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Up-to-date Windows 2000 universal install media creation guide


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11 May 07: Full rewrite of topic, changelog reset.

13 May 07: Found solution to Open Office & Adobe Reader integration problem, updated Config.zip (just choose overwrite all).

17 Jun 07: June updates, see post 9 (18th, fixed error in AFT_OpenOffice.bat).

13 Jul 07: July updates, see post 10.

18 Jul 07: Updated instructions and ******* for kb925398v2 (re post 11), also altered nLite's RunOnce and the *.bat files (see post 12).

15 Aug 07: August Updates, see post 13.

20 Aug 07: Updated instructions and ******* for kb832353 (re post 14) and Run1*.bat to support JohnDoe74's Windows Defender AddOn.

7. Sep 07: Removed kb832353 as redundant (re post 23) and moved NDP20-KB928365-X86.exe from Run2*.bat to Run1*.bat (post 24).

12 Sep 07: September Updates, see post 25.

21 Sep 07: Added information on version 5.1.2195.21 of the USP, updated AFT_OpenOffice.bat for Open Office 2.3.0.

23 Sep 07: Added W2K USP 5.1.2195.24 to my tracker as RyanVM's tracker always seems to return scrape errors for me.

12 Oct 07: October Updates (see post 27), eSnips direct download of USP 5.1.2195.24 & Hotfix pack, AV definition update support.

16 Nov 07: Quiet month (no updates), added support for "Root Certificates Update" and Spybot:S&D immunization on install.

16 Dec 07: December updates (see post 35), new fully updated .Net installers, file numbering reorder, Open Office install options.

10 Jan 08: January updates, see post 40.

16 Feb 08: February updates, see post 42.

15 Mar 08: March updates, see post 43.

15 Apr 08: April updates, see post 46.

17 May 08: May update, see post 50.

14 Jun 08: June updates, see post 54.

12 Jul 08: July updates, see post 57.

17 Aug 08: August updates, see post 61.

26 Aug 08: Added details on multi-CD installs & VM testing (notes 5 & 7 above)

16 Sep 08: September updates, see post 63.

19 Oct 08: October updates, see post 64.

15 Nov 08: November updates, see post 65.

18 Nov 08: Added Comodo Firewall support

13 Dec 08: December updates, see post 67.

16 Jan 09: January updates, see post 68.

23 Jan 09: .Net 2.0 SP2 standalone out, see post 70.

14 Feb 09: February update & added screenshot archive, see post 71.

14 Mar 09: March updates, see post 72.

3. Apr 09: Changed method of launching Run2_W2Ksp5.bat to one that allows greater flexibility, see post 75.

20 Apr 09: April updates, see post 76.

14 Jun 09: June updates, see post 77.

17 Jul 09: July updates, see post 79.

15 Aug 09: August updates, see post 85.

13 Sep 09: September updates, see post 86.

14 Nov 09: October/November updates, see posts 92-94.

18 Dec 09: December updates, see post 98.

16 Jan 10: January update, see post 100.

12 Feb 10: February update, see post 101

17 Apr 10: April updates, see post 107.

14 May 10: May updates, see post 108.

23 Jul 10: End of support updates, see post 111.

17 Sep 10: .Net & Flash updates, see post 113.

24 Jun 11: .Net and VC++ updates, see post 125.

28 Aug 11: .Net update, see post 133.

17 Oct 11: .Net update, see post 134.

20 Mar 12 : .Net update, see post 135.

14 Apr 12: Titanic memorial day, .Net update, see post 138.

13 May 12: .Net update, see post 144.

21 Jun 12: .Net update, see post 145.

15 Jul 12: MSXML update, see post 155.

30 Nov 12: .Net update, see post 168.

18 Jan 13: MSXML & .Net updates, see post 169.

17 Feb 13: .Net update, see post 170.

20 Mar 13: Added post EoL hotfixes nominated by thomasz86

25 May 13: .Net update, see post 176

17 Jun 13: .Net update, see post 177

20 Jul 13: .Net update, see post 178

10 Oct 14: Fairly significant reworking of the topic including changes to the batch files launch method, a list of supported applications and a few general updates, see post 179.

