will help you also in google ranking alot.

Cheers :thumbup

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