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  1. Concerning my LoadIniSettings method in wihu.c beep and Log is supported. As far as I know you should be able to override OSD Text in language.ini section if you use id 185. Otherwise try /AutoInstall=0.
  2. I've never tested it, but it shouldn't work as you found out. But it should be possible without much code modification. Unfortunately I can't spent more time in wihu development. Benjamin Kalytta
  3. The old 2.2.x WIHU source can now be accessed with subversion. Anonymous users will have read access. Developers who want to improve WIHU may get write access on request. The URL is svn://svn.kalytta.com/wihu I'm also offering webspace with svn access for other interesting projects hosted here or some where else. Please contact me for more details. Benjamin Kalytta
  4. I did a small modification so that creating primary user is also possible in T-12 if /SkipSoftware is selected. Benjamin Kalytta
  5. I think this would be possible, but I don't know if I can get WIHU compilation running under Visual Studio 2008. I will take a look at it later day. Benjamin Kalytta
  6. Thanks, if this is fully translated I will add this to WIHU languages.ini Benjamin Kalytta
  7. There are no WIHU command to create registry keys directly (at least as far as I know ) But you could create a batch script and call this from within WIHU. Benjamin Kalytta
  8. Creating "Daily Work User" (in first screen) is not possible since at this stage the "Secondary Logon Service" is not running yet. This prevents impersonation of the newly created user, and any Software installation at this would fail.
  9. I think you are searching for %SystemDrive% environment variable. Benjamin Kalytta
  10. This tool don't support Windows Vista. There are some big differences in Windows Vista like UAC which requires larger modification to the source.
  11. Sorry for the really late answer. There is no such label, I thought it would be self explaining so I don't add such a label. Benjamin Kalytta
  12. Sorry, but there is no way to do this with WIHU. Tests/Conditionals are only very simple. I also don't have time to support this. Benjamin
  13. No sorry, I had no time to implement this. Benjamin
  14. Thank you, I will integrate it into official ini file. Btw. what do you mean by you misses "Repeat password" tab? Benjamin Kalytta
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