24 Oct 14: .Net update, see post 180

23 Nov 14: .Net update, see post 181

30 Apr 15: .Net update and folder rearrangement, see post 182

23 May 15: .Net update, see post 183

4 Jan 16: 7-Zip and root certificates updates plus a reworking of the grant access utility, see post 184


Edited by Kurt_Aust
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  • 2 weeks later...

This project has undergone a major rewrite to enhance ease of use, most significantly there is now a torrent with 31 of the 38 needed executable files. Also all configuration files are now in a single archive.

Project has been updated for May, main notes for those who used the April version:

Re-read the topic, major changes

Hotfix order was stuffed, run UpdatePrep.bat to fix (didn't affect installation though)

Move all files from \WMP9 and \Utilities to \RunOnce

As there are only small changes between the bimonthly versions of the DirectX redistributable, I am considering adding the ability to update it via the torrent \ UpdatePrep.bat, opinions?

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  • 3 weeks later...

i tend to dis-agree with this for a bit though...

dont get me wrong the idea is perfect but id rather see using hfslip

or maybe a derivative special to this project...

step 1, slipstream usp5xxxxx.exe

step 2, use hfslip for directx mdac mplayer net1.1 and net2.2 and the hotfix list..

step 3, use nlite to tweak the hfsliped source....

this way you save a lot of install time for dx9 and mdac.

ather that adding driverpacks is a verry good idea.. but i would say,

lets look at the totorial for 'creating your own DP' and build ourselves a win2k version

(removing those files that arn't neaded for xp... etc (all to make these packs a bit smaller),

Edited by -I-
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Glad to hear it was of help to you.


I did this under nLite as while there are many ways to create an up to date XP installer, there seems to be a major dearth of Win2000 solutions. Also I am familiar with nLite and I wanted to prove to myself that it was in fact possible and I could do it.

If you wish to write a similar guide for HFslip, by all means go for it, it's not like I have a software patent on the idea. Feel free to block copy appropriate sections of this guide if you wish.

As for install time, since it's unattended, it didn't seem like all that big a deal. The batch file stage takes about 20 minutes under VirtualPC, how much time is HFslip likely to save? (this is an honest question, I've never used HFslip)

As for Driver Packs, I felt that having application AddOns was more important, so once you added drivers as well you were forced to use a DVD as the install media anyway. Also I wanted this guide to be as newbie friendly as possible, so things like editing driver packs was definitely off the agenda.

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June Hotfix updates:

Delete 140-Windows2000-KB917422-x86-ENU.EXE

Delete 580-IE6.0sp1-KB931768-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe

Move RunOnce\MDAC253-KB927779-x86-ENU.exe to Hotfix\580-MDAC253-KB927779-x86-ENU.exe

Add the following to \Hotfix

600-Windows2000-KB927891-x86-ENU.EXE [1,276,272]

620-Windows2000-KB935840-x86-ENU.EXE [564,080]

640-Windows2000-KB935839-x86-ENU.EXE [736,624]

660-IE6.0sp1-KB933566-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe [4,189,088]

Other changes:

Moved all RunOnce commands to the batch files for easier maintenance, MDAC patch is supported by latest nLite version.

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  • 4 weeks later...

July Hotfix updates:

Add the following to \Hotfix

680-Windows2000-KB926122-x86-ENU.EXE [1,397,104]

Add the following to \RunOnce

NDP1.1sp1-KB928366-X86.exe [9,249,736]

NDP20-KB928365-X86.exe [15,394,248]

No deletions

The 2 .Net hotfixes that get saved to RunOnce are huge, 23.5 MB in total !! Hopefully it won't be too long before RyanVM updates his switchless installers and we get most of that back, however RyanVM has indicated that he is very busy at the moment so it may be a while.

EDIT: Delete


and replace it with


Edited by Kurt_Aust
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Looks like this line

320-WindowsMedia6-KB925398-x86-ENU.exe [791,888]

has been replaced by WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-ENU.exe [797,088] because thats what I obtained from Microsoft.


Copy the below into a batch file and place in the Misc folder. This will rename all of Kurt's direct download list according to his numbering specifications.

