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  1. does it work on XP64? please say yes
  2. thanks! I'll give it a try now with a new nlited XP64 installation and see if it works
  3. what do you mean by 'localized'? is this IE8 in English or German?
  4. Hello, I don't know if it's off by default, but every version of WS2008 I try to install don't give me access to the Documents menu (in Start menu/button) where you can see what were the last files accessed. The Documents menu is there (between 'Programs' and 'Settings', but is always blank. Can someone please tell me how to make it work? Thanks in advance.
  5. Enterprise x32 version is supposed to handle 8 Gb RAM, at least according to the system specs.
  6. Hi there, I'm running WS2008-x64 for non-critical use and recently tested the x32 version. Tried to use the Enterprise Edition x32, since it's said that it can "see" 4GB while the Standard Edition cannot. However, even with Enterprise the task manager reports less than 4GB. In any x64 edition, of course it reads correctly 4094 in task manager. In x32, it reads only 3400 or something around that number. Has anyone faced this problem? Before someone asks, I wish to use Enterprise x32 for a while and see how it fits my needs instead of an x64 system. As I said, it's a non-critical system as for now. Thanks in advance.
  7. McAfee Enterprise 8.5i runs smoothly. I think it's lighter than Symantec Corporate.
  8. guys, can I integrate build 5508 into a XP SP2 CD using the same serial for SP2 ? thanks
  9. well, I tried to install the core-only version of WS2008, using vLite and also without vLite. In both cases, I only get a blank DOS screen after the OS is installed and I have no idea how to proceed from there (ie.: how to install desktop?). So you may go and take your chances
  10. Chrno, did you remove WMP codecs too? (from Vista) Thanks.
  11. Hi, if you use WS2008 and VistaSP1, no matter how the same their codebase are, you'll notice the difference in overall performance and even in gaming. I can't speak for everyone, only for me. It's noticeable since the first minute. I don't know how to use WAIK, that's why I asked here. And I've just noticed WAIK is almost 1GB to download. Perhaps I'll give it a try, since it seems no one has a different alternative. Thanks for all the inputs.
  12. the same issue as always: it breaks the 'add components' option. and without that, you can't install Aero. which I really like. it seems there's a solution to integrate Aero in WS2008 RTM prior to installing it, but it's too complicated and it requires WAIK. That's a no-go for most people, including me. thanks.
  13. Hi, I always get some problems when WMP is removed from XP using nlite. But I haven't tested with WMP11 in Windows Vista yet. Is anyone using Vista without WMP11? Doesn't it break anything while watching streaming video over the web or within gaming? Thanks for any input on this issue. Regards, Rebêlo.
  14. Nuhi, sorry for asking. But would you know by now if we'll have WS2008 support in the next version of vlite? if not, I think I'll go back to Vista; but I was really wondering if we could have WS2008 in a vlited way Thanks.
  15. none. i'll try WS2008 RTM tonight.
  16. Hi guys, is superfetch available in WS2008 RTM? I noticed it wasn't possible to enable the service in beta and RC version, but haven't tested RTM yet. Thanks for any info, Rebêlo.
  17. I didn't remove anything by accident. Here is the lastsession file. Aero doesn't show up in SP1 integrated. Last_Session.ini
  18. Hi, I've just tried this three times tonight. After vliting a Vista x64 SP1 integrated (RTM) I don't get Aero anymore. Video drivers are the newest available- nvidia 169.25 forceware. With Vista x64 (without SP1) I always get Aero even without Windows SAT. I tried vliting again leaving SAT intact. Didn't work either. I only get Windows Classic and Windows Vista Basic, not even a clue about Aero. Any hint of what this could be? Thanks in advance, Rebêlo.
  19. Hi, I have an original key for Vista. If I download the SP1 integrated version, do I need a new key to use vlite's unattended option or can I keep using the same key for Vista retail? Thanks for any info on that. Rebêlo.
  20. rebelo

    How about 8 GB ?

    Hi there, Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I guess I'll stick with 4 Gb and Vista x64 for now! Thanks once again, Rebêlo.
  21. rebelo

    How about 8 GB ?

    Hi there, I was wondering: would it really be of help to upgrade a 4 Gb system to 8 Gb using a vLited Vista for gaming? I'm currently with 4 Gb (1 GB x 4). Thanks for any opinion, Rebêlo.
  22. what about the serial? did you guys integrated it using the SP2 serial in nlite?
  23. do we need a new serial to integrate SP3? can I use the same serial for SP2?
  24. booogy, it didn't work. I copied the pidgen.dll from my XPSP2 CD and replaced after the integration and customization with nLite. When I first run XP, it gives me the same warning that can't verify the license. I used the serial number from SP2, the same one I always use. Any tips? Thanks.

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