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  1. What if you open up a VBS script window to display the progress rather right in the HTA itself would that work?? Or run it behind the HTA and have it put the output into a text file then have the HTA read the text file? Maybe name the text file what ever the percentage is and just have HTA refresh that directory showing the percentage (taken from the name of the text file)???? Just throwing some ideas out.
  2. Sorry haven't tried your HTA in a while. So nothing from this code works? Can you get time remaining? If so could you use that to calculate progress???? Set objWIM = WScript.CreateObject("GImageX.GImageXCtrl", "objWIM_") objWIM.Source = "test.wim" objWIM.Destination = "c:\test" objWIM.ImageIndex = 1 objWIM.Check = TRUE objWIM.Verify = TRUE objWIM.ApplyImage WScript.DisconnectObject objWIM Set objWIM = Nothing Sub objWIM_Progress(Percent, TimeRemaining) WScript.Echo Percent & "% - " & TimeRemaining & " sec(s)" ' Abort the operation by using the line below 'objWim.Abort = TRUE End Sub Sub objWIM_ProgressInfo(Info) WScript.Echo Info End Sub
  3. Take a look at this: ImageX COM The author of AutoIt wrote up a COM for imagex and made a GUI for it and shows a progress. Maybe you can implement the use of the COM to grab the progress???
  4. Anyway to make the list of found images inside of a wim file split up into multiple columns instead of 1 big one? I have a wim with about 21 images in it and so everything gets pushed off and the hta window is not scrollable.
  5. Trying to get this autoit script to authenticate a password and group member in WinPE 2.0 (VistaPE) $oMyError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "ComError") $username = Inputbox("Username",'Enter your username',"","",200,100,-1,-1) $password = Inputbox("Password",'Enter your password',"","*M",200,100,-1,-1) $domain = "" $group = "" If Uservalidate($domain, $username, $password, $group) = 0 then MsgBox(16 + 262144, "Error", "Try again", 8) EndIf Func UserValidate($Domain, $UserName, $Password, $InGroup = "") Local $NameSpace = ObjGet("WinNT:") Local $ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION = 0x0001 Local $DomObj = $NameSpace.OpenDSObject ("WinNT//" & $Domain, $UserName, $Password, $ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION) If @error <> 0 Then Return 0 Return 1 EndFunc ;==>UserValidate Func ComError() If IsObj($oMyError) Then $HexNumber = Hex($oMyError.number, 8) SetError($HexNumber) Else SetError(1) EndIf EndFunc ;==>ComError Keep getting errors on ObjGet command. Before I pull my hair out is this even possible in WinPE2.0 environment? Am I wasting my time? Is there another method?
  6. I've managed to get VistaPE booted via PXE using TFTP32 app. Much quicker than CD and no need to carry one around. Really comes down to if the nic supports pxe booting and it can be tricky to setup too. I haven't tried with just WinPE but don't see it being any different.
  7. Is it "safe" to do a quick format or is it best to do a full format? This part seems to take a LONG time and anything to speed it up would help. Is there another tool that would do a quicker full format?
  8. Ran it quick in VistaPE. Noticed that after running it once each time after that I get access denied. Haven't had time to look into it but will see if I can either today or tomorrow.
  9. You can also use INI format as well so that it is as such: [PCNAME] IP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx Machine=type Model=number etc.. Then have it in a drop down list of the PCNAME's then it would just read the IP address and connect to it as such.
  10. geezery, I have some experience with AutoIt that I may be able to help with. I've created a RC tool for my team that will push out a VNC service (using RealVNC) to remote computers and such. Some experience with WIM in AutoIt (not a whole lot but do use some of the WIM features in AutoIt to get PC information). Your admin console sounds exactly what I could use this for and would be willing to test it out with you.
  11. Well if you pipe it to a text file you won't see any windows flashing and then just read the text file. Thats one way.
  12. Anyway to make it execute imagex /info command hidden? Don't like to see the black dos box popup when selecting your wim and getting the list of images.
  13. imagexguiv0_24.zip And here's the v24 of the hta
  14. Let me know if this works. Having trouble witht he script. Keeps coming up with Type Mismatch for VolInfo. Tried DIM'ing it in the Globals but no luck. browse.rar

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