@echo off


echo "File not Found" errors should not occur if all files downloaded correctly as per list above


rem Renumbering of direct downloads from Microsoft for July 2007

rename ..\Hotfix\WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe 020-WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows-KB909520-v1.000-x86-ENU.exe 100-Windows-KB909520-v1.000-x86-ENU.exe

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB917008-x86-ENU.EXE 120-Windows2000-KB917008-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB920670-x86-ENU.EXE 160-Windows2000-KB920670-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB920683-x86-ENU.EXE 180-Windows2000-KB920683-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB921398-x86-ENU.EXE 200-Windows2000-KB921398-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB920685-x86-ENU.EXE 220-Windows2000-KB920685-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB923414-x86-ENU.EXE 240-Windows2000-KB923414-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB924191-v2-x86-ENU.EXE 260-Windows2000-KB924191-v2-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB923980-x86-ENU.EXE 280-Windows2000-KB923980-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB924270-x86-ENU.EXE 300-Windows2000-KB924270-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB926247-x86-ENU.EXE 340-Windows2000-KB926247-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\***OE6.0sp1-KB923694-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe 360-OE6.0sp1-KB923694-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe

rename ..\Hotfix\IE6.0sp1-KB929969-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe 380-IE6.0sp1-KB929969-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB928843-x86-ENU.EXE 400-Windows2000-KB928843-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB924667-x86-ENU.EXE 420-Windows2000-KB924667-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB918118-x86-ENU.EXE 440-Windows2000-KB918118-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB926436-x86-ENU.EXE 460-Windows2000-KB926436-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB925902-x86-ENU.EXE 480-Windows2000-KB925902-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB930178-x86-ENU.EXE 500-Windows2000-KB930178-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB931784-x86-ENU.EXE 520-Windows2000-KB931784-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB932168-x86-ENU.EXE 540-Windows2000-KB932168-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB920213-x86-ENU.EXE 560-Windows2000-KB920213-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\MDAC253-KB927779-x86-ENU.exe 580-MDAC253-KB927779-x86-ENU.exe

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB927891-x86-ENU.EXE 600-Windows2000-KB927891-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB935840-x86-ENU.EXE 620-Windows2000-KB935840-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB935839-x86-ENU.EXE 640-Windows2000-KB935839-x86-ENU.EXE

rename ..\Hotfix\IE6.0sp1-KB933566-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe 660-IE6.0sp1-KB933566-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe

rename ..\Hotfix\WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-ENU.exe 670-WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-ENU.exe

rename ..\Hotfix\Windows2000-KB926122-x86-ENU.EXE 680-Windows2000-KB926122-x86-ENU.EXE

Edited by dbrunton
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Updated post #1 and the torrent for 670-WindowsMedia6-KB925398-v2-x86-ENU.exe as reported by dbrunton.

Also rewrote the nLite RunOnce file and the 2 batch files to fix a problem I discovered when I added a USB card reader to my RMware testbed. With the older version an "Invalid parameter" error dialogue box would pop-up when any attempt was was made to access the card reader during installation.

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  • 4 weeks later...

August Hotfix updates







Hotfix\690-Windows2000-KB921503-x86-ENU.EXE [756,712]

Hotfix\700-Windows2000-KB938829-x86-ENU.EXE [619,376]

Hotfix\710-IE6.0sp1-KB937143-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe [4,189,088]

Hotfix\720-Windows2000-KB936021-x86-ENU.EXE [925,552]

Hotfix\730-IE6.0sp1-KB938127-Windows2000-x86-ENU.exe [1,498,528]

RunOnce\WindowsMedia9-KB936782-x86-ENU.exe [2,300,320]

EDIT: Delete


and replace it with


EDIT Mark2:

Delete RunOnce\WindowsMedia-KB832353-ENU.exe

As reported by "the_guy" in post 23 both Q828026 and KB832353 are redundant.

Edited by Kurt_Aust
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Works. Very nice.

With August hotfixes it only needed 7 security updates and 1 Malicious Software Tool from Windows Update to complete Express update.

One hardware device error which I think you may have got.

"The class installer has denied the request to install or upgrade this device" The device is classed as a MEDIA device and seems to be a gameport and won't install from Add/Remove Hardware or Device Manager after all of the setup has finished.

But it found pretty much everything else which impressed me. Some ATI codecs had to be got from Windows Update but that's nothing.

A 1 Gb DVD disc with 975 Mb of drivers and addon applications was used on a system with 640 Mb of RAM and a 200 Gb hard disk with a 1.3 GHz Duron processor. Installation time approx 1 hr to 2 hrs.

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