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We had a lot of pinned topics, so to reduce that we can keep a list of threads that may be of interest to a large number of people. Thanks to eXPerience-XP for the idea! If you have anything to add, reply and it'll be added to this list!

Numinous - Using HIVE files instead of registry tweaks

Gosh - How To: Put WinPE and Windows XP on the same CD

Gosh - Installing Registry Files

Gosh - How to: Deploy a Custom Kernel

Gosh - Unattended Tips and Tricks

GreenMachine and Royalbox - Hotfix Slipstreaming

Creating an Unattended XP CD (on-site)

DaveXP - Other Folders that can be used in the $OEM$ folder

Everybody's collection of Registry Tweaks

DaveXP - Windows Update Method For An Unattended CD

Numinous - The Alternative Hotfix Installation Guide

b0r3d & Westi - VBS Scripts

Gosh - Unattended Secret: Reducing Size Of Source

webmedic - How to do a 2 CD install

Completed XP Setup Screens

b0r3d - Editing WINNTBBU.DLL For Dummies

DaveXP - Unattended XPCD Setup Script

Gosh - Using Install INF instead of batch/reg files (Updated)

Other INFs by gosh: services.inf | mru.inf | options.inf

Gosh - How To: Install Win2K or XP from WinPE

gareththegod - List of Default Variables and Batch file commands

baliktad - Combining the MSJava 3809 Full Install and 3810 Update into one package (for those using SP1a)

Wraith's XPlode - A visually-stunning RunOnceEx and CMDLINES.TXT replacement that runs at the T-9 mark of Windows XP Setup.

Numinous - oobeinfo.ini usage (an easy way to add 1-6 users)

Jotnar - How to rename/edit the Administrator Account

Windows Post-install Wizard 1.2 Beta - A program to allow the user to select what to install and what not to install.

Office 2003 Source Shrink

nLite - Windows 2000/XP/2003 Size Reduction tool - A new tool to drastically reduce the size of your Windows CDs!

XPCreate - A program that will slipstream your hotfixes with just a simple click.

Software Installation Selection

Windows Installer Helper Utility - This is an easy to use tool for account creation and software installation. It is intended to be used for unattended windows installations.

serialzs' Guide For Compressed Drivers Unattended Install

SiMoNsAyS' How To: Install XP from CD1 and Office 2003 from CD2

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