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  1. OK This method works fine when using DVD as an installation source. The other method (using the ABR Tool) works fine when you want to do the installation of the certificate manually. Now here comes the question: - How can we implement this business enviroment, where Windows Vista™ is deployed using WDS with only an install.wim file? - If we are to modify the install.wim file, will we still be able to implement multiple vendor certificates? We're installing and deploying computers for customers, as well as setting up WDS at our clients. We can use scripts etc for ABR but it is always better to directly implement it so it is a fully compatible and fully unattended installation. Anyone has idea how to do this? (there are no $OEM$ folders by default on the install.wim image). Thx
  2. Dutch translation of languages.ini

    Thanks (was just looking for a translation and found it here). Not that I can't use English, but its intended for people who install systems BTW We still use the tool quite often. We use the tool to make custom installations of Windows XP and Windows Vista, different clients needs means all different kinds of configurations. The tool works fine under Windows Vista as long as you don't try to create users with it.
  3. Heyya all! I'm Ka-Ming, 27 years and from Almere, in center of the Netherlands. My interest into computers began already when I was just a kid of 8 years old. Started out opening computers and accidentally blowing up things... and after many years, ended up in the IT sector eventually. Don't have any degrees or certificates yet: have learned bits and pieces about computers and networking by reading and surfing over the net. Just started learning for Microsoft Certificates (MSDT, MCSA, MCSE) but I'm still not sure what I like most in IT. Ah well I'll just focus on getting my Microsoft degrees and will see from there. Currently working full-time in an IT company at De Meern (near Utrecht) as IT Support, technician, system/network administrator. I'm very happy to have this chance to roll back in IT and learn as much as possible. Developing some Vista images with customized configurations and software packages to work with Unattended installations using WDS and this forum is the most useful source I could find. Hopefully I can return that favor in the future Cheers, Ka-Ming aka AirtjE