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Dutch translation of languages.ini


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Even though WIHU seems not to be used that much, I still like it as it fullfils all my needs... well an ini editor would be nice :whistle: Since I'm not able to do any programming, my contribution is limited to translating, so here is my Dutch translation of the languages.ini file. It is based on the old dutch version ( of WIHU, originally translated by Rob Geerts.

I just made some updates related to the new version and corrected a few translation errors.



edit: forgot to add attachement


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Thank you, I have included it into languages.ini.

well an ini editor would be nice

I know, but it seems that almost no one is using this tool anymore. So it makes no sense to create an editor. This tool is also only intended for Windows XP, but since Windows Vista is becoming more popular every day, it would also make no sense to support this tool any further.

Benjamin Kalytta

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Thanks (was just looking for a translation and found it here). Not that I can't use English, but its intended for people who install systems :)

BTW We still use the tool quite often. We use the tool to make custom installations of Windows XP and Windows Vista, different clients needs means all different kinds of configurations. The tool works fine under Windows Vista as long as you don't try to create users with it.